Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Chapter 13

Somehow the vast majority of the students at the university knew what happened during English class; what Mady had said to A7mad. Then they shifted their gossip to how small the world is by them turning out to be cousins and coming to university together and the odd relationship between the two.
Back at home Madiyah struggled to find the right outfit for the chalet she couldn’t decide on what to wear; whether she should go for a mini dress or a long dress or a skirt; the on-going struggle gave her a headache… So she called 3abdallah for help. 3abdallah said that a short dress would show her killer legs. He felt proud of having a cousin like her. So he picked out the perfect dress, one that would show her killer legs and also complement her breathtaking figure.
She applied nude lipstick and eyeliner, tied her hair up into a donut bun hairstyle, then she sprayed on some perfume and headed downstairs.
They arrived to her uncle’s crowded chalet. Mady was nervous as she entered the chalet. She turned necks and perhaps was about to break some of them. Her aunt proudly introduced her to the ladies and the girls who by the time she introduced herself to envied her. Then her uncle introduced her to the other side of the family. She couldn’t control herself and started blushing. Most of the boys had their eyes on her. After the long introduction to the family, Mady went back to the ladies section and sat beside her aunt.
During dinner Mady sat beside 3abdl3azeez and Fahad. They spoke about business and were asking Mady several questions. Out of nowhere her phone blasts out ringing, all eyes were on her, she excused herself shyly and walked towards the beach.
Incoming call Fai
She stared at her phone for a while, and then decided to pick up. She removed her heels and walked beside the shore. She dipped her feet in the water and started walking.
After an hour she hung up and wiped off the sand on her feet, wore her heels and walked in. She smiled at everyone and walked towards the bathroom. She stared at her reflection then added a bit of nude lipstick and walked out towards the dining room. Everyone was still seated and some were waiting for her. She sat back to her seat.
Ha yuma klshay eb5air?
She smiled and nodded.
Her phone blasted off later, she rolled her eyes, stared at the unfamiliar number and rejected the phone call. But the person kept calling and calling, she turned her phone on silent. She tucked a strand behind her ear, and he stared at her while she was to think of something.
She looked up, feeling her cheeks slowly becoming hotter.
Slowly people stared leaving. Mady excused herself, she kissed everyone goodbye then walked towards her car.
Halla She said, while turning around to face him.
For a second he paused, staring at her big eyes. He felt as though he was being pulled towards her by her beauty. He couldn’t help but stare.

A7mad feek shay? ..

Oh.. Umm... I was just making sure that everything is alright and that you’re fine.
She smiled at the way he looked at her, and the way he said that sentence.
El7emdellah, everything is fine! Tamrny 3ala shay?
Salamatch.. Goodnight
She got in the car; he closed the door for her and watched her as the car drove off

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