Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chapter 14

A month has passed and Madiyah spent most of her time with her cousins, especially A7mad because they attend the same university. Even if they had different timings A7mad insisted on taking her to university and bringing her back.
After the long Friday afternoon at her uncle’s chalet, A7mad took Madiyah out for ice cream. They walked together towards his car, he opened the door for her and she slowly got her petite body in, he smiled at her. He got in his car and roared the engine back to life, then drove off. 10 minutes later they arrived to an ice cream shop. He watched every move she did while enjoying her ice cream, the way he looked at her, was he falling in love? They got back to the car; he got in and switched on the engine. He placed her hand into his; planting a warm soft kiss that nudged her heart.
A7bich he said.
Her eyes widened, her cheeks slowly turning into bright crimson. She bit her lower lip, and then moved her hand away from his. The ride back home was quiet. She felt uncomfortable around him.
They arrived just in time for 9alat el m’3arb, she ran to her room ignoring her aunt and uncle. She quickly locked the door standing behind it. Her heart pounding faster and faster, she walked towards the toilet, she opened the tap, splashing cold water on her face.
Is this a dream? Whispering the words to herself.
She stared at her beautiful reflection, slowly touching her face. She got her towel and wiped her face. She went back to her bedroom, and jumped on her bed with her boots on. She replayed the whole scene over and over again.
 A7mad Y7bny...


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