Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chapter 18

A7mad’s POV
I saw it all happen. It was like watching an American action movie; where the accident would happen but the hero would come out of the car untouched, but instead my hero didn’t come out. I remember how it all happened, I tried explaining... Everything. But she wouldn’t listen. I had the rights to speak and still do, but what’s the use now? It’s all done. Let me explain what has happened exactly. Ever since Madiyah left our house; denied my phone calls and tried avoiding me in every way, I decided to move on. But I felt like I needed to do something and so I did enjoy making new friends.
But the flashback that I keep getting comes back; it disturbs me preoccupying me every day and perhaps every night. Let’s rewind back to that day...

I was hanging out with one of my university friends; Laila. We had Starbucks and that’s where I saw Mady. She stormed out and I knew it was my fault; I tried explaining but I couldn’t. So I followed. I thought perhaps that was going to calm her down but it did the opposite. A random guy was disturbing her, chasing her car everywhere she went and that’s where it all happened and how it happened. I wasn’t sure if she was paying much attention to the road, but the guy in the white car bumped her car, she obviously tried stopping but couldn’t because the roads were wet, other cars tried stopping as well but that caused the accident to become bigger. Her car flipped once, twice, three times in a row leaving her dangling in the car upside down. I immediately parked my car on the side of the road.  I called the police, and then I hurried towards her car, only to see that her blood surrounded her car. I tried doing something, I tried opening the door, I heard her screaming in pain for help.
Madiyah! Everything is going to be alright!! I yelled. The police arrived, running towards her car and the others holding me trying to calm me down. The whole procedure happened right in front of my eyes. It hurt, watching the love of my life suffer. And all I did was nothing and see her suffer...

Hours have passed, but eventually they did get her out. After what? After her losing so much blood. I lost hope; I knew I was the cause of all of this. I stared at her corpse covered in blood, her wounds freshly and deeply cut as the blood found its way out. The guy in the white car came out untouched, not a single scratch. We rushed into the nearest hospital, and so I knew I had to eventually call my brothers and parents.
I stood there after a long fight with the doctor because I wasn’t able to go to the ER and watch them take care of her. The white walls scared me, the noises scared me. I had no other choice but to sit on the grey chair and stare either at the door or at the white walls. Eventually my siblings and parents made it here. I stared at my hands shamefully and placed my head softly on them, ran my fingers through my hair then covered my face. Will she die? I thought. Will I be the cause of this? Maybe. My mom’s silent sobs made me feel worse. I got up and walked around. They took her to the intensive care room where we were only allowed to watch her through the glass window of her door.
My father had to call his brother the next day informing him that his daughter had a major accident; of course everyone panicked at first, her mother crying her heart out fearing that she might lose her only daughter. Her father had told his brother that it wasn’t anyone’s fault and that they’re coming to Kuwait to take her to Switzerland.  My mother somehow knew that I was part of what has happened and privately talked to me. She wants me to get married. Why me out of all my brothers? I had realised that a week after the accident my mother forced me to get to know my wife. Her name is Lamya, she’s from Dubai. Right now my parents sent me abroad to continue my studies. I’m in London... I'm attached to my studies which I figured was the only way to forget about my past and focus more about my future and about my wife. Lamya.


  1. ahhhh ay Shay!!!!!!!
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