Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Chapter 6

‘7amad’s’ POV
I was sitting alone, waiting for the nurse or doctor, not sure who would come first. I can’t possibly find a way to thank these two very special Ladies. Here's a glimpse of what happened to me back then...
I opened my eyes; sky was clear and rich with clouds and saw the world just for a bit, allowing the water to get out of my body; it was hot, it got out slowly, like bubbles gargling they escaped from each corner of my mouth and I fell back again against the hard sludgy surface. I felt something soft brushing my lips then opening my mouth again... It started breathing in me. I was too tired to respond. I heard someone screaming. Then someone pumping my chest so hard and breathing in me. My body could no longer respond to it. I am slowly dying...
All of a sudden it stopped, all of it, and I was floating until my body hit a hard surface then I was sunk into it. I was then stung by something that burnt my body, it was excruciating which woke me up only to find a doctor smiling at me; parts of my body were stitched and some bandaged... I was in a warm room, surely not a hospital. Marble floors, very classic furniture with intercut details, I was facing an Italian painted wall and beside me was a view of the sea. Am I in Heaven’s hospital...?  Or could this possibly be a fairytale like dream..
I stayed awake and stared at the stitches I had on my chest I touched it, it burnt... Maybe I’m not in heaven after all. I heard giggles coming from outside, there was a knock on the door then two beautiful... No that wasn’t the right word to describe them...  Heart-stopping breathtaking angels entered the room, they smiled at me... I wanted this to be real, so badly. I couldn’t resist it, I couldn’t take my eyes of off them, I was scared that if I blinked I might miss a thing, or perhaps they’d disappear.
Umm... Salam.. Ana  Fai and this is  Madiyah. Nice to meet you
I smiled at how fragile she was which made her blush. I felt like I was going crazy, that my mind was playing foolish games with me.
Umm... The hot bath is ready, the maids prepared everything, and your breakfast will be served whenever you want it to be served. And this is Fai’s house. Feel free to do whatever you want!
I cleared my throat; I was trying to think of something appropriate. I don’t want to leave, I want to stay here staring at your beauty. 
I really don’t know how to thank you... Umm... yea I’ll go and have a bath. Where will you be?
We’re not going anywhere, when you’re done the maids will show you this place.
I felt stupid. I got up and headed to the bathroom which was even more stricking than the room itself! I had a bath; a very relaxing long bath. The TV was switched on to a sports channel. I got out of the bath and found everything prepared the clothes, underwear and the towels. Maybe this is Heaven... I got out of the toilet and walked towards the room, found several bottles of untouched new perfumes and got one out of the box and sprayed it all over myself. Two of the female workers escorted me to the dining room, where the two angels sat facing me.
Sir... Sir.. SIR
Oh, I’m sorry...
You finished.
Finished what?
Your blood test! Your results will be out in a day or so, can I have your number to contact you?
Oh ummm..
Here’s ma numba, if der’s anyfin call me.
A tall African-British man was with me. Perhaps he’s Madiyah or Fai’s bodyguard. I walked with him to the car and  got in. After half an hour I arrived to a place surrounded by buildings and the sea. It was just like Europe, people walking with their dogs and some Arabs here and there. My door opened, and the same African-British man escorted me to an apartment, I entered a huge living room; very modern, I had the view of the whole place; the sea, the buildings and the streets. I walked towards the window and found a black box on the table. I found a note inside the box written in pink ink in perfect handwriting.
This is your phone from now on, please use it, and feel free to do whatever you want. There’s a car parked in the valet parking, give them your name.
Enjoy; Mady. Xoxo  
I switched on my phone. It had all the numbers stored in of the people I needed to contact for anything that wasn't available except Madiyah and Fai’s numbers. I walked to my room then entered the changing room and found everything I possibly needed, what I had was enough for a whole year! Clothes, shoes, underwear, and for some kind of reason bags... Everything. I found a laptop on the bed. I walked back to the living room and wanted to discover this place even more. I went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and everything was inside. There was another note.
The fridge will be renewed every day, if you run out of something just contact the people on your phone.
Enjoy!! Xoxo Mady.
Firstly I was confused by who to contact for there were several numbers. Oh well, whatever. I walked back to my room, had a shower and went to bed.

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