Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Chapter 17

Mid-terms were finally over and Mady knew that she was able to avoid going to her uncle’s by going back to Dubai, during university she was able to avoid A7mad easily; but whenever he called she knew she wanted to pick up the phone but something in her didn't allow her to. She thought if she forgave him now then what would the consequences be after that? First a kiss on the neck, then what? So she stayed on the safe side although she wanted to hear his voice... On the other hand Fai had to go to London to her family for the week. Mady spent the week with her brothers, especially Man9oor. Nothing special happened; they spent most of their time cruising in the yacht.

The journey back to Kuwait was short, she sat beside Azibo; who was spending most of the time talking to her and telling her about her next appointments which will take place in the company in Kuwait. Mady arrived that morning unpacking all her clothes from the suitcases, Fai was still in London she extrended her trip because she was spending most of her time with her grandmother who was in the hospital. 
At around 9 PM, Madiyah casually got dressed and got in her car. She drove off roaming around the streets of Kuwait. She stopped by Starbucks, parked her car; switched off the engine. She ordered White Mocha and sat facing the window, watching the rain drops falling. The place was solemnly invaded by the dark clouds. She felt depressed as though the weather reflected her feelings. She drank her warm Mocha which slowly filled her empty stomach. She stared at the people that came in with their umbrellas. She stared at the silhouette of the couples that were running together towards the building sharing an umbrella. She smiled at how close they were together; suddenly remembering A7mad, they made their way in the building, she couldn’t see their faces but somehow she felt weird. She stared at that familiar figure standing beside a petite girl. He turned around and stared at her, his body automatically walking in the direction of her table. Her eyes widened as she stared at the girl that was following him, she stood up; picked up her bag and was about to leave but he stopped her. He grabbed her.
Madiyah!! He held her shoulders and stared into her eyes that were filled with disgust and hatred. It has been such a long time!

7abeeby mnoo hay?
Leave me alone. She said closing her eyes, trying to control her temper.
Madiyah pushed him a side and walked passed him, her steps were fast; he ran after her. She got out of the building and walked outside in the cold rain, she was about to get in her car when he pushed her body on her car and left a small gap between them.
            It's a misunderstanding, trust me there's nothing between us!

A misunderstanding? Then why'd she call you '7abeeby'? I've been running away from you for the past god knows how many months, everywhere I go I remember you and you keep haunting me in my dreams. Awal ma shftik I felt a flicker in my heart, something that wasn’t ordinary. I was attracted to you! Once you saw me leave you, you just go on meeting new girls like there was nothing between us!? I…
                She sucked in air holding it for a couple of seconds, gaining some strength.
I HAAATE YOUUU!! HATE everything about you. You tricked me didn’t you? Making me fall easily in your trap, I did the right thing running away from you after that disgusting move you did when we were at the beach, god knows what could’ve happened if I stayed longer.  Now let me go, I've had enough… Yelling at him with tears streaming down her face mixed with the rain.
She got in, soaking the Daytona seat by her wet clothes. She locked the doors and the windows; he kept on knocking hoping that she would calm down and listen. She started the engine; reversed and stared at him one last time. She drove off leaving him dumbfounded standing in the parking lot while the rain was pouring. Her tears clouded her eyes while her feelings clouded her thoughts. She accelerated the speed and drove to the main road, Freedom she cried and drove faster and faster. A7mad ran towards his car and followed her hoping that he’ll be able to catch up with her, he needed to find her. He kept on calling and calling and calling, she stared at her phone; switched it off and cursed the day she met him and fell in his trap. The rain had calmed down turning into baby water droplets. The traffic lights turned red forcing her to stop. A guy in his mid 20’s sat in his car on the right side of the lane. He tried catching her attention wanting to have a race with her. She stared at him, pointed her middle finger at him and was saved by the traffic light that turned green. She drove off leaving him hundreds of meters away. She noticed a familiar white car avoiding all the slow cars trying to reach her. She knew it was A7mad. She clenched her grip on the steering wheel. For a second, she closed her eyes. She opened her eyes, and quickly noticed that the guy earlier that wanted to race with her was right beside her, she heard a loud noise. Then suddenly everything turned..... Black...


  1. omg.... what happens next?!?!?! Laykoon :O </3

  2. mashala raw3aa el post, 9ij 3ajeeb!!! Can't wait till the next one ;)

    Shushu ;**

  3. I'm in tears!!!!*sob sob*
    she should have givein him a chance :(
    7aram a7ad is gonna be heartbroken he's gonna blame it all on himself waaaaaaaayh I feel soo sorry of him :'(
    lat6awloon 3alaina can't wait for the next post :)
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  4. Shushu: 2nty el raw3a! We will post soon inshallah

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  5. Smile: don't you feel sorry for madiyah more than Ahmad? Haha we will inshallah soon :*

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  6. NO!!! I FEEL SORRY FOR MADIYAH. Imagine you were in her place; and the person you love is with this other girl, wouldn't you hate him for what he has done? She doesn't deserve this! Plus he doesn't deserve a second chance, once he's cheated on you how do you know he won't cheat on you again? I swear I can so imagine what has happened because there are some girls out there who are put into this situation and do stuff to themselves. I support Madiyah.