Monday, 14 November 2011

Chapter 16

Madiyah transferred to her house after she got back from the chalet house party. She had studied hard for her mid terms and got very high marks! Her parents bought her her dream cars; some from her mother and some from her father.
One of the mornings Mady woke up just in time for Fajer prayer. She had a shower then prayed. She called the maids and told them to serve breakfast beside the pool. After two hours of working out in the gym room Mady had a shower then changed into tracksuits. She jogged down the stairs then walked outside and then sat in the gazebo that was beside the pool. She heard a car’s engine close then someone got out of the car. The sound of high heels clicking made her get up and check who it is. She ran towards the sound, she stared at the familiar car that was parked then stopped....

She ran towards her hugging her tightly. She didn’t see her BFF for months! She would just call and they’d talk for hours.
Mady and Fai were invited to their uncle’s chalet party, it was one of those huge ones that the whole family must attend. The girls got dressed up. Applied a bit of make-up and were ready to go!
< Mady
Mady drove to the chalet and Azibo followed her. Fai was nervous, she thought she was dressed inappropriately and that it was a bit too short, but Mady insisted for her to wait and see what the rest of the girls wore.
Mady introduced Fai to the family; again some of the girls didn’t like Mady or Fai, although someone had their eyes on Fai the whole time. Mady introduced Fai to her friends or relatives not sure what to call them.
After all the talking and the long introduction dinner was served. Mady and Fai sat beside each other, on Fai’s left was Fahad and on Mady’s right was A7mad. After dinner Fai excused herself and went back to Mady's house to rest after her flight. Madiyah opened the glass door, she gently removed her heels placing them on the corner and walked towards the beach barefoot, she sat down staring at the whole view, from the stars to the calm sea, she drew random shapes on the sand.  She covered her body with her thick cashmere scarf; she dipped her feet in the water. She stared at the clouds as they slowly covered the moon, she was amazed by the view, as she repeated the word Sb7an’Allah several times by the things that caught her eye. She closed her eyes listening to the sound of the colliding calm waves.
She quickly opened her eyes staring at the stunning creature beside her, their eyes locked, she was lost in the depth of the deep dark eyes and he was staring at her breathtaking beauty that stunned him.
Hey.  She whispered softly
Can I join you?
He sat beside her leaving a decent gap between them.
What are you thinking of? He asked randomly
He slowly grabbed her hand and started playing with it, she smiled at his touch. She interlocked his big fingers with hers. She lay on her side while still holding his hand and faced him, he did the same; facing her.
A7ibich. He said then smiled
Her cheeks became hot and red, she bit her lower lip trying to hold back her smile, his feet touched her soft smooth feet, he came closer to her pushing her strand and hair away and uncontrollably kissed her neck. Her eyes widened; she was shocked by his move which sent a strong shiver to her body, she pushed him back. She knew that she had other choices but to run was somehow the most appropriate.  She ran back to the chalet; opening the door, she got her handbag, phones and car key... She got in her car not caring about who’s going to see her, the only thing that was in her mind was to run, run far far away where he can’t find her.



  1. That was random... I would so do the same if I was in M's place! That was somehow freaky but romantic hehe

    Please continue posting. A silent reader and a fan *bows* Mwah!

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