Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Chapter 21

She woke up early that morning, struggling all night trying to sleep. She had a bath then headed downstairs for breakfast, she noticed a familiar elderly couple waving at her, and a smile was stitched on her face at their sight. It was her grandparents! She paced quickly towards them avoiding most of the familiar faces; some she smiled at and some whom she nodded to. As she arrived to the table safely she hugged her grandparents not wanting to let go and thanked god for sending these two angels.
After a long conversation together talking about all the events she had missed to her wanting to transfer universities. They were there when Mady was in the hospital after the accident. Although they couldn’t spend much time with their only granddaughter after the accident they made sure that they had spent enough time with her while she had woken up and gotten her senses back. Ending their wonderful conversation, Mady decided to direct her grandparents towards her room, instead they had invited her over to theirs. They were happy to spend as much quality time as they could with her.
Her grandmother stared at her only granddaughter; the beauty that still remained. Although some parts were destroyed she smiled at the major improvement and thanked Allah for having her. They sat together in the living room. Whilst Mady was calling for some tea, her grandparents helped themselves and prepared a game of cards for the two. After the tea had arrived, Madiyah got out a pack of nuts, opened it as the smell burst out of fresh nuts and slowly poured them into a bowl. She placed it on the tray and served her grandparents and watched them as they were intensively drawn into the game.
A flashback, a thought, a glimpse of the past had appeared. Her heart pounding faster and faster. Thinking what it could be like if only... she had told her grandmother what had happened, she took a sip of her tea and closed her eyes; the sound of the music blasting off with people enjoying their time at the background and the sweet taste of the tea slowly being pushed down her throat with warmth. She placed a dusted almond with salt on the tip of her tongue and then rolled it towards her molars and crushed it as if the person on her mind was the almond, she liked the fierce sound it made, the strength of the force that crushed the almond into a million little pieces letting the taste split open.
After what seemed like an hour Madiyah excused herself and walked towards her room. She got in the elevator, surrounded by strangers, she stood beside a guy; she stared at her floor number highlighted and waited for the lift to slowly make its way to her floor. The doors opened, welcoming her towards her floor as the cold air pushed in, she stepped forward and stared at the same guy that was standing beside her walk behind her. She walked towards her room and stared at the guy as he walked behind her, making every step faster. She did not focus much on his face, but the resemblance of his body structure and face was very similar to one she had never wanted to meet. She knew she had to lose him so she walked faster which seemed like jogging, she walked towards the rooms, taking different routes. She stared at him as he was meters away. She quickly got out her card and placed it in the door, impatiently waiting for the light to turn green. It turned red, she stared at the number, then at him as he seemed to get closer and closer, she placed the card in again and it turned red again. She noticed the room number which was wrong. Then ran towards her room, scared... She placed the card in again and it turned green, she turned the door knob and quickly shut the door behind her. She walked towards her closet and picked out something perfect for tonight. She removed her shirt and opened her closet; she ran her fingers through her clothes, touching the different fabrics, she sat down on the floor and stared at her clothes. She picked up a dress and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Perfect! She walked towards the toilet and had a shower. She got out of the toilet and wore the dress, put on nude lipstick and a fine line of eyeliner. She grabbed her hair and started playing with it wondering what should she do with it? She had done a neat bun and tied a perfect braid around it that secured it. She heard a knock on the door; she immediately got up and walked towards the door. She looked through the hole and realised he was the same guy that was following her on her way back to her room earlier during the day. He pressed on the doorbell, and then waited. She stood there. He knocked again, and again and again. 5 minutes later he walked away. Her heart raced as she stared at him walk away.
She made her way to the ground floor lobby, she found her grandfather sitting with a group of men. He waved at her and told her to come and sit beside her.
Essalam 3alaikm 
They had all replied back to her, she stared at them, some were familiar and others she didn’t recognise at all. She sat beside her grandfather. He introduced her to many of the men that were sitting with them. The guy that followed her was there sitting beside 5leefh with them. His name is M7ammad, an Emirati in his mid-20s. Her grandfather had sent him earlier to call her and come join him downstairs to go and sit with her grandmother in her room with the other ladies. She apologised and said that she was having a shower and didn’t listen to the knocks. He smiled back and told her it was alright. M7ammad later excused himself because he had flight to catch the next day. She stared at him as he approach towards them, with a big smile across his face. Her heart beating faster and faster. 5leefh stared at her, at how uncomfortable she was. Salam 3ala kl7ad and by the time he was close to her grandfather, she stood up and walked away.
Madiyah! Ta3aly hnee, salmy 3ala wld 3ammich: A7mad
The words stabbed her. She couldn’t say no to her grandfather. She walked towards him, he came closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, kissed her on each cheek, and she closed her eyes. That familiar smell that made her comfortable conquered her thoughts. She betrayed herself. She pushed him and turned her back towards him; she walked towards the elevator and made her way up to her room. As she was about to enter she stood by her door, and felt her tears slowly fall on her hand. She knew what she had done was childish but she couldn't stand control herself. She felt someone's arms around her; hugging her tightly, securely and warmly.
Don’t do this to yourself... He whispered.
She loosened herself, the door opened and they stayed at the same position. She pushed him away.
You’ll never understand. She got in and closed the door behind her, she broke down. He stood by the door listening to her cry. He sat beside the door until she had stopped. He walked downstairs and asked for an extra card to her room but they did not give it to him. He asked her grandfather for the key and he gave it to him, he asked the receptionist to make 2 copies of the key and she did. He had returned the original copy to Madiyah’s grandfather.
He opened her door and stared at her as she lied down on the living room sofa; her face covered with tears. He carried her towards her room and placed her on the bed, removed her heels and covered her with a blanket. He opened her bun. He kissed her forehead and left...

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