Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Chapter 22

She woke up the next morning; she had completely forgotten what had happened last night. She got up, had a shower and changed her clothes. She stared at her reflection, her eyes a bit puffed up but it didn’t show much and it didn’t matter to her. She had breakfast with her grandparents then wanted to take a walk outside on her own. They agreed and said that she had to be back for lunch, her grandparents wanted her to meet someone. She walked on her own for hours, she shopped a bit then made her way towards Starbucks. She took her order and left. She saw an old Arab lady carrying heavy bags, she helped her with them. She had told Mady that the driver would be coming any time soon so she didn’t have to tire herself with all of the heavy bags and she was wearing heels, Mady just smiled. They had talked about all kinds of things and Mady realized that she was living at the same hotel as her. The old lady had asked for her name and she said Madiyah not wanting to give the lady her last name.  She dropped the bags in her room and made her way towards hers.                                                     
She walked towards the table and sat down beside her grandfather. She took her order and waited for the family / guests to arrive. She saw her uncle his sons and his wife, she welcomed them and saw A7mad walk towards them. Salam and he sat down not bothering to go around the table and say hi to everyone. She saw the same old lady that she saw earlier join them; she was surprised that Mady was with them, she never expected her to be the daughter of AlX. She saw 5leefh walk in with a girl.
Essalam 3alaikm
Everyone replied back. The girl that was with 5leefh sat beside A7mad and 5leefh.
Hi, I’m Lamya, A7mad’s wife-to-be. You must be Madiyah, right? The girl who had the accident?
Yes that’s me… The girl who had the accident. She smiled with discomfort. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
They sat down. And the conversations had flowed well. Lamya turned out to be 5leefh’s sister. She was beautiful but not nothing compared to 5leefh. The first impression Mady had on Lamya wasn’t so bad, although she never expected her to know about the accident. Could it be...? Everyone now knows about the accident that happened? But how? She thought to herself.
She barely touched her food. She stared at the freshly boiled broccolis, so green; she rolled it by her fork from side to side. She realized that her existence with them didn’t really matter, everyone congratulated A7mad and Lamya.
Yuma Mdeeyh, eklay, 9a7nich ba3ada mamzoor. 
El7emdellah kalt.
After dessert, some of Mady’s cousins left; 3abdl3aziz and 3abdallah expect A7mad, Lamya and Fahad who had stayed seated.
Mady, goomay 5alna enroo7 ntmasha. En’3ayr jaw.
I don’t feel like going out. It’s cloudy.
Then where do you want to go?
I don’t know. It’s ok, go out without me.
Are you sure?
After an hour, A7mad and Lamya had left. Madiyah stayed with her grandparents and 5leefh and his parents. 5leefh’s mother invited Madiyah to come to her room, and sit with her and perhaps join her for dinner. Madiyah agreed. Um 5leefh told her son to escort Madiyah to her room.
She got in her room and invited him to come in, he said that he had to go back and finish a couple of things so he couldn’t stay.
Thank you…
For what?
For what you did yesterday… She played with her fingers nervously. He stayed quiet and waited for her to finish talking, but she didn’t. She turned her face the other way. He stared at her, the way her breathing was unsteady, the way her delicate fingers were shacking. He walked towards her, and placed her hands in his. Her tears fell down uncontrollably. And she cried, she had waited so long for this moment to come, someone to listen to her sad cries, someone that was able to console her emotions. He hugged her tight and she hugged him back, not wanting to let go.
Shhh... It’s ok... Everything’s going to be alright. He stroked her hair. She tightened her grip.
Isn’t that what they always say? But everything isn’t alright, never was never will be. I act as if I no longer care but deep down I know that I’m still attached. You don’t know how it feels like to love someone so much but the person you love is in love with someone else. She unloosed her fingers, and gently pushed herself away.  I’m sorry.
He was devastated to see her like that. If you need me, I’m always here for you. He kissed her forehead and left. She stared at him as he walked away. What a gentleman, she thought. Does he really not know how it feels like to love someone who is deeply in love with someone else? Remember Mady to always think twice before you speak.

She sat with Um 5leefh for dinner in the restaurant instead of her room. Lamya had later on joined them. The topic was mainly about Lamya and A7mad. Madiyah had felt as if she missed half of her lifetime not being able to attend the Milcha. Lamya had kindly asked Madiyah if she could be her bridesmaid for she has no sister and asked her if she could invite two of her friends to join her- being bridesmaids too, and that they didn’t have to wear the same dress or the same colour scheme. Madiyah did not want to be rude and had agreed; 5leefh’s mother was delighted by her decision and prayed for her to have a successful life in her future and to have the ideal husband. Madiyah smiled at her and thanked her for the prayers; she excused herself later on and thanked the two on the wonderful afternoon spent together.
Mady made her way back to her room and called her parents her mother told her that she would come to Geneva for the last week of the festival then she was planning on going to Milan; shopping with her one and only daughter. She loved the plan and agreed to stick to it.
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