Thursday, 24 November 2011

Chapter 20

She had arrived at the hotel safely. She slowly made her way out of the car and entered the hotel and was welcomed by the staff.
She walked towards the elevator slowly remembering all the time they spent here together, her and A7mad. She felt proud of her decision, she felt as if she was stepping on each memory by the clicking sound of her stilettos on the marbled floor. She made her way to her room, placed the card in and opened the door. Her bags neatly pilled beside her room, she unpacked each and every bag and placed her clothes in the cupboards. After hours of unpacking, she got out her clothes for the day and walked towards the toilet. She had a nice long cold shower.
She walked out of her room, heading downstairs towards the lobby. She put on her big sunglasses once she walked past the valet parking. She walked alone on Quai Du Mont Blanc heading towards Starbucks; she noticed how people stared at her. She had a few scars on her legs, nothing worrying but that allowed her to feel more confident. She walked in, waiting in the queue for her turn.
She stared at that familiar person standing in front of her.
She hugged her best friend tightly not wanting to let go. The last time she saw her BF was before the exams… before the accident.
 How are you?
Next.. Called the lady
What do you want?
I’ll have Java Chip, grande please.
And I’ll have Caramel Frap.
They walked towards the pick-up section. They got their orders and walked passed all the Arabs, and made their way out.
So, tell me what brings you here my lovely friend J?
I’m staying here for the summer.
They walked together heading towards the fountain area, somewhere close to the hotel, and found the perfect spot. They sat together on the bench sipping their drinks.
They sat together talking about what has happened lately and the things that happened after the accident. Surprisingly Mady found out that Looloo was engaged to a Saudi young gentleman named S3ood; mid 20’s, tall, tanned, curly light brown hair- as described by Looloo. They stared at the games that were being prepared for the huge festival that was going to start hours later, celebrating Fetes De Genève. So the girls walked back to the hotel got dressed and prepared to join the happy people celebrating tonight.

<Mady                                                                         ^ Looloo
They walked across the road, towards the carnival; they got in the crowd enjoying the weather, the music and the people around them. Both walking beside each other, Mady stopped noticing a tall figure, muscled, his hair in a sharp boy cut style, hugging a girl in the crowd. Once he turned around and saw her, his facial expression had changed dramatically from happy to shock. She felt a sudden twist in the air, something unnatural and perhaps peculiar. She knew that she had failed miserably in trying to run away, but where can she possibly go now? Where all her hopes and dreams are shut and locked away…

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