Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chapter 35

Madiyah flew back to Dubai after 3eed, just in time to attend Lamya’s wedding. She had spent her time in London alone. Her parents knew it was best for her to have some time alone after what has happened. The shocking truth was that 5leefh’s parents had realized what happened; the relationship between him and Madiyah that he broke their trust although their relationship had boundaries and nothing physical. It was the way his parents had treated him that made everyone lose their respect to him and Madiyah. Madiyah had explained everything and that there was nothing going on between them yet they denied and knew it was best for them to be apart.
Her mother cried once she saw her only daughter exit the airplane. She had warmly welcomed her daughter; she hugged her tightly and stared at her. Madiyah had lost so much weight, and is now perhaps on the verge of anorexia. They got in the car and the driver took off. Her mother couldn’t stop crying, which made Mady cry.
Mom I’m sorry… I’m sorry for what has happened…
Her mother knew that her daughter wouldn’t exceed the limits and that she didn’t do anything wrong. But the whole idea of her loving 5leefh made her realize that was she too busy taking care of herself and careless to see what was happening to her daughter? Surely not.
As they arrived to their house her father and brothers were waiting for her outside on the main door entrance. The car had stopped and they waited for her to get out. She walked out and they were all utterly surprised from her transformation... Mady was losing herself, anorexia was surely taking over.
She had to have dinner with her family; her full plate was barely touched. Man9oor was so concerned over his only sister’s health at how skinny she has become. Her parents had told her that she will no longer need to go to Kuwait to study; they had transferred her papers to a university in Dubai.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Chapter 34

She screamed out for help.
That’s when she realized it was all a dream. All a dream; correction nightmare. She switched on the lights. It’s 2:41 AM. She got up and washed her face. It has been a week now and things are getting worse. She walked down like every day and now it has become a habit.  She sat on the bed, the bed that he slept in, the bed that was bewitched by his scent; she stared at the white sheets that were welcoming her and the contrast of the mahogany wood frame of the bed. She slowly got under the cover and covered herself inhaling deeply his smell that was burning her lungs from the overdose intake of air of her inhalation; she didn’t want to let go of that smell. Her tears falling, she bit her lower lip repeating the phrase in her head “He was here…” brushing her hand over the blanket. She closed her wet eyes and slowly fell asleep, remembering him…
She woke up, confused; she had forgotten what made her sleep in his room, but then she remembered, trying her best not to cry. She got out of bed, walked to her bedroom and went back to mourning and being depressed.

The next day she woke up and did the same thing. But this time she walked towards her music room, the room her grandfather had specially built for her for her supreme talents in music and sat down on the stool which bought back memories of which when she was young and when she attended the top private school in Britain, when she had afternoon classes with her piano teacher. The teacher would always smile at how talented Little Mady was and gave her gifts every time she passed her piano exams. But what really remained in her memories was when she told her to… “Always express your feelings, you don’t always have to play so softly. Sometimes let it all out, everything. All of it; whether it’s anger, fear, joy, love.” And played examples of how the artists felt while playing one of their masterpieces. And now she sat there doing what her teacher had told her years ago, to let it all out. She played as though there was no tomorrow, pressing the keys with anger and craze yet her feelings spoke more and the sound that the piano had made, indeed she let it all out, but she remembered him the reason why she’s doing this and a rush of tears fell on the keys as she played. She stopped. She placed her head on the piano and let it all out…
 From the moment it all happened, she knew how lifeless she was without him. He was her life support; the one that offers her his love and passion and care in times of need. He was the only one that understood her well from Day 1. She knew that he was different, different than A7mad and different to any other guy in her life and perhaps in this world and it showed. She stood there helpless, half of her not knowing what to do and the other half wanting to run and find him.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Chapter 33

 Mdeeyh, Mdeeyh, wake up. That’s all I heard. I would open my eyes every now and then and I would be in different places. What’s happening? Why am I here? My eyelids felt like they weighed a ton, my whole body ached; as if someone had put the weight of the world on my shoulders, my bones ached and I’m not sure whether I’m freezing or is it the numbness taking over. I would hear whispers every now and then. Feel random aches in my body every now and then. It’s cold. It’s dark. I am alone. Again…

I’m shivering.
My body aches.
It’s dark, I am alone.
I want to open my eyes but they don’t open.
My body is not responding.
I hear a whisper.
More pain.
I try to scream. But nobody listens.
I open my eyes. They are covered with tears.
I am alone.
Where’s everyone?
I am alone…
I open my eyes. My corpse covered with red stains, blood? Everyone’s surrounding me, staring at me. I can feel the injections as they are inserted in me. The sudden stab as my blood squirts all over the white room, the white tiles and the stained white blanket are no longer white but red.. The doctor holds his scalpel and presses hard on my tummy. The blood makes its way from all sides, gushes and runs from all direction.
One. Deep. Long. Line. Red.
I scream, but nobody hears me.
Another one on my left chest. This time deeper. The process being harder and longer. I try to sit up as the blood gushes from my mouth, hot and sticky. He reaches within me and it hits me, he’s reaching for my heart. A big clamp goes in with his hand, he grabs it tightly. I grasp for air. The surgical instruments lay there in front of me covered with blood.
My heart.
My heart…. I see him reaching out and pulling it. The doctor gets the scalpel and cuts it.............

Monday, 16 January 2012

Chapter 32

Autumn was surely on its way, the days had passed so fast that soon there was nothing left. Madiyah’s grandparents were the first to travel back to the country so they would get ready for Ramadan. From her grandparents, to 7amad and his parents followed by Fai and her parents. Luisella had entered her room to wake her up.
Ma’am. Ma’am. Mr. Khalifa is waiting for you downstairs; he had asked me to wake you up so you can go horse riding together.
What time is it?
7:08 AM.
I’m coming. Tell him I’ll be there in no time.
Sure. It’s cold and windy outside ma’am; please wear something thick to keep you warm.
Sure, thank you for waking me up.
Would you like breakfast to be served in your room or in the dining room?
Did 5leefh have breakfast?
Yes, he was up at 6.
No thank you, I’m not hungry. Can you do my hair once I finish getting dressed, please?
Yes ma’am.
She got up right after Luisella left the room. She adjusted her pyjamas and walked towards the toilet; she had a quick shower and got out. She wore her horse riding outfit, with the jacket and tied a cashmere scarf around her neck. Luisella helped her by doing her hair into a neat braid. She thanked Luisella and headed downstairs. 5leefh was waiting for her downstairs in the living room, the house was quiet; everyone was asleep.
Good morning!
Good morning to you too, sorry I took so long and sorry to keep you waiting, you must be bored to death, awake since 6. Why didn’t you wake me up at 6? They walked towards the stables.
Hahaha! No, not at all. I didn’t want to disturb you. So, are you ready?
Yes. You look so tired...
Couldn’t sleep all night.
Why? Are the beds uncomfortable?
They’re very comfortable but I just couldn’t sleep.
Oh... If you’re tired we can do something else.
La 3ady, I’m fine.
It was windy and cold, and for sure it was going to rain sometime soon, the thick dark clouds were slowly invading the rich blue skies. They got in the stables, the heat welcomed them in. They took the horses and Harold helped them with the equipment and soon they were ready to go.
The weather forecast says that there is a storm coming ma’am so I think it’s best if you get back in an hour before it starts raining.
We won’t take long.
They both hopped on and took off.
So, where should we go to?
Anywhere, I just wanted to spend some time with you.
She bit her lower lip and smiled as her cheeks got redder. They were laughing hysterically together, the rain droplets started to fall and they knew they had to go back before it starts pouring. They galloped towards the stables and got in soon before the light shower turned into heavy rain. The horses were back in their places and Madiyah and 5leefh were all alone. Madiyah got an umbrella for her and for 5leefh and they made their way out, their boots soaking in the puddles as they walked slowly towards the house.
Do you know 7amad? Ele baya5ith Fai.  She did not know why she was confessing or telling him this but something in her wanted to open up to him and tell him.
Yes, we study together at the same university.
Yes him. Do you know what happened to him?
Around a year ago during our winter holiday he went back to G6ar as a surprise then he realised his parents weren’t home and they were all in the yacht. So when he wanted to meet up with them he had an accident in the sea, something like that. His parents were looking for him for days, and then they found his jet-ski in the middle of the sea so the police had come up that he had passed away and they weren’t able to find his body. The weird thing was they had a funeral without his body being buried in the ground... later on like weeks a miracle had happened, someone had found him and he was back in G6ar. Why?
Interesting... Who found him?
He didn’t mention any names or anything; I assume he knows their names but... I don’t know. Is there something you know?
No, I wanted to make sure if the story I heard was true.
And is it the same as the one I just told you?
He knew she had something hidden, some sort of secret she did not want to tell him. But he kept quiet; he didn’t want to put himself in an awkward position with her. They got in the house, with their boots drenched in water. 5leefh removed his boots before entering the house and gave it to one of the maids, Madiyah did the same. She went upstairs and had a shower and got dressed.
The house was empty and soon Madiyah had realised that everyone had gone out for lunch together. Her parents and 5leefh’s parents knew they were together, Luisella had told them that they were horse riding outside. By the time they were back they had left minutes ago before the rain had started.
She walked towards his bedroom, the door was slightly opened. She knocked on the door.
5leefh? She knocked on the door 3 times.
Come in. He called out. Are you ready?
Ummm... Yes you? Pause. Are you kidding! You can’t go out there with a t shirt on and a pair of dark jeans! It’s cold outside.
She grabbed his hand. Can I?
Sure. He winked.
She added a jacket, and then got out a scarf. She placed it on his shoulders, then circled it around his neck. He watched her as she delicately spun the scarf around his neck.
What? She smiled shyly.
You’re breathtaking...
I always find it hard to tell you, but you... You are the most incredibly amazing creature god has ever created.  She looked up to him. Never have I felt this attraction to anyone but you. This deep affection and need, it’s like sometimes I crave you, whenever we’re sitting somewhere and you’re there with everyone surrounding us; I love it when I catch you looking at me then you smile and look away. Do you realise how that makes me feel? It just, makes me feel secure and all the love when I am around you. The way you hold me, tighten your grip around me makes me realise how lucky I am to have you. Her hands started to shake as her cheeks turned red. 5leefh... I am deeply and madly in love with you. Her tears rushed down her cheeks and she laughed as she stared at the floor. He grabbed her chin, staring at her face. He gently wiped her tears. She looked at him; the way his eyes sparkled she couldn’t resist taking her eyes away from him. She hugged him. For the first time ever, she-hugged-him. He stroked her hair, inhaling deeply to the scent of her hair, he kissed her passionately; not wanting to let go. She held her grip tightly around him.
The soft knocking on the door made them move apart. She looked away shyly, and made her way to his bedroom. The driver was waiting for them outside; they made their way to the car. As they entered Harrods they were escorted towards their parents, eyes slowly scanning them from top to bottom. People stared at them thinking, ‘are they couples? Or is he her boyfriend?’ They walked in the restaurant and sat down in their places.
Once they finished having lunch, the girls went shopping together.
Lamya: So tell me, how was it?
How was what?
Horse riding.
Good, the rain ruined it on us. How’s everything?
What do you think of this dress for your wedding?
Oh my god! Try it on.
She walked in the changing room. A few minutes later she walked out.
You look… Stunning. I can’t wait to show mom!
Really? Should I buy it?
Yes!!! It’s a must.
And that was how it was. They had shopped all the way until it was time to close. In fact they were the last to leave the store. Lamya decided to have dinner outside with Madiyah, so they can spend some time together. It was close to midnight and surely time to go home. The girls were exhausted from their long day, they were to continue their shopping spree in the upcoming days.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Chapter 31

They walked together side by side; she leaded the way towards a gazebo that floated on the lake like pond. The place was mesmerizing more like a fairytale; they sat down quietly just staring at each other, and although it was dark Madiyah’s beauty glowed.
Sometimes she said, playing with her fingers. Sometimes I... I struggle to find the words to describe my feelings... I mean the words are all there but once I see your face they disappear leaving my mind black, only thinking about you.
His facial expression had changed completely. He dug his hand in his pocket and presented her a small box. She slowly unwrapped the box and found a small broken heart necklace brushed with diamonds, she gasped. Even at how dark it was, the diamonds did not hesitate to dance in the dark. Slowly tears started to form, she did not know what to say or what to do so her emotions spoke out for her; happiness, love, passion and fear. She feared that this relation might end up being just like the other one, but her heart said everything. She immediately wore it; he helped her with it and made sure it was locked properly so that it never falls. He came closer to her wiping her tears.
A7ibich, no matter what happens I’m going to love you forever and always, I promise. Till death do us apart. He kissed her forehead and held her hands and kissed them. A7ibich...

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Chapter 30

Team A:
Man9oor was responsible for the sauces and the drinks, such as Caesar dressing, mushroom sauce, mustard sauce, fruit dip and some kind of special spicy thai sauce with the help of the chef. The drinks were watermelon and passion fruit, orange and carrot juice, Shirley temple, lemonade and pineapple and apricot lime punch.
7amdan did the salads; Caesar salad, pasta salad, Greek salad, rocket salad and mozzarella and tomato salad. Then the soup came; cream of mushroom and broccoli soup.
Marwan: grilled some steak with the help of the chef then decided to make some pasta on his own with chicken, mushroom and sun-dried tomato quiche.
Madiyah: Once 7amdan was done, the chef and 7amdan and her worked on the desserts, white chocolate cream cups, mini baked cheesecakes, rich chocolate brownies and berry parfaits.
Team B:
Fahad and 3abdallah on the desserts and decoration and 3abdl3aziz and 5leefh on the main course and starters.
Main course: grilled chicken with corn and mashed potato on the side, seafood pasta and club sandwiches. 
Dessert: soft chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate mousse and truffle with layers of brownies, chocolate pudding and whipped topping. Some special mix of weird things 5leefh decided to do.
Drinks: Milk shake. 
Team C:
The girls did oreo shake and oreo truffles, with fudge and nutella cake. Berries with frozen yogurt, strawberry cheesecake, cupcakes and crème brûlée.
The boys were in charge of the main course; chicken, feta cheese and sun-dried tomato wraps, risotto with shrimps, Caesar salad, grilled chicken.
Team D:
The mothers went for the traditional Arabic food.
3aish wiya diyay, machboos, 9aloonat 3ooma wiya 3aish abya’9 w for dessert umm ali, lgaimat and kunafa with cheese.

Fai >>
After 5 hours of hard work, and 30 minutes of clearing up the kitchen was spotless. Everyone headed out for a shower and came back. Instead of having late lunch they decided on early dinner at 6.
It was time for the judges to try the food. They were amazed by the amount of effort put in with all the dishes. Team A won the best time management and team work they had made the most out of it! After the waiting for the results everyone was able to try the food made. Madiyah was astonished by how much Man9oor was able to achieve in 4 hours, he was glad that he discovered a new talent that he had hidden within him for so long- p.s.  He’s only 4.
Mady <<
Madiyah got a plate and tried out the different desserts on the table.
5leefh: Try this, I made it
Madiyah: Inshallah, you too try what I made
They all sat down together on the table. 5leefh faced Madiyah. She took a bite of the deliciously suspicious looking dessert that he made and felt for a moment the world had stopped, the perfectly crushed biscuit base with the berry and jam and custard burst in her mouth leaving an exquisite explosion bursting of yummy sweet and sour tastes, she closed her eyes enjoying every bit and every bite of this amazing tart. She opened her eyes and saw him laughing at her, she then noticed that a bit of custard was left beside her lip, she got her finger, scooped it then licked every last bit of it enjoying that moment. He smiled and thanked god for having someone like her in his life.
This is absolutely, over the top remarkably marvelous!
Thank you! I have something for you after dinner, mind if you join me for a walk?
The room was filled with laughter. After dinner Man9oor was too tired to sit with them in the living room and wanted to rest instead, he excused himself and left. Madiyah walked out of the room and headed outside, the rain had stopped and the tiles were wet, it was calm with the smell of the flowers and the soil invading the place, all very earth.  
What happens next? Stay tuned for the next posts!!! xo