Saturday, 22 October 2011

Chapter 3

She wasn’t thinking of what was going to happen to her; as long as she saves that person everything was going to be alright. She was willing to risk her life for the sake of a stranger. She ignored her friend, and dived in the water, the waves were strong, crashing her small body, but she managed to swim and push harder. He was very far away from her, being as athletic as her and as stubborn as her nothing could stop her, especially when it’s something she wants. He was now meters away from her. She tried avoiding the aggressive waves that were pushing her, she grabbed him; grabbing his lifejacket tightly, and swam back to the shore, and it was easier to swim back because the waves were pushing her towards the shore. She got out of the water, dragging a half-dead muscular human body.
There was a cold breeze, hitting her half naked body, sending shivers down her spine. She wore her tracksuit. She dragged the corpse away from the shore. And began the procedure of a drowned person, she wiped his cold blue lips by her jacket and began breathing in him. She pumped his chest and then blew again, hoping that she was going to be able to save this innocent soul. He slowly responded to her, she backed up and stared at how the bubbly water came out of his mouth like grey froth. She wiped his lips again and went back; I am going to save him she kept on repeating that phrase in her mind. After half an hour of trying, Madiyah took a break. She breathed in one more time, this time trying to exhale harder in him. He rolled to his side and coughed out to what it seemed like grey substance: water.
Call the men w gooleelhm yshlooneh da5el! QUICK!
Fai ran back to her house, calling all the workers. While Madiyah was trying her best, she kept on working hard. Minutes later the workers came. They carried the dead corpse, placed him inside the pick-up and drove towards the house. They took him to the guest room and put him on the bed, Madiyah covered his body with a fur blanket. They switched on the heater.
Listen, I’ll go back home, why don't you call a doctor and then I’ll head to any store and get him some clothes. If he wakes up call me.
Don’t be scared, he’s going to be fine! Hugging her , reassuring her that everything is going to be alright.
Madiyah, slipped into her car and roared it back to life. She drove off to her house. She called the maids to prepare her a hot bath and to put all kinds of medicines that can avoid her from getting sick. After hours, Madiyah got out of the bath and got ready. She wore her boots and ran downstairs, got into her car and drove off.
After what seemed like hours of intensive shopping Madiyah felt assured that what she had bought was enough.
Incoming Call Fai
Tawny 6al3a
It’s 7.
Did he wake up?
No. The doctor said that he’d come tomorrow.
Ok, I’m driving now I’ll talk to you later. Bye!
Fai was scared to death, maybe that guy is dead... She was jumping from one conclusion to another. She went to the guest room downstairs and sat on the sofa quietly, facing him. She put her phone on silent and stared at him in the dark. Fai was thinking about all the consequences that were going to happen and perhaps the trouble that she’s going to go through, she felt nervous about the whole idea of a stranger living in her house. What shall I tell my parents or my siblings? Oh I was jogging with Madiyah and we found him and we tried saving him? Perfect! I’ll end up being slapped and thrown out of the house in the streets. She walked out of the room, went to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee with milk.
Calling Mady
Did he wake up?
La2, wainich?
Right in front of the gate
And I got you Gerard.
Oooooooooh thank you! As she spilled her coffee wishing it was her fear of her parents.
As Madiyah arrived she walked towards the Majlis. While Madiyah was getting the clothes out of the shopping bag Fai entered with a pale face. She was frightened of what her and her friend were doing.
A’9any we should stop what we’re doing right now.  
L2anneh it’s wrong! Everything we’re doing right now is wrong! I am a single girl living in this place with a stranger that I have no idea whether he’s alive or anything. This is unsafe Mady! Think of it!
No it’s not! We saved a person’s life! Do you know how good that is? Listen if you don’t want to be responsible about him I can be. I don’t mind, I’ll take him to the apartment in JBR, but I think him living alone is wrong; we should take care of him until he tells us everything. We need enough information to release him. If you’re scared tell me. The problem is I can’t bring him to my house l2anneh I live with my siblings... Your siblings are studying abroad and some are married and your parents are in Canada madry Europe. When they’ll come back, we’ll take him to JBR. Ok?
They sat together drinking their Gerard and looking at what Madiyah bought enjoying their time. After an hour Madiyah drives back to her house. On the other hand Fai was worried about sleeping alone or leaving the stranger alone on the ground floor, she changed into her pyjamas and told the maids to put all the new clothes that Madiyah bought in the guest room’s closet, she sat on the sofa in the guest room and dozed off.