Sunday, 30 October 2011

Chapter 10

Madiyah woke up at six and walked towards the beach, she did her daily exercise. She went back to her room took out an outfit for the day then had a shower in her room. She knew her friend wasn’t going to wake up until 3 or 4 PM so she decided to get dressed and have breakfast. She walked towards the dining room, she found her younger brother Man9oor having breakfast.
M! Goodmorning!!!
Goodmorning 7abeeeeeeeeeby!!
He was excited to have breakfast with his sister.
7abeeby, it’s 8 what time will you go to school?
I have an appointment at 9 for my allergies. I won’t go to school today.
5ala9 shoo rayik I take you to the appointment then we go and have lunch outside :D?
Ok 5ala9. You tell 7amdan to meet us at wherever you want and we’ll go to the doctor. I’ll wait for you downstairs.
You’re driving!
;) Inshallah.
Madiyah put on her abaya and shaila and carried her handbag; applied a bit of make-up then walked towards her car. She got in and put on her sunglasses. Man9oor came running towards her car and got in.
7amdan said he can come to Dubai Mall at 2 and have lunch with us then he has to go back to the company.
Ok! If you want to listen to anything go on.
La, I want to listen to your stories :D! I miss you L
Aww.. I’m sorry 7abeeby but you know how busy I am. I’m travelling tonight. To Kuwait, Mom & Dad got me a new house, I have to see it. I might come back in a week or so it depends and then I’ll start working in Dad’s company and continue studying...
Do you want to work?
Umm... 3ady. I really don’t mind. I just want to please Dad..
El7emdellah you didn’t get married!
She smiled at him; she knew that he was young and that he’d make such comments on random things. But it hurt her, the fact that many asked for her hand but her father disagreed and claimed that she was his youngest daughter and that she won’t get married, some people used to call her Virgin Mady instead of Mary which they find very funny!
They arrived at the hospital; Madiyah parked her car beside the entrance. After the check-up and appointment Madiyah drove to Dubai Mall, they were having lunch with 7amdan who was already there, they sat together enjoying their meals; they looked like a happy couple having lunch with their only son.
Yalla I have to go now, it’s 4.
Can’t you stay a bit longer?
No I’m taking Dad’s place since he’s in the US with Mom.
Hmm... Ok... Yalla Man9oor, let’s go.
L Let’s go with 7amdan together... I hate being alone the whole time.
But baby, he has work to do, he’s really busy.
Next time inshallah I’ll take you with me, Ok?
Ok... L 
Oh yeah, 7amdan... umm.. I’m moving to Kuwait... Dad transferred my papers. I’ll live with goum 3amy until my house is ready. Her tears were ready to fall, she tried holding them back but couldn’t.  
Ohh... Too9leen bssalameh He didn’t want to break her heart.
They walked together towards the valet parking; Man9oor was in the middle holding their hands. Madiyah kissed 7amdan goodbye and walked towards her car with Man9oor.
Where do you want go?  
Stay with me L.
I will, shoo rayik nakil Ice-creaaaaaaaaaam?
Madiyah drove to Mercato and got herself Second Cup- White hot chocolate! And for her baby boy Man9oor; yes she treats him just like her own child- an icecream. Since Madiyah was the only single female in the house she treated her younger brother mostly Man9oor like her own child. Madiyah was the 3rd in the family, with 7amdan being the eldest brother then Marwan, Madiyah and Man9oor. (4 in total)
While Madiyah was enjoying her time with Man9oor, Fai woke up with a bad headache, she had realised that Madiyah was already out and  got up and drove back home.
At around 9PM Madiyah drove back home. She went to her room, had a shower and got dressed for her flight; she applied liquid-eyeliner and nude lipstick, wore her slingback heels and headed downstairs. The driver opened the door for her, she got into her car.


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