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Chapter 22

She woke up the next morning; she had completely forgotten what had happened last night. She got up, had a shower and changed her clothes. She stared at her reflection, her eyes a bit puffed up but it didn’t show much and it didn’t matter to her. She had breakfast with her grandparents then wanted to take a walk outside on her own. They agreed and said that she had to be back for lunch, her grandparents wanted her to meet someone. She walked on her own for hours, she shopped a bit then made her way towards Starbucks. She took her order and left. She saw an old Arab lady carrying heavy bags, she helped her with them. She had told Mady that the driver would be coming any time soon so she didn’t have to tire herself with all of the heavy bags and she was wearing heels, Mady just smiled. They had talked about all kinds of things and Mady realized that she was living at the same hotel as her. The old lady had asked for her name and she said Madiyah not wanting to give the lady her last name.  She dropped the bags in her room and made her way towards hers.                                                     
She walked towards the table and sat down beside her grandfather. She took her order and waited for the family / guests to arrive. She saw her uncle his sons and his wife, she welcomed them and saw A7mad walk towards them. Salam and he sat down not bothering to go around the table and say hi to everyone. She saw the same old lady that she saw earlier join them; she was surprised that Mady was with them, she never expected her to be the daughter of AlX. She saw 5leefh walk in with a girl.
Essalam 3alaikm
Everyone replied back. The girl that was with 5leefh sat beside A7mad and 5leefh.
Hi, I’m Lamya, A7mad’s wife-to-be. You must be Madiyah, right? The girl who had the accident?
Yes that’s me… The girl who had the accident. She smiled with discomfort. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
They sat down. And the conversations had flowed well. Lamya turned out to be 5leefh’s sister. She was beautiful but not nothing compared to 5leefh. The first impression Mady had on Lamya wasn’t so bad, although she never expected her to know about the accident. Could it be...? Everyone now knows about the accident that happened? But how? She thought to herself.
She barely touched her food. She stared at the freshly boiled broccolis, so green; she rolled it by her fork from side to side. She realized that her existence with them didn’t really matter, everyone congratulated A7mad and Lamya.
Yuma Mdeeyh, eklay, 9a7nich ba3ada mamzoor. 
El7emdellah kalt.
After dessert, some of Mady’s cousins left; 3abdl3aziz and 3abdallah expect A7mad, Lamya and Fahad who had stayed seated.
Mady, goomay 5alna enroo7 ntmasha. En’3ayr jaw.
I don’t feel like going out. It’s cloudy.
Then where do you want to go?
I don’t know. It’s ok, go out without me.
Are you sure?
After an hour, A7mad and Lamya had left. Madiyah stayed with her grandparents and 5leefh and his parents. 5leefh’s mother invited Madiyah to come to her room, and sit with her and perhaps join her for dinner. Madiyah agreed. Um 5leefh told her son to escort Madiyah to her room.
She got in her room and invited him to come in, he said that he had to go back and finish a couple of things so he couldn’t stay.
Thank you…
For what?
For what you did yesterday… She played with her fingers nervously. He stayed quiet and waited for her to finish talking, but she didn’t. She turned her face the other way. He stared at her, the way her breathing was unsteady, the way her delicate fingers were shacking. He walked towards her, and placed her hands in his. Her tears fell down uncontrollably. And she cried, she had waited so long for this moment to come, someone to listen to her sad cries, someone that was able to console her emotions. He hugged her tight and she hugged him back, not wanting to let go.
Shhh... It’s ok... Everything’s going to be alright. He stroked her hair. She tightened her grip.
Isn’t that what they always say? But everything isn’t alright, never was never will be. I act as if I no longer care but deep down I know that I’m still attached. You don’t know how it feels like to love someone so much but the person you love is in love with someone else. She unloosed her fingers, and gently pushed herself away.  I’m sorry.
He was devastated to see her like that. If you need me, I’m always here for you. He kissed her forehead and left. She stared at him as he walked away. What a gentleman, she thought. Does he really not know how it feels like to love someone who is deeply in love with someone else? Remember Mady to always think twice before you speak.

She sat with Um 5leefh for dinner in the restaurant instead of her room. Lamya had later on joined them. The topic was mainly about Lamya and A7mad. Madiyah had felt as if she missed half of her lifetime not being able to attend the Milcha. Lamya had kindly asked Madiyah if she could be her bridesmaid for she has no sister and asked her if she could invite two of her friends to join her- being bridesmaids too, and that they didn’t have to wear the same dress or the same colour scheme. Madiyah did not want to be rude and had agreed; 5leefh’s mother was delighted by her decision and prayed for her to have a successful life in her future and to have the ideal husband. Madiyah smiled at her and thanked her for the prayers; she excused herself later on and thanked the two on the wonderful afternoon spent together.
Mady made her way back to her room and called her parents her mother told her that she would come to Geneva for the last week of the festival then she was planning on going to Milan; shopping with her one and only daughter. She loved the plan and agreed to stick to it.
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Chapter 21

She woke up early that morning, struggling all night trying to sleep. She had a bath then headed downstairs for breakfast, she noticed a familiar elderly couple waving at her, and a smile was stitched on her face at their sight. It was her grandparents! She paced quickly towards them avoiding most of the familiar faces; some she smiled at and some whom she nodded to. As she arrived to the table safely she hugged her grandparents not wanting to let go and thanked god for sending these two angels.
After a long conversation together talking about all the events she had missed to her wanting to transfer universities. They were there when Mady was in the hospital after the accident. Although they couldn’t spend much time with their only granddaughter after the accident they made sure that they had spent enough time with her while she had woken up and gotten her senses back. Ending their wonderful conversation, Mady decided to direct her grandparents towards her room, instead they had invited her over to theirs. They were happy to spend as much quality time as they could with her.
Her grandmother stared at her only granddaughter; the beauty that still remained. Although some parts were destroyed she smiled at the major improvement and thanked Allah for having her. They sat together in the living room. Whilst Mady was calling for some tea, her grandparents helped themselves and prepared a game of cards for the two. After the tea had arrived, Madiyah got out a pack of nuts, opened it as the smell burst out of fresh nuts and slowly poured them into a bowl. She placed it on the tray and served her grandparents and watched them as they were intensively drawn into the game.
A flashback, a thought, a glimpse of the past had appeared. Her heart pounding faster and faster. Thinking what it could be like if only... she had told her grandmother what had happened, she took a sip of her tea and closed her eyes; the sound of the music blasting off with people enjoying their time at the background and the sweet taste of the tea slowly being pushed down her throat with warmth. She placed a dusted almond with salt on the tip of her tongue and then rolled it towards her molars and crushed it as if the person on her mind was the almond, she liked the fierce sound it made, the strength of the force that crushed the almond into a million little pieces letting the taste split open.
After what seemed like an hour Madiyah excused herself and walked towards her room. She got in the elevator, surrounded by strangers, she stood beside a guy; she stared at her floor number highlighted and waited for the lift to slowly make its way to her floor. The doors opened, welcoming her towards her floor as the cold air pushed in, she stepped forward and stared at the same guy that was standing beside her walk behind her. She walked towards her room and stared at the guy as he walked behind her, making every step faster. She did not focus much on his face, but the resemblance of his body structure and face was very similar to one she had never wanted to meet. She knew she had to lose him so she walked faster which seemed like jogging, she walked towards the rooms, taking different routes. She stared at him as he was meters away. She quickly got out her card and placed it in the door, impatiently waiting for the light to turn green. It turned red, she stared at the number, then at him as he seemed to get closer and closer, she placed the card in again and it turned red again. She noticed the room number which was wrong. Then ran towards her room, scared... She placed the card in again and it turned green, she turned the door knob and quickly shut the door behind her. She walked towards her closet and picked out something perfect for tonight. She removed her shirt and opened her closet; she ran her fingers through her clothes, touching the different fabrics, she sat down on the floor and stared at her clothes. She picked up a dress and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Perfect! She walked towards the toilet and had a shower. She got out of the toilet and wore the dress, put on nude lipstick and a fine line of eyeliner. She grabbed her hair and started playing with it wondering what should she do with it? She had done a neat bun and tied a perfect braid around it that secured it. She heard a knock on the door; she immediately got up and walked towards the door. She looked through the hole and realised he was the same guy that was following her on her way back to her room earlier during the day. He pressed on the doorbell, and then waited. She stood there. He knocked again, and again and again. 5 minutes later he walked away. Her heart raced as she stared at him walk away.
She made her way to the ground floor lobby, she found her grandfather sitting with a group of men. He waved at her and told her to come and sit beside her.
Essalam 3alaikm 
They had all replied back to her, she stared at them, some were familiar and others she didn’t recognise at all. She sat beside her grandfather. He introduced her to many of the men that were sitting with them. The guy that followed her was there sitting beside 5leefh with them. His name is M7ammad, an Emirati in his mid-20s. Her grandfather had sent him earlier to call her and come join him downstairs to go and sit with her grandmother in her room with the other ladies. She apologised and said that she was having a shower and didn’t listen to the knocks. He smiled back and told her it was alright. M7ammad later excused himself because he had flight to catch the next day. She stared at him as he approach towards them, with a big smile across his face. Her heart beating faster and faster. 5leefh stared at her, at how uncomfortable she was. Salam 3ala kl7ad and by the time he was close to her grandfather, she stood up and walked away.
Madiyah! Ta3aly hnee, salmy 3ala wld 3ammich: A7mad
The words stabbed her. She couldn’t say no to her grandfather. She walked towards him, he came closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, kissed her on each cheek, and she closed her eyes. That familiar smell that made her comfortable conquered her thoughts. She betrayed herself. She pushed him and turned her back towards him; she walked towards the elevator and made her way up to her room. As she was about to enter she stood by her door, and felt her tears slowly fall on her hand. She knew what she had done was childish but she couldn't stand control herself. She felt someone's arms around her; hugging her tightly, securely and warmly.
Don’t do this to yourself... He whispered.
She loosened herself, the door opened and they stayed at the same position. She pushed him away.
You’ll never understand. She got in and closed the door behind her, she broke down. He stood by the door listening to her cry. He sat beside the door until she had stopped. He walked downstairs and asked for an extra card to her room but they did not give it to him. He asked her grandfather for the key and he gave it to him, he asked the receptionist to make 2 copies of the key and she did. He had returned the original copy to Madiyah’s grandfather.
He opened her door and stared at her as she lied down on the living room sofa; her face covered with tears. He carried her towards her room and placed her on the bed, removed her heels and covered her with a blanket. He opened her bun. He kissed her forehead and left...

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Chapter 20

She had arrived at the hotel safely. She slowly made her way out of the car and entered the hotel and was welcomed by the staff.
She walked towards the elevator slowly remembering all the time they spent here together, her and A7mad. She felt proud of her decision, she felt as if she was stepping on each memory by the clicking sound of her stilettos on the marbled floor. She made her way to her room, placed the card in and opened the door. Her bags neatly pilled beside her room, she unpacked each and every bag and placed her clothes in the cupboards. After hours of unpacking, she got out her clothes for the day and walked towards the toilet. She had a nice long cold shower.
She walked out of her room, heading downstairs towards the lobby. She put on her big sunglasses once she walked past the valet parking. She walked alone on Quai Du Mont Blanc heading towards Starbucks; she noticed how people stared at her. She had a few scars on her legs, nothing worrying but that allowed her to feel more confident. She walked in, waiting in the queue for her turn.
She stared at that familiar person standing in front of her.
She hugged her best friend tightly not wanting to let go. The last time she saw her BF was before the exams… before the accident.
 How are you?
Next.. Called the lady
What do you want?
I’ll have Java Chip, grande please.
And I’ll have Caramel Frap.
They walked towards the pick-up section. They got their orders and walked passed all the Arabs, and made their way out.
So, tell me what brings you here my lovely friend J?
I’m staying here for the summer.
They walked together heading towards the fountain area, somewhere close to the hotel, and found the perfect spot. They sat together on the bench sipping their drinks.
They sat together talking about what has happened lately and the things that happened after the accident. Surprisingly Mady found out that Looloo was engaged to a Saudi young gentleman named S3ood; mid 20’s, tall, tanned, curly light brown hair- as described by Looloo. They stared at the games that were being prepared for the huge festival that was going to start hours later, celebrating Fetes De Genève. So the girls walked back to the hotel got dressed and prepared to join the happy people celebrating tonight.

<Mady                                                                         ^ Looloo
They walked across the road, towards the carnival; they got in the crowd enjoying the weather, the music and the people around them. Both walking beside each other, Mady stopped noticing a tall figure, muscled, his hair in a sharp boy cut style, hugging a girl in the crowd. Once he turned around and saw her, his facial expression had changed dramatically from happy to shock. She felt a sudden twist in the air, something unnatural and perhaps peculiar. She knew that she had failed miserably in trying to run away, but where can she possibly go now? Where all her hopes and dreams are shut and locked away…

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Chapter 19

*9 Months Later - Summer
Mady wanted to transfer from AUK. Her father decided not to send her abroad because he knew it is safer for her to stay with his brother than move to a foreign country with no one.  
She fastened her seatbelt, ready to go to Geneva. She was excited, she was starting a new life. She got out a piece of Extra and started chewing; making sure the pressure doesn’t block her ears. She shut her eyes as the plane took off.
Entee b5air?
Oh, Sorry I thought you're an Emirati. You look like an Arab.
Oh.. Yes, people usually get mixed up.
Oh.. So you are local with a perfect British accent?
Hmm.. What do you think?
Well.. I’ve never seen such mesmerizing black eyes like yours the colour is like an ocean of beauty.  One that has such full dark lips, and a long thin nose. And tanned! With a seductive voice. And hair as long and as rich as yours. So that means you must be an Arab. I’m 5leefh AlX.
Nice to meet you.
And you are...?
Madiyah . She said confidently.
3ashat el asamy.
3ashat ayamk
The stewardess approached asking what they would like to drink, Mady ordered herself some water. He stared at her; there was something in her that attracted him.
She looked at him in the eye. She noticed how sweet he was. But was scared that she might fall in the same trap all over again.
Deep down he was a good person, but his looks screamed ‘Player’. He looked tall, tanned, beautifully messed up curly hair. He has a good taste in clothing which Mady obviously liked in him. She stared at his face and noticed a perfect scar on his right eye-brow. She touched hers and smiled at the fact that they had something similar.
She opened her handbag and got out one of her all time favourite stories “Filthy Rich by Wendy Holden”.
She read it all over again until a paragraph caught her eye.
“Up close, his face was long, delicate and unmistakeably aristocratic; a straight downward line of nose and either side of the narrow bridge, large extraordinary luminous eyes of Wedgwood blue.
... they seemed war, obliging and interested as they surveyed her from beneath pale blond brows. His messy mop hair, which looked rather as if he cut it himself, was as blond as a toddler’s
... Monty grinned. He had a wide, sweet, good-natured smile that sent Mary’s stomach into a sudden somersault”
And by that her eyes widened, she stared at 5leefh and by that short paragraph she instantly knew that he was just like the character described in the story.

The conversation had gone on so well. Mady had realised that there is something somehow different in him compared to all the other men she had met in her life. He is different. She excused herself and headed towards the toilet. She stared at her reflection, smiling. Her lipstick had faded into a shade of bright red sort of natural looking, which she liked. She got out and went back to her seat only noticing that 5leefh was asleep. She didn’t want to disturb him, so she continued reading the story for the rest of the flight.
Minutes left and the captain had just announced that they were about to arrive at Zurich, she stared at 5leefh and felt the urge to wake him up but instead she was scared of doing so, so she decided to fasten his seatbelt. One of the stewards woke him up and she stared at him smiling. He opened his eyes, stretched and noticed that he was buckled up.
Thank you!
She blushed hysterically, he grinned.

So, are you staying in Zurich? He asked while walking towards the airport exit.
Actually in Geneva what about you?
Me too!
Well, it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you.
Pleasure is all mine. If you need anything, this is my number.
He gave her some sort of business card but it didn’t have much information about him other than his name and his phone number. She got in the car and 5leefh closed the door for her, waving at her until he no longer saw her car. The 4 hours journey to Geneva wasn’t so long. Mady’s mind was taken away by the painful memories; last time she was here was after the accident. She quickly wiped her tears.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chapter 18

A7mad’s POV
I saw it all happen. It was like watching an American action movie; where the accident would happen but the hero would come out of the car untouched, but instead my hero didn’t come out. I remember how it all happened, I tried explaining... Everything. But she wouldn’t listen. I had the rights to speak and still do, but what’s the use now? It’s all done. Let me explain what has happened exactly. Ever since Madiyah left our house; denied my phone calls and tried avoiding me in every way, I decided to move on. But I felt like I needed to do something and so I did enjoy making new friends.
But the flashback that I keep getting comes back; it disturbs me preoccupying me every day and perhaps every night. Let’s rewind back to that day...

I was hanging out with one of my university friends; Laila. We had Starbucks and that’s where I saw Mady. She stormed out and I knew it was my fault; I tried explaining but I couldn’t. So I followed. I thought perhaps that was going to calm her down but it did the opposite. A random guy was disturbing her, chasing her car everywhere she went and that’s where it all happened and how it happened. I wasn’t sure if she was paying much attention to the road, but the guy in the white car bumped her car, she obviously tried stopping but couldn’t because the roads were wet, other cars tried stopping as well but that caused the accident to become bigger. Her car flipped once, twice, three times in a row leaving her dangling in the car upside down. I immediately parked my car on the side of the road.  I called the police, and then I hurried towards her car, only to see that her blood surrounded her car. I tried doing something, I tried opening the door, I heard her screaming in pain for help.
Madiyah! Everything is going to be alright!! I yelled. The police arrived, running towards her car and the others holding me trying to calm me down. The whole procedure happened right in front of my eyes. It hurt, watching the love of my life suffer. And all I did was nothing and see her suffer...

Hours have passed, but eventually they did get her out. After what? After her losing so much blood. I lost hope; I knew I was the cause of all of this. I stared at her corpse covered in blood, her wounds freshly and deeply cut as the blood found its way out. The guy in the white car came out untouched, not a single scratch. We rushed into the nearest hospital, and so I knew I had to eventually call my brothers and parents.
I stood there after a long fight with the doctor because I wasn’t able to go to the ER and watch them take care of her. The white walls scared me, the noises scared me. I had no other choice but to sit on the grey chair and stare either at the door or at the white walls. Eventually my siblings and parents made it here. I stared at my hands shamefully and placed my head softly on them, ran my fingers through my hair then covered my face. Will she die? I thought. Will I be the cause of this? Maybe. My mom’s silent sobs made me feel worse. I got up and walked around. They took her to the intensive care room where we were only allowed to watch her through the glass window of her door.
My father had to call his brother the next day informing him that his daughter had a major accident; of course everyone panicked at first, her mother crying her heart out fearing that she might lose her only daughter. Her father had told his brother that it wasn’t anyone’s fault and that they’re coming to Kuwait to take her to Switzerland.  My mother somehow knew that I was part of what has happened and privately talked to me. She wants me to get married. Why me out of all my brothers? I had realised that a week after the accident my mother forced me to get to know my wife. Her name is Lamya, she’s from Dubai. Right now my parents sent me abroad to continue my studies. I’m in London... I'm attached to my studies which I figured was the only way to forget about my past and focus more about my future and about my wife. Lamya.

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Chapter 17

Mid-terms were finally over and Mady knew that she was able to avoid going to her uncle’s by going back to Dubai, during university she was able to avoid A7mad easily; but whenever he called she knew she wanted to pick up the phone but something in her didn't allow her to. She thought if she forgave him now then what would the consequences be after that? First a kiss on the neck, then what? So she stayed on the safe side although she wanted to hear his voice... On the other hand Fai had to go to London to her family for the week. Mady spent the week with her brothers, especially Man9oor. Nothing special happened; they spent most of their time cruising in the yacht.

The journey back to Kuwait was short, she sat beside Azibo; who was spending most of the time talking to her and telling her about her next appointments which will take place in the company in Kuwait. Mady arrived that morning unpacking all her clothes from the suitcases, Fai was still in London she extrended her trip because she was spending most of her time with her grandmother who was in the hospital. 
At around 9 PM, Madiyah casually got dressed and got in her car. She drove off roaming around the streets of Kuwait. She stopped by Starbucks, parked her car; switched off the engine. She ordered White Mocha and sat facing the window, watching the rain drops falling. The place was solemnly invaded by the dark clouds. She felt depressed as though the weather reflected her feelings. She drank her warm Mocha which slowly filled her empty stomach. She stared at the people that came in with their umbrellas. She stared at the silhouette of the couples that were running together towards the building sharing an umbrella. She smiled at how close they were together; suddenly remembering A7mad, they made their way in the building, she couldn’t see their faces but somehow she felt weird. She stared at that familiar figure standing beside a petite girl. He turned around and stared at her, his body automatically walking in the direction of her table. Her eyes widened as she stared at the girl that was following him, she stood up; picked up her bag and was about to leave but he stopped her. He grabbed her.
Madiyah!! He held her shoulders and stared into her eyes that were filled with disgust and hatred. It has been such a long time!

7abeeby mnoo hay?
Leave me alone. She said closing her eyes, trying to control her temper.
Madiyah pushed him a side and walked passed him, her steps were fast; he ran after her. She got out of the building and walked outside in the cold rain, she was about to get in her car when he pushed her body on her car and left a small gap between them.
            It's a misunderstanding, trust me there's nothing between us!

A misunderstanding? Then why'd she call you '7abeeby'? I've been running away from you for the past god knows how many months, everywhere I go I remember you and you keep haunting me in my dreams. Awal ma shftik I felt a flicker in my heart, something that wasn’t ordinary. I was attracted to you! Once you saw me leave you, you just go on meeting new girls like there was nothing between us!? I…
                She sucked in air holding it for a couple of seconds, gaining some strength.
I HAAATE YOUUU!! HATE everything about you. You tricked me didn’t you? Making me fall easily in your trap, I did the right thing running away from you after that disgusting move you did when we were at the beach, god knows what could’ve happened if I stayed longer.  Now let me go, I've had enough… Yelling at him with tears streaming down her face mixed with the rain.
She got in, soaking the Daytona seat by her wet clothes. She locked the doors and the windows; he kept on knocking hoping that she would calm down and listen. She started the engine; reversed and stared at him one last time. She drove off leaving him dumbfounded standing in the parking lot while the rain was pouring. Her tears clouded her eyes while her feelings clouded her thoughts. She accelerated the speed and drove to the main road, Freedom she cried and drove faster and faster. A7mad ran towards his car and followed her hoping that he’ll be able to catch up with her, he needed to find her. He kept on calling and calling and calling, she stared at her phone; switched it off and cursed the day she met him and fell in his trap. The rain had calmed down turning into baby water droplets. The traffic lights turned red forcing her to stop. A guy in his mid 20’s sat in his car on the right side of the lane. He tried catching her attention wanting to have a race with her. She stared at him, pointed her middle finger at him and was saved by the traffic light that turned green. She drove off leaving him hundreds of meters away. She noticed a familiar white car avoiding all the slow cars trying to reach her. She knew it was A7mad. She clenched her grip on the steering wheel. For a second, she closed her eyes. She opened her eyes, and quickly noticed that the guy earlier that wanted to race with her was right beside her, she heard a loud noise. Then suddenly everything turned..... Black...

Monday, 14 November 2011

Chapter 16

Madiyah transferred to her house after she got back from the chalet house party. She had studied hard for her mid terms and got very high marks! Her parents bought her her dream cars; some from her mother and some from her father.
One of the mornings Mady woke up just in time for Fajer prayer. She had a shower then prayed. She called the maids and told them to serve breakfast beside the pool. After two hours of working out in the gym room Mady had a shower then changed into tracksuits. She jogged down the stairs then walked outside and then sat in the gazebo that was beside the pool. She heard a car’s engine close then someone got out of the car. The sound of high heels clicking made her get up and check who it is. She ran towards the sound, she stared at the familiar car that was parked then stopped....

She ran towards her hugging her tightly. She didn’t see her BFF for months! She would just call and they’d talk for hours.
Mady and Fai were invited to their uncle’s chalet party, it was one of those huge ones that the whole family must attend. The girls got dressed up. Applied a bit of make-up and were ready to go!
< Mady
Mady drove to the chalet and Azibo followed her. Fai was nervous, she thought she was dressed inappropriately and that it was a bit too short, but Mady insisted for her to wait and see what the rest of the girls wore.
Mady introduced Fai to the family; again some of the girls didn’t like Mady or Fai, although someone had their eyes on Fai the whole time. Mady introduced Fai to her friends or relatives not sure what to call them.
After all the talking and the long introduction dinner was served. Mady and Fai sat beside each other, on Fai’s left was Fahad and on Mady’s right was A7mad. After dinner Fai excused herself and went back to Mady's house to rest after her flight. Madiyah opened the glass door, she gently removed her heels placing them on the corner and walked towards the beach barefoot, she sat down staring at the whole view, from the stars to the calm sea, she drew random shapes on the sand.  She covered her body with her thick cashmere scarf; she dipped her feet in the water. She stared at the clouds as they slowly covered the moon, she was amazed by the view, as she repeated the word Sb7an’Allah several times by the things that caught her eye. She closed her eyes listening to the sound of the colliding calm waves.
She quickly opened her eyes staring at the stunning creature beside her, their eyes locked, she was lost in the depth of the deep dark eyes and he was staring at her breathtaking beauty that stunned him.
Hey.  She whispered softly
Can I join you?
He sat beside her leaving a decent gap between them.
What are you thinking of? He asked randomly
He slowly grabbed her hand and started playing with it, she smiled at his touch. She interlocked his big fingers with hers. She lay on her side while still holding his hand and faced him, he did the same; facing her.
A7ibich. He said then smiled
Her cheeks became hot and red, she bit her lower lip trying to hold back her smile, his feet touched her soft smooth feet, he came closer to her pushing her strand and hair away and uncontrollably kissed her neck. Her eyes widened; she was shocked by his move which sent a strong shiver to her body, she pushed him back. She knew that she had other choices but to run was somehow the most appropriate.  She ran back to the chalet; opening the door, she got her handbag, phones and car key... She got in her car not caring about who’s going to see her, the only thing that was in her mind was to run, run far far away where he can’t find her.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Chapter 15

She woke up the next morning by the sound of the light knocking on her door.
Madiyah ... Madiyah..
She got up realising that she had slept with yesterday’s outfit on. It was 7:18 AM, she opened the door slowly.
Good morning Beautiful! Wanna join my weekend exercise?
Sure! She smiled at his question.
*flashing his million dollar smile* I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.
She closed the door and ran into her closet, picking out whatever she found. She ran downstairs to meet 3abdl3azeez.
YALLA  She said it with excitement and enthusiasm
They began by mobilizing their joints and warming up their bodies, Madiyah removed her jacket placing it on the bench that was beside the main entrance. Her white top exaggerated her perfectly tanned skin making it look darker, the overall colour combination made her look darker. 3abdl3azeez stared at her while she was warming up; at every move she made, at her figure; skin and beauty. Smiling.
Ready? He said, with a smirk on his face.
Let’s go!
They ran together, side by side around the whole neighbourhood. After two hours of non-stop running they arrived back to the house. Her cheeks flushed in bright pink and sweat droplets on her forehead on the other hand 3abd3azeez removed his shirt showing his flawless body, she bit her lower lip avoiding eye contact, she took a glimpse of his well sculpture body once in a while, she stared at how each sweat droplet rolled down his muscles. Madiyah grabbed her jacket and headed inside the house, jogging up the stairs and into her room. She ran towards the toilet, removing her clothes and getting in the cold shower. Mady got dressed into a random tracksuit. She quickly got downstairs not wanting to miss breakfast with the family. She sat down beside Fahad and faced 3abdallah ignoring A7mad’s presence.
After breakfast Mady excused herself and went upstairs to rest a bit in her room. She called Fai then her brothers each and every one of them then her parents. After a good 5 hours of talking she sat in her living room, switched on the TV, got a blanket and sat on the couch that immediately sucked her in, she covered herself and kept on changing the channels, nothing satisfied her.
1 New Message
She picked up her phone and read the message
Darling, my father decided to go to the chalet and invite the family for dinner. It’s like a mini party. I’m on my way, no one’s at home except for A7mad. If you need anything he’s there; my mother wants you to join us.
I’ll be waiting for you!

She instantly got up, charged her phones and headed to the toilet for a bath. She did not want to stay at home alone with A7mad. After her bath, she blow dried her hair; prayed and then got dressed. She got her phones put them in her clutch then applied some nude lipstick and eye liner. She put on her shoes and walked downstairs. She sat in the living room waiting for Azibo to come.
Allaaaaaaaaaah, m7lawa ;)
She automatically blushed at his presence. He sat beside her, leaving a small gap between them.
Where to?
To the chalet party.
Yalla, let’s go.
But I called Azibo and told him to get ready, akeed he’s outside waiting for me.
She got up trying to escape from him. But he grabbed her wrist and stood up.
Mady.. Is there something wrong?
No.. I’m fine.
He knew she was lying yet he ignored her and made her walk with him. His car was parked beside Azibo’s.
Hello Azibo.
Hello sir.
I’m taking Madiyah to the chalet; you can follow us and please do let the maids pack her bag we are going to stay for the weekend. 
Madiyah got in the passenger seat, put on her belt and sent 3abdl3azeez a message asking if they were staying for the weekend and he replied with a Yes.
A7mad. I need to go pack my bag if we’re staying for the weekend.
He looked at her and smiled; he grabbed her hand and kissed it.
Ok 7abeebty. He felt how uncomfortable she was and decided to let her go.
She got out of the car right away; she waved at him then continued walking towards the house. She went to her room; got out a huge bag and stuffed her things in for the weekend. The maids helped her carry her bag and she got in the car. Azibo drove to the chalet house. Minutes later she arrived. Before getting out of the car she called 3abdl3azeez and told him to come and take her from the car.
Darling you look divine!
Hahahahaha She blushed at his comment.
He hugged her, and grabbed her hand and walked beside her in the house. All eyes were on her. The ladies welcomed her first then she went to the men’s section.
She sat beside her aunt and heard the ongoing conversation, after the good talk they had dinner. Madiyah ate a little then excused herself. She got up and left the dining room. She checked her phone only to find that she has 7 missed calls from her father. She quickly called him back, being impatient. He answered the call. He had a surprise for her one that made her smile grow.
Galbi you’re a big girl now, and I think you are able to take the responsibilities of the company, from now on you are the head of the company- partner with your uncle. We thought it would be a good surprise for you, and your mother bought you something as well. The key is with Azibo, I told him to give it to you whenever you feel ready.
She felt so happy yet sad, she was happy because her father called her. And sad because she knew that her father gave her everything and anything she could possibly ask for and even if she didn’t he would just buy, buy, buy. He thought that money would fill his place most of the time when he wasn’t around.