Sunday, 30 October 2011

Chapter 10

Madiyah woke up at six and walked towards the beach, she did her daily exercise. She went back to her room took out an outfit for the day then had a shower in her room. She knew her friend wasn’t going to wake up until 3 or 4 PM so she decided to get dressed and have breakfast. She walked towards the dining room, she found her younger brother Man9oor having breakfast.
M! Goodmorning!!!
Goodmorning 7abeeeeeeeeeby!!
He was excited to have breakfast with his sister.
7abeeby, it’s 8 what time will you go to school?
I have an appointment at 9 for my allergies. I won’t go to school today.
5ala9 shoo rayik I take you to the appointment then we go and have lunch outside :D?
Ok 5ala9. You tell 7amdan to meet us at wherever you want and we’ll go to the doctor. I’ll wait for you downstairs.
You’re driving!
;) Inshallah.
Madiyah put on her abaya and shaila and carried her handbag; applied a bit of make-up then walked towards her car. She got in and put on her sunglasses. Man9oor came running towards her car and got in.
7amdan said he can come to Dubai Mall at 2 and have lunch with us then he has to go back to the company.
Ok! If you want to listen to anything go on.
La, I want to listen to your stories :D! I miss you L
Aww.. I’m sorry 7abeeby but you know how busy I am. I’m travelling tonight. To Kuwait, Mom & Dad got me a new house, I have to see it. I might come back in a week or so it depends and then I’ll start working in Dad’s company and continue studying...
Do you want to work?
Umm... 3ady. I really don’t mind. I just want to please Dad..
El7emdellah you didn’t get married!
She smiled at him; she knew that he was young and that he’d make such comments on random things. But it hurt her, the fact that many asked for her hand but her father disagreed and claimed that she was his youngest daughter and that she won’t get married, some people used to call her Virgin Mady instead of Mary which they find very funny!
They arrived at the hospital; Madiyah parked her car beside the entrance. After the check-up and appointment Madiyah drove to Dubai Mall, they were having lunch with 7amdan who was already there, they sat together enjoying their meals; they looked like a happy couple having lunch with their only son.
Yalla I have to go now, it’s 4.
Can’t you stay a bit longer?
No I’m taking Dad’s place since he’s in the US with Mom.
Hmm... Ok... Yalla Man9oor, let’s go.
L Let’s go with 7amdan together... I hate being alone the whole time.
But baby, he has work to do, he’s really busy.
Next time inshallah I’ll take you with me, Ok?
Ok... L 
Oh yeah, 7amdan... umm.. I’m moving to Kuwait... Dad transferred my papers. I’ll live with goum 3amy until my house is ready. Her tears were ready to fall, she tried holding them back but couldn’t.  
Ohh... Too9leen bssalameh He didn’t want to break her heart.
They walked together towards the valet parking; Man9oor was in the middle holding their hands. Madiyah kissed 7amdan goodbye and walked towards her car with Man9oor.
Where do you want go?  
Stay with me L.
I will, shoo rayik nakil Ice-creaaaaaaaaaam?
Madiyah drove to Mercato and got herself Second Cup- White hot chocolate! And for her baby boy Man9oor; yes she treats him just like her own child- an icecream. Since Madiyah was the only single female in the house she treated her younger brother mostly Man9oor like her own child. Madiyah was the 3rd in the family, with 7amdan being the eldest brother then Marwan, Madiyah and Man9oor. (4 in total)
While Madiyah was enjoying her time with Man9oor, Fai woke up with a bad headache, she had realised that Madiyah was already out and  got up and drove back home.
At around 9PM Madiyah drove back home. She went to her room, had a shower and got dressed for her flight; she applied liquid-eyeliner and nude lipstick, wore her slingback heels and headed downstairs. The driver opened the door for her, she got into her car.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Chapter 9

Weeks have passed, but there was no sign of Madiyah. Fai did not hear anything about her friend. It seemed more like a century Fai thus decides to call Madiyah once more.
Calling Mady
I’m sorry..
Come over babe, I’m free now.
She hung up and ran towards her closet, she knew that she was going to spend the night over at her BFF’s house, she threw her clothes and pjs into a large bag, slipped her feet inside a pair of ankle boots, got in a jumpsuit and wore an oversized cashmere poncho. She ran towards the lift; got in and pressed B heading to the garage, the doors opened, she ran towards her car. She drove towards Madiyah’s mansion which took her less than 10 minutes at 120 mph. The mansion’s gates opened to her leading her to a long path to the mansion which seemed like a kingdom. She got out of her car handing the keys to one of the men standing beside the entrance; she took her bag and entered the house. She went to Madiyah's part of the house, entered the living room and knocked on the door then entered.
She ran towards her friend hugging her, unexpectedly Madiyah hugged her back, welcoming her.
Don’t worry, I understand
She kept on stroking her hair, reassuring her that everything was under control and everything is going to be alright; after all 7amad is in G6ar. Fai felt her hot ashamed tears streaming down her face; she did not know how to thank her. Madiyah locked her room and walked towards her friend, handing her a bottle of water trying to calm her down.
Mady, walla ma3arf kaif agoolich.. I did not know what happened! I mean one second I was sitting in the living room in the apartment the next second he was over me kissing and touching. I did not know how to react! Walla...
We walked towards the apartment holding hands; people stared at us as if we were couples or newlyweds. He would stare at me every couple of minutes and smile then press on my hand a bit harder, making me feel more comfortable around him. We entered the apartment and I sat down on the sofa in the living room, he sat beside me and started talking about all kinds of things; from his childhood and family to university and hobbies. I felt like he was opening up to me but I didn’t know why. Then there was this moment of silence, I stared into his eyes, they were magical and attractively seducing. I couldn’t look into his eyes anymore; I felt my cheeks becoming hotter and turned my gaze towards the view of the sea. His warm fingertips reached for my chin and slowly turned my head towards his, my heart was pounding faster and faster, I was scared. He came closer and closer and I closed my eyes and tried moving my head towards the other side, but I failed. I felt his weight over my body; I was lying down helplessly on the couch. He slowly pressed his lips on mine, then it became more and more; he crushed his lips passionately to mine. I tried to breathe, I tried to escape but he forced me. I felt his breath brushing my neck sending shivers down my spine. Then suddenly...
Am I missing something?
He got up, and that is when I was slapped back to reality. She saved my life, my honour, my reputation. But what she didn’t save was our friendship, she left the place with her Starbucks all over the floor, I tried to explain but I couldn’t... I felt the world crashing down.
I’m *sob* really sorry... I didn’t know..
Shhhh... It’s ok. I’ll call Emily to make for us some hot chocolate and get us some food.
Madiyah felt guilty for leaving her friend behind. She called Emily and told her to get some hot chocolate, coffee and other beverages and snacks. Madiyah walked back to her BFF and hugged her, calming her down.
It was a loooooooooooong night, with mixed emotions... But does Madiyah know the truth? Or did she already find it out by herself...?
Back in G6ar.
7amad went back to his parents while the funeral was on, a funeral of an unburied body that is not yet found. He waited for everyone to leave so he could enter the house. At around 1 AM 7amad made a move, he entered the house, he missed the feeling of having his family around, and it has been more than a year now since he spent his time in London then the accident happened which made everything worse.
He walked towards her. She couldn’t believe what she was actually seeing. She kept on repeating some prayers while here tears were streaming down her face. He kissed her head.
 And by that one simple sentence she broke down in tears, hugging him and kissing him. She thanked God for getting her son back, she called the whole family telling them that her son was not dead, she knew that her feelings were telling her the truth but the people around her thought that that was the start of her becoming insane... He wiped his mothers tears.
Look at me, I’m here, nothing is wrong with me. Look I’m fine!
And that made her cry even more. The tears of joy, her beloved son is back. The whole family reunited celebrating the return of 7amad; the day showed a huge comparison of mixed emotions. He had been in the front headlines of various newspapers and labelled as “7amad; the miracle boy”
After months of keeping a secret, he felt the urge to go to his mother and tell her everything. He was sitting in the living room waiting for the whole family to have lunch at their house. He decided to call his mother and tell her that he wanted to talk to her about something very important. Minutes later she came downstairs and sat beside him on the sofa.
Ummy, I think it is time for me to move to the next step in life.
What do you mean son?
Mom.. Someone saved me... I was going to die if it wasn’t for these two.
Who are they...?
And by that he told her everything, from the start till the end but ignored the part of him being alone with Fai in the apartment. His mother was surprised by what she heard, it was unexpected for two young ladies to be able to take care of him. The most bizarre thing was the fact that a girl saved him! He did not mention their names; there was a reason behind it.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Chapter 8

Am I missing something?
Fai pushed him away. Madiyah walked closer to them; she slapped him hard.
What were you thinking? I TRUSTED you! And this is what you DO behind MY BACK IN MY APARTMENT? E7TRAMNAK, W SAWAINALIK..  I respected you and made you my guest of honour and this what you do? MA9ADAGT 3ALA ALLAH?! 9dg innik w95 w jleel el 7ya! I was such a fool to save a bastard that’s like you. Your flight is tomorrow morning. You better start packing.
Madiyah threw 7amad’s passport at him and stormed out of the room and dragged Fai with her
Let me explain. PLEASE!!
Fai now is not the right time to explain things. I have nothing to do with you. You’re old enough to take care of your own responsibilities; I’m not taking care of this.. Do you have ANY idea what you just did?!! How on earth did you possibly think that this was going to be alright! FAI wake up!
Madiyah got into her car and left the mess behind. She called the driver to pick Fai up and take her back to her house. She knew in the end she couldn’t leave her friend no matter what, but it was best to leave her alone for a bit to know that what she has done is wrong.
My Bestfriend.. How could she have possibly done that to ME! I was fooled by an asshole... I stand strong, this is just the beginning. Fai is the last person in this world who could possibly do that! Maybe he forced her... Maybe that is why she wanted to explain what happened. But I don't want her to explain now; not today...
She needed a break; from her life, from this world perhaps.
She called the maids to prepare her a hot bubble bath and drove back to her mansion, ran into her room, locked the door behind her and stared at her reflection... She free-ed her long jet black ponytail, removed her clothes and opened the tap.. She washed her face removing the liquid eyeliner she applied earlier; she walked towards the tub, slowly getting in the hot water. She switched on the music to classic. She felt relaxed... It all came back to her; what happened today.
I entered the apartment; I walked to the living room and saw them. 7amad was on the sofa over Fai, kissing her... I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was too shocked to speak; my Starbucks that was placed beside my lips was all over the floor. I felt my legs shaking; I walked towards them gaining my strength, I was about to explode... I  slapped him for being an asshole, a jerk and for me to trust him all along. It had only been three days and this is what has happened. I stared at them; making Fai feel ashamed of what she has committed; yes it is a crime. And him, making him feel what he did was wrong. A sin.
Fai was more than ashamed of what she has done; she knew that it wasn’t her fault. She called Madiyah several times waiting for her to pick up or at least answer her messages but there was no hope...

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Chapter 7

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Mady! He’s still not here.
I know! You told me you didn’t want him to live in your house so I took him to the apartment in JBR. And don’t worry he's safe there.  
Awaih.. goolyy walla.
Walla.. Laish is there something wrong?
No.. Disappointed by the news.
You can visit him whenever you want! I took good care of the situation.
Hmmm... I’ll go to him tomorrow.
Why was Fai disappointed? Could it be? Isn't it too soon... The day had come to an end, Madiyah had spent the day & night over at Fai's.
The next morning Madiyah woke up a 6, drove back to her house, did her daily exercise. At 12PM sharp she was at Fai's.
^^ Madiyah                                       Fai>>
They arrived at JBR, Madiyah stared at her reflection one more time reassuring everything was in the right place, she then stepped out of her car handing her car key to a Pilipino man and giving him extra credit for being fast. They entered the apartment and found him asleep, so they decided to wait for him till he wakes up and have brunch with him. Madiyah tiptoed to his changing room and got his neatly ironed clothes out.
At 3 PM he woke up, he was still half-asleep. He got out of his bed and headed to the bathroom, shaved then had a shower, went to the changing room and found his clothes prepared. He walked towards his living room and found the two Ladies sitting beside each other, they were talking.
Good morning Ladies. Interrupting their conversation
It’s 3.
Oh. Sorry to keep you waiting. What time did you come?
Umm.. We were here at 12.
We’re having brunch together.
Perfect timing, I’m SO hungry!
They walked downstairs together and headed to one of the restaurants. They enjoyed the meal together, laughing and fooling around. Until ‘7amad’ spoke.
Look... I told Fai earlier that my name is 7amad AlX, and I’m from G6ar as you both know. The day before I arrived here... I mean... The day the accident happened was...
I came back from London and drove to my parent’s house. They weren’t there. I asked the maids if they knew where they went and their answer was... “Mama baba fee rooh dakil bahar... Aa, hada big boat.” So I ran upstairs to my room, got out a bag and put in clothes enough for a week. I ran downstairs extremely excited to see them and got into my car. I drove to the marina, parked my car and took the sport fishing boat, wore my lifejacket, I called my mother; asked her if she was at home or out and she told me that she was with the whole family in the yacht. They told me that it’s too late and that they’re coming back – she didn’t know that I was back- but I didn’t want to interrupt their happiness so instead I drove to them, I couldn’t see them. I drove for hours trying to find a Yacht, but I couldn’t, there was no signal / no coverage so I couldn’t call. And it was getting darker, I thought I saw a yacht and sped there, the waves were forceful, and it started raining. I was heading back, then something happened, I was pushed by a strong wave, I felt something hard on my head, and I was being sucked slowly, deeper and deeper and deeper, I tried to reach the surface, but the pressure was high and the weather was horrible.
And that is how I’m here. I don’t really like Dubai because... Several years ago, like 2 or 3, I was heading to London- to study there. And I asked my mother if I can get married, she was very happy, she started celebrating and was looking for the ‘perfect girl’. And she found one, her parents are G6ries living in Dubai, I proposed... She asked if she could see me, you know elna’9ra el shar3eeyh thing, and I accepted. I travelled from London to Dubai to ‘see’ her. She turned out to be a snob, “Waaa3, ana a5ith wa7d sharatik?” was what she told me, for some kind of reason, maybe she wanted an Emirati?.. and well... She made me hate people from Dubai because I thought they were like her... Snobs... Until I met you two charming young ladies.
He held their hands smiling, Madiyah quickly pulled her hand away and stood up.
Well.. I’m paying today. And umm... Why don’t you two walk back to the apartment while I go and get you guys a drink.
La walla? I’m paying.
Fai, go.. I’m paying
Please! I’m paying. Sounding manly yet stupid.
No seriously.. I’m paying. Now go.
Fai and 7amad walked together towards the apartment which was 30 minutes away. 7amad grabbed Fai’s hand and walked closer to her, he didn’t notice that, while Fai’s heart rate increases causing more blood to be pumped which made her cheeks turn red, she was scared to hurt his feeling for he had had enough in the past. They got in the apartment and sat quietly in the living room. He was sitting beside her leaving a small gap between them.
Madiyah walked along with her driver, she entered Starbucks which was crowded as usual. She stood in the queue which seemed like another 20 minutes of waiting to order. After waiting, Madiyah took her order and handed her driver the bag and sipped her warm perfectly made Caramel Macchiato, once she stepped outside heading to the apartment a stunning dress caught her eyes. She entered the shop immediately and asked the assistant to get her one of the dress on the mannequin; she tried it on and was amazed by the results on her. She bought it, and walked towards the apartment listening to her iPod and sipping her Starbucks. She entered the apartment with the most shocking, absolutely unexpected thing to happen... Her Starbucks that was once upon a time tickling her lip was now on the floor, all over the place.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


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Chapter 6

‘7amad’s’ POV
I was sitting alone, waiting for the nurse or doctor, not sure who would come first. I can’t possibly find a way to thank these two very special Ladies. Here's a glimpse of what happened to me back then...
I opened my eyes; sky was clear and rich with clouds and saw the world just for a bit, allowing the water to get out of my body; it was hot, it got out slowly, like bubbles gargling they escaped from each corner of my mouth and I fell back again against the hard sludgy surface. I felt something soft brushing my lips then opening my mouth again... It started breathing in me. I was too tired to respond. I heard someone screaming. Then someone pumping my chest so hard and breathing in me. My body could no longer respond to it. I am slowly dying...
All of a sudden it stopped, all of it, and I was floating until my body hit a hard surface then I was sunk into it. I was then stung by something that burnt my body, it was excruciating which woke me up only to find a doctor smiling at me; parts of my body were stitched and some bandaged... I was in a warm room, surely not a hospital. Marble floors, very classic furniture with intercut details, I was facing an Italian painted wall and beside me was a view of the sea. Am I in Heaven’s hospital...?  Or could this possibly be a fairytale like dream..
I stayed awake and stared at the stitches I had on my chest I touched it, it burnt... Maybe I’m not in heaven after all. I heard giggles coming from outside, there was a knock on the door then two beautiful... No that wasn’t the right word to describe them...  Heart-stopping breathtaking angels entered the room, they smiled at me... I wanted this to be real, so badly. I couldn’t resist it, I couldn’t take my eyes of off them, I was scared that if I blinked I might miss a thing, or perhaps they’d disappear.
Umm... Salam.. Ana  Fai and this is  Madiyah. Nice to meet you
I smiled at how fragile she was which made her blush. I felt like I was going crazy, that my mind was playing foolish games with me.
Umm... The hot bath is ready, the maids prepared everything, and your breakfast will be served whenever you want it to be served. And this is Fai’s house. Feel free to do whatever you want!
I cleared my throat; I was trying to think of something appropriate. I don’t want to leave, I want to stay here staring at your beauty. 
I really don’t know how to thank you... Umm... yea I’ll go and have a bath. Where will you be?
We’re not going anywhere, when you’re done the maids will show you this place.
I felt stupid. I got up and headed to the bathroom which was even more stricking than the room itself! I had a bath; a very relaxing long bath. The TV was switched on to a sports channel. I got out of the bath and found everything prepared the clothes, underwear and the towels. Maybe this is Heaven... I got out of the toilet and walked towards the room, found several bottles of untouched new perfumes and got one out of the box and sprayed it all over myself. Two of the female workers escorted me to the dining room, where the two angels sat facing me.
Sir... Sir.. SIR
Oh, I’m sorry...
You finished.
Finished what?
Your blood test! Your results will be out in a day or so, can I have your number to contact you?
Oh ummm..
Here’s ma numba, if der’s anyfin call me.
A tall African-British man was with me. Perhaps he’s Madiyah or Fai’s bodyguard. I walked with him to the car and  got in. After half an hour I arrived to a place surrounded by buildings and the sea. It was just like Europe, people walking with their dogs and some Arabs here and there. My door opened, and the same African-British man escorted me to an apartment, I entered a huge living room; very modern, I had the view of the whole place; the sea, the buildings and the streets. I walked towards the window and found a black box on the table. I found a note inside the box written in pink ink in perfect handwriting.
This is your phone from now on, please use it, and feel free to do whatever you want. There’s a car parked in the valet parking, give them your name.
Enjoy; Mady. Xoxo  
I switched on my phone. It had all the numbers stored in of the people I needed to contact for anything that wasn't available except Madiyah and Fai’s numbers. I walked to my room then entered the changing room and found everything I possibly needed, what I had was enough for a whole year! Clothes, shoes, underwear, and for some kind of reason bags... Everything. I found a laptop on the bed. I walked back to the living room and wanted to discover this place even more. I went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and everything was inside. There was another note.
The fridge will be renewed every day, if you run out of something just contact the people on your phone.
Enjoy!! Xoxo Mady.
Firstly I was confused by who to contact for there were several numbers. Oh well, whatever. I walked back to my room, had a shower and went to bed.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Chapter 5

Fai, Fai... Yalla wake up. Uff! I’ll end up exercising on my own. YOU’RE ALWAYS LATE YALLA!!
Ok OK!! UFF, I DIDN’T SLEEP LASTNIGHT L Can we NOT exercise today?
You know what... I’ll exercise on my own from now on. If you need me call me, I'm going home. Madiyah stormed out of the room angry at her friend for being so lazy.. She got in her car and headed back to her mansion. The large golden gates opened welcoming her back home. She parked her car beside the house entrance and ran back to her room on the second floor. She went to her changing room, wore a polo shirt with horse riding pants and boots, wore her sunglasses, took extra clothes with her and ran downstairs to the garage. She got into her other car and drove off to the ‘Mzra3a’ in 5waneej, she called her mother and told her that she’s going to the Mzra3a- horse riding and perhaps a polo match with the boys if they were there, and drove off. She drove to Starbucks first and got her a cup of Caramel Macchiato then drove to 5waneej listening to a remix of Arabic and English music.
Back at Fai's
Fai ran to her closet, got her clothes then had a long hot shower. She took the lift to the ground floor and went to check on him.
She lightly knocked on the open door then entered. The maid tapped her twice on her back which made her jump.
He’s still sleeping Ma’am.
Oh ok.
She felt stupid for what she did; she went back to her room and called Madiyah.
Calling Mady
9aba7 el 5air!
9aba7 el noor...
What’s wrong?
3ala shoo?
For not waking up..?
HAHAHAHA! Babeeeee it’s alright! It’s not your fault if you couldn’t sleep. W I’m fl Mzra3a if you want to join, tawny da5la. I need to check if anyone is here... Ummmmm............. Yeah my brothers are here!
Oooooooooh 9a7... Listen, once I’m done with the horse riding and all that I’ll come over. What do you think?
Yeah sure!
Fai walked outside, got into her club car and started driving around the house, listening to her iPod, she drove to the beach and parked her caddy on the concrete pavement beside the beach. She sat on the sand staring at the beach, it was so relaxing. The view was breathtaking, everything was just so right; the weather was cold and the cold breeze made her shiver. She paused her iPod. She hugged her knees and closed her eyes and drifted away with the sound of the waves crashing.... She felt something warm cover her body, she slowly lifted her head.. He was there sitting beside her, he covered her with his jacket, sitting beside her. Hugging her.
What are you doing?! She was shocked by his behaviour. He was hugging her. She stood up, returned the jacket to its owner and ran towards her caddy.
Wait! I was trying to help! He ran towards her caddy, got in and sat beside her. What is wrong with you? Did I do something wrong?
Uhhh... umm... N.. No..
I won’t eat u I swear! I don’t bite!
She ignored him driving at full speed. They arrived at the front entrance in no time! She ran to her room and felt like changing her clothes for some kind of reason.  
Incoming Call Mady
Fai! Listen, I’m sending the driver NOW to pick him up... They’re going to give him a passport and I'm not sure if he should get  an international license, what do you think? 
No, there's no need.
His flight is on Sunday. That’s it. Give me 1 hour w bakoon 3ndich.
Inshallah. See you!
She headed downstairs to see him.
Let’s walk outside together; I need to talk to you.
He grabbed her hand and walked with her outside, she didn’t know how to react so she stayed quiet. It was like he was hypnotizing her, she couldn’t fight back instead she made him play with her more and more.
He stopped walking and faced her. Esmy.. 7amad AlX. He said; he sounded misplaced.
A familiar car entered the house.
Oh, I forgot to tell you. The driver is coming to pick you up... She faced the other direction and that’s how she broke the tension.
Why? Are you coming with me?
I’m sorry. But Madiyah called her driver to take you somewhere. They’re going to give you a passport... You have to go.. NOW. I don’t know how she did it, but you should thank her later.
They walked towards the car in silence. He got in and left. She entered the house. 
Madiyah was on her way to Fai's until she decided to drive to Wafi City and buy her friend a treat from Marks&Spencer’s goodies, she bought everything she wanted / needed and felt like buying. Then she walked towards Starbucks and got herself a drink and a drink for her friend and for him. She took the order and walked towards Wafi Gourmet; for Lebanese. After buying all the snacks she got into her car that was parked at the main entrance and whizzed to her mansion. She went in her room, had a shower, changed her clothes and drove to Fai's which was 10 minutes away.
Good evening Miss Madiyah. Can I help you?
One of the house workers greeted her. 
Yes, get the bags from my car, and here are the keys let the driver park my car please and get my keys and the bags to Fai’s room. That’s all thank you.
No problem.
She called Fai telling her that she was in her mansion and that she got her friend some snacks. They sat in the living room on the second floor.
Agool Mady... When will he come back?
Umm... Well it takes a long time, but I gave him the fast pass. He went to get himself a new passport, international license and a full medical check-up. I have no idea why he’s getting the license, I just felt like doing it?
Oh... Yeah I was wondering why he would need licenses. But anyway you did a great job *high5*
She high5’ed her back and they giggled remembering their teenage years when they used to do all sorts of naughty stuff. They spent most of the time playing Singstar together while ‘7amad’ was alone worried.


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Chapter 4

Goomy, goomy.. Psssst, Eii, yalla we’re going to be late for our exercise!
Fai woke up; she stared at her friend, then stared at him. She walked back to her room feeling sleepy; she had a shower and got dressed while Madiyah ordered the maids to serve breakfast for the stranger living in the guest room. They both headed outside to the beach.
What were you doing?!
You were sleeping in the guest room with the stranger!
I don’t know, I was thinking then I suddenly slept! AND HE DIDNT WAKE UP L Stop scaring me
Enzain enzain.. When we’re done exercising, we’ll go upstairs and take a shower then wear something good, I’m calling the doctor today to check on him and I hope he wakes up.
Mmmm... Ok.
After breakfast, Madiyah calls the doctor informing him to come over and check on the stranger whether there's something serious or not. They both took the lift downstairs to greet the doctor.
Hello doctor.
Salam, where is the patient?
He’s in the guest room.
Now who is responsible of him?
I am.
The doctor got in the room and examined the corpse, it didn’t take him long.
Ah, Miss Madiyah, you know that it takes time for the patient to respond? He’s going to be on medication for a week. I’m still not sure, and his wounds are deep, some I need to stitch and some I’m going to cover with a plaster. So, shall I begin? It’s going to take time.
Yes sure! No problem, if there’s anything you need we’re in the living room.  *leaving the room*
They sat in the living room quietly, Fai cursing the day she went jogging and found that stranger. Madiyah nervously sitting there drinking her green tea, and Fai eating 7ab while watching TV.
Ladies. I must say you’re very lucky! You can go visit your patient but please try keeping him calm. He’s awake but he’s still drugged by anaesthetics.
Thank you doctor. *paying him* - walking towards the main entrance- Doctor I would like this subject to be private. Have good day doctor. Madiyah is a very strong figure her individuality made people respect her, she had a tough personality that everyone was scared of. 
Ready? Flashing Fai a million dollar smile.
They walked towards his room.
*Knock Knock*
They entered the room and found him sitting on the bed, shirtless.
Umm ... Salam... I'm Fai and this is Madiyah. Nice to meet you
He smiled at her, making her blush. Madiyah headed to the closet, got him a towel and clothes.
Umm... The hot bath is ready, the maids prepared everything, and your breakfast will be served whenever you want it to be served. And this is Fai’s house. Feel free to do whatever you want!
He cleared his throat, not knowing what to do.
I really don’t know how to thank you... Umm... Yeah I’ll go and have a bath. Where will you be?
We’re not going anywhere, when you’re done the maids will show you this place.
He got up and walked towards the bathroom, Fai was amazed by his perfectly sculptured body. They left his room and walked around the house. They sat in the dining room waiting for him to arrive.
30 minutes later, the maids announced that he will be having breakfast now. 
Halla. Sorry to keep you waiting. Smiling.
Ahlain, la 3ady. I hope everything is your size...?
Oh yeah, they’re perfect. And thank you for everything.
He sat down... confused, not knowing what to eat. Fai takes his plate and puts a bit of everything on it.
Mashallah.. So where am I?
You’re in my house, and we’re in Dubai, Jumeirah.
Oh.... He was disappointed. He didn’t say a word until he was done eating.
I’m from G6ar. He stood up not staring at any of them and walked towards the toilet.
Don’t you think I gave in too much information at once?  
Madiyah shrugged. He came back, smiling; showing off his two dimples and perfect white teeth, while his small honey eyes wrinkled.
*sigh* so now I’m in Dubai.
Yes, why are you so disappointed? This is the "City Of Life" Laughing sarcastically, he laughed along still upset. Fai was so curious desperately wanting to know his name; she was too shy to ask him.  
Will you go out today?
If you want to, we don’t mind.
Yeah sure! I’ll wait for you here while you ladies get dressed!
Fai was so excited to show off! They ran upstairs and got dressed.


Madiyah applied liquid eyeliner and put on some nude lipstick. Fai applied her favourite red lipstick and liquid eyeliner and a bit of blush. They both headed downstairs. Fai wanted to look sexy tonight, she amazed him with her beauty however Madiyah didn’t really care about him, she just wanted to perform her duty which is currently to help him and take him back to where he belonged.
Little did Fai know that she was slowly falling for his charm, and is casting a spell on him by her beauty.

Ladies you look... stunning!
Thank you.
The driver is outside. She said, breaking their conversation. She smiled politely then walked outside in the cold winter night. They walked to Madiyah’s black car with fully tinted black windows. Khan opened the doors for the Ladies to enter. Madiyah knew that showing him around Dubai in a fully covered car was better than them driving or in one of their casual cars. They didn’t want to end up in Dubai’s front headlines as ‘Daughters of X and X caught with a man while they were roaming around the streets of Dubai in the middle of the night’ or in the community’s gossip especially because many girls envied them.
So where do you want to go tomorrow?
You’re planning mn al7eenh?
Yes! Where do you want to go?
He paused, not sure of what to say.
Oh... I’m... He felt lost and stupid for not knowing his name; he felt a huge lump forming on his throat. He was ashamed of himself. Could it possibly be that he forgot who he is?
OMG! Fai! YOUR song!! HAHAHA what a coincidence.
I know this song..
مـــــن قـــــلـــــبـــــي
من قلبي ينبض غلا ومن روحي مسؤولة
ما ابالغ ان قلتلك اني الين الحين كل ما اشوفك تصد عيوني مذهولة
من كبر حبك في قلبي وخاطري و العين
اي حب هذا الذي ينقال واقوله مدري احيد في قلبي ولا الله يعين
معقولة كل هالغلا ياربي معقولة بعدين يعني معك يامهجتي بعدين
من قلبي ينبض غلا ومن روحي مسؤولة
ما ابالغ ان قلتلك اني الين الحين كل ما اشوفك تصد عيوني مذهولة
من كبر حبك في قلبي وخاطري و العين
ماتدري انك في قلبي ومن سكن حوله من كثرك في صدري خايف لا تجيني عين
وان قالو اطلب شي اتمنى وتنوله بتمنى حبك كثر ما الله عطاني سنين
معقولة كل هالغلا ياربي معقولة بعدين يعني معك يامهجتي بعدين
من قلبي ينبض غلا ومن روحي مسؤولة
ما ابالغ ان قلتلك اني الين الحين كل ما اشوفك تصد عيوني مذهولة
من كبر حبك في قلبي وخاطري و العين
ويش ابغي اكثر ياذوق القلب وميوله واكبر هدية في عمري هالشيين
مكانك اللي في قلبي ماحد يطوله وقدري عندك عساني ما خلى آمين
اي حب هذا الذي ينقال واقوله مدري احيد في قلبي ولا الله يعين
معقولة كل هالغلا ياربي معقولة بعدين يعني معك يامهجتي بعدين
من قلبي ينبض غلا ومن روحي مسؤولة
ما ابالغ ان قلتلك اني الين الحين كل ما اشوفك تصد عيوني مذهولة
من كبر حبك في قلبي وخاطري و العين
He looked at her directing the song to her, the aura suddenly changed. Suddenly they were singing together, excited. He never felt this happy before nor excited. Fai felt her cheeks turning red; Madiyah noticed her slowly blushing at every word he sang for her.
It was getting late, it was 12 already and by the time they drove back they’ll get caught in the traffic.  At 2 they arrived at Fai’s house. Madiyah left. He went back to his room and Fai headed to her room on the second floor. Fai couldn’t sleep that night, so she decided to make herself a cup of coffee with milk and sit on the roof. After 10 minutes of intense yoga workouts Fai walks back to her room and tries going back to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Ps. I'm honestly not sure of the lyrics I just got it from google Princess R had kindly asked me to do it. Thank you for your time! x