Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Chapter 19

*9 Months Later - Summer
Mady wanted to transfer from AUK. Her father decided not to send her abroad because he knew it is safer for her to stay with his brother than move to a foreign country with no one.  
She fastened her seatbelt, ready to go to Geneva. She was excited, she was starting a new life. She got out a piece of Extra and started chewing; making sure the pressure doesn’t block her ears. She shut her eyes as the plane took off.
Entee b5air?
Oh, Sorry I thought you're an Emirati. You look like an Arab.
Oh.. Yes, people usually get mixed up.
Oh.. So you are local with a perfect British accent?
Hmm.. What do you think?
Well.. I’ve never seen such mesmerizing black eyes like yours the colour is like an ocean of beauty.  One that has such full dark lips, and a long thin nose. And tanned! With a seductive voice. And hair as long and as rich as yours. So that means you must be an Arab. I’m 5leefh AlX.
Nice to meet you.
And you are...?
Madiyah . She said confidently.
3ashat el asamy.
3ashat ayamk
The stewardess approached asking what they would like to drink, Mady ordered herself some water. He stared at her; there was something in her that attracted him.
She looked at him in the eye. She noticed how sweet he was. But was scared that she might fall in the same trap all over again.
Deep down he was a good person, but his looks screamed ‘Player’. He looked tall, tanned, beautifully messed up curly hair. He has a good taste in clothing which Mady obviously liked in him. She stared at his face and noticed a perfect scar on his right eye-brow. She touched hers and smiled at the fact that they had something similar.
She opened her handbag and got out one of her all time favourite stories “Filthy Rich by Wendy Holden”.
She read it all over again until a paragraph caught her eye.
“Up close, his face was long, delicate and unmistakeably aristocratic; a straight downward line of nose and either side of the narrow bridge, large extraordinary luminous eyes of Wedgwood blue.
... they seemed war, obliging and interested as they surveyed her from beneath pale blond brows. His messy mop hair, which looked rather as if he cut it himself, was as blond as a toddler’s
... Monty grinned. He had a wide, sweet, good-natured smile that sent Mary’s stomach into a sudden somersault”
And by that her eyes widened, she stared at 5leefh and by that short paragraph she instantly knew that he was just like the character described in the story.

The conversation had gone on so well. Mady had realised that there is something somehow different in him compared to all the other men she had met in her life. He is different. She excused herself and headed towards the toilet. She stared at her reflection, smiling. Her lipstick had faded into a shade of bright red sort of natural looking, which she liked. She got out and went back to her seat only noticing that 5leefh was asleep. She didn’t want to disturb him, so she continued reading the story for the rest of the flight.
Minutes left and the captain had just announced that they were about to arrive at Zurich, she stared at 5leefh and felt the urge to wake him up but instead she was scared of doing so, so she decided to fasten his seatbelt. One of the stewards woke him up and she stared at him smiling. He opened his eyes, stretched and noticed that he was buckled up.
Thank you!
She blushed hysterically, he grinned.

So, are you staying in Zurich? He asked while walking towards the airport exit.
Actually in Geneva what about you?
Me too!
Well, it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you.
Pleasure is all mine. If you need anything, this is my number.
He gave her some sort of business card but it didn’t have much information about him other than his name and his phone number. She got in the car and 5leefh closed the door for her, waving at her until he no longer saw her car. The 4 hours journey to Geneva wasn’t so long. Mady’s mind was taken away by the painful memories; last time she was here was after the accident. She quickly wiped her tears.


  1. 5aleefh is defenitly a catch she better call him or I will :p
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  2. I'm so excited! This is more like the beginning of the previous posts like they were the introduction. 5leefh seems like a decent gentleman <333333 I'm glad Mady has moved on- sort of- from A7mad w ketha ya3neee.


  3. Immm innn loooove keep onn the good work.!!!