Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Chapter 1

My name is Fai, you know typical 18-year-old girl who lives with no one except for my workers, I decided to be independent and live on my own in the mansion that my parents left for me before they decided to live in Europe. I’m an outdoor person, I usually hangout with my best friend Madiyah.

The sunlight shone, brightening her room.
Miss Fai! Wake up! It’s 6. 
Is Madiyah. Here?
Yalla goomy! You have 10 mins to have a shower and wear ur tracksuit. W its 12 degrees bara3.
Fai woke up feeling energetic, ready to spend another amazing morning with her best friend. She had a shower and changed into her tracksuit while Madiyah was already at the beach getting warmed up.
Good morning!
Good morning to you too!
Yalla are you ready?
Fai’s italian features were passed down from her mother, you know tall, thin, flawless white skin and beautiful big grey eyes and that thin nose, coffee brown short hair although her father comes from Qatar. On the other hand Madiyah is a pure Arab, tall, thin, long Arabian nose, naturally perfect bronze tan, big dark brown eyes with a hint of green and long rich jet black hair. Both daughters of one of the most important businessmen nowadays, Madiyah and Fai have known each other since high school, Madiyah met Fai while shopping in Milan, surprisingly after Madiyah had moved to a private school in Dubai she met Fai again!
Let’s go for a Mani and Pedi after this in N.Bar JBR.

Haih! I need one ASAP my nails look so ugly!
Their usual one hour exercise at the beach was done then they both headed to the pool for an hour then had a shower.
 Madiyah liked what she was looking at, her black fur coat hugged her body showing off all her curves, matching it with a pair of black boots, and she smiled at her reflection while applying her favorite classic shade of red lipstick, her look was completed by her tying her hair into a perfect bun. However Fai went for the comfy, although it did show her beautiful curve she applied nude lipstick, added a black hairclip bow to her hair and headed downstairs to meet Madiyah.
At 10 am Fai parks her car in the valet entrance and walks towards the salon.
We should go back home soon.
Laish? Tawna w9alna!
I know but look at how dark the clouds are.
Yeah I agree.. .Enzain but we have loads of time and what colour will u apply?
I'm having a French manicure, you?
Typical me; Russian Red.
After an hour or so, they both drove back to Fai’s. As they both climb out of the car, fixing their dresses, little droplets of rain start to fall on the concrete floor, allowing the colours to be more vibrant. The Pakistani man takes Fai’s car and parks it in the underground parking.
Told you!
Yalla let’s go inside before it starts raining badly!
They both entered the place, with the sound of their heels clicking on the marble floor... They had lunch discussing about the week and what they were going to do. After lunch the ladies went to the cinema room and watched a movie, time passed by like a click.

Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed a little introduction to our story, your comments mean a lot to us. Pictures from X


  1. The usage of the photos is disturbing :| if you didnt use them it'll be much better.

  2. Anonymous: sorry for the inconvenience, we will try to not put as many pictures from now on, we were just trying to help our viewers imagine the characters.

    Thank you for sharing your idea x

  3. What is this story called? -T

    1. Its called From Dubai With Love Xo, we just named them "Chapter -" because it would be easier to follow up and not to have the blog dedicated entirely to it. We hope you like it!