Saturday, 12 November 2011

Chapter 15

She woke up the next morning by the sound of the light knocking on her door.
Madiyah ... Madiyah..
She got up realising that she had slept with yesterday’s outfit on. It was 7:18 AM, she opened the door slowly.
Good morning Beautiful! Wanna join my weekend exercise?
Sure! She smiled at his question.
*flashing his million dollar smile* I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.
She closed the door and ran into her closet, picking out whatever she found. She ran downstairs to meet 3abdl3azeez.
YALLA  She said it with excitement and enthusiasm
They began by mobilizing their joints and warming up their bodies, Madiyah removed her jacket placing it on the bench that was beside the main entrance. Her white top exaggerated her perfectly tanned skin making it look darker, the overall colour combination made her look darker. 3abdl3azeez stared at her while she was warming up; at every move she made, at her figure; skin and beauty. Smiling.
Ready? He said, with a smirk on his face.
Let’s go!
They ran together, side by side around the whole neighbourhood. After two hours of non-stop running they arrived back to the house. Her cheeks flushed in bright pink and sweat droplets on her forehead on the other hand 3abd3azeez removed his shirt showing his flawless body, she bit her lower lip avoiding eye contact, she took a glimpse of his well sculpture body once in a while, she stared at how each sweat droplet rolled down his muscles. Madiyah grabbed her jacket and headed inside the house, jogging up the stairs and into her room. She ran towards the toilet, removing her clothes and getting in the cold shower. Mady got dressed into a random tracksuit. She quickly got downstairs not wanting to miss breakfast with the family. She sat down beside Fahad and faced 3abdallah ignoring A7mad’s presence.
After breakfast Mady excused herself and went upstairs to rest a bit in her room. She called Fai then her brothers each and every one of them then her parents. After a good 5 hours of talking she sat in her living room, switched on the TV, got a blanket and sat on the couch that immediately sucked her in, she covered herself and kept on changing the channels, nothing satisfied her.
1 New Message
She picked up her phone and read the message
Darling, my father decided to go to the chalet and invite the family for dinner. It’s like a mini party. I’m on my way, no one’s at home except for A7mad. If you need anything he’s there; my mother wants you to join us.
I’ll be waiting for you!

She instantly got up, charged her phones and headed to the toilet for a bath. She did not want to stay at home alone with A7mad. After her bath, she blow dried her hair; prayed and then got dressed. She got her phones put them in her clutch then applied some nude lipstick and eye liner. She put on her shoes and walked downstairs. She sat in the living room waiting for Azibo to come.
Allaaaaaaaaaah, m7lawa ;)
She automatically blushed at his presence. He sat beside her, leaving a small gap between them.
Where to?
To the chalet party.
Yalla, let’s go.
But I called Azibo and told him to get ready, akeed he’s outside waiting for me.
She got up trying to escape from him. But he grabbed her wrist and stood up.
Mady.. Is there something wrong?
No.. I’m fine.
He knew she was lying yet he ignored her and made her walk with him. His car was parked beside Azibo’s.
Hello Azibo.
Hello sir.
I’m taking Madiyah to the chalet; you can follow us and please do let the maids pack her bag we are going to stay for the weekend. 
Madiyah got in the passenger seat, put on her belt and sent 3abdl3azeez a message asking if they were staying for the weekend and he replied with a Yes.
A7mad. I need to go pack my bag if we’re staying for the weekend.
He looked at her and smiled; he grabbed her hand and kissed it.
Ok 7abeebty. He felt how uncomfortable she was and decided to let her go.
She got out of the car right away; she waved at him then continued walking towards the house. She went to her room; got out a huge bag and stuffed her things in for the weekend. The maids helped her carry her bag and she got in the car. Azibo drove to the chalet house. Minutes later she arrived. Before getting out of the car she called 3abdl3azeez and told him to come and take her from the car.
Darling you look divine!
Hahahahaha She blushed at his comment.
He hugged her, and grabbed her hand and walked beside her in the house. All eyes were on her. The ladies welcomed her first then she went to the men’s section.
She sat beside her aunt and heard the ongoing conversation, after the good talk they had dinner. Madiyah ate a little then excused herself. She got up and left the dining room. She checked her phone only to find that she has 7 missed calls from her father. She quickly called him back, being impatient. He answered the call. He had a surprise for her one that made her smile grow.
Galbi you’re a big girl now, and I think you are able to take the responsibilities of the company, from now on you are the head of the company- partner with your uncle. We thought it would be a good surprise for you, and your mother bought you something as well. The key is with Azibo, I told him to give it to you whenever you feel ready.
She felt so happy yet sad, she was happy because her father called her. And sad because she knew that her father gave her everything and anything she could possibly ask for and even if she didn’t he would just buy, buy, buy. He thought that money would fill his place most of the time when he wasn’t around.


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