Monday, 24 October 2011

Chapter 5

Fai, Fai... Yalla wake up. Uff! I’ll end up exercising on my own. YOU’RE ALWAYS LATE YALLA!!
Ok OK!! UFF, I DIDN’T SLEEP LASTNIGHT L Can we NOT exercise today?
You know what... I’ll exercise on my own from now on. If you need me call me, I'm going home. Madiyah stormed out of the room angry at her friend for being so lazy.. She got in her car and headed back to her mansion. The large golden gates opened welcoming her back home. She parked her car beside the house entrance and ran back to her room on the second floor. She went to her changing room, wore a polo shirt with horse riding pants and boots, wore her sunglasses, took extra clothes with her and ran downstairs to the garage. She got into her other car and drove off to the ‘Mzra3a’ in 5waneej, she called her mother and told her that she’s going to the Mzra3a- horse riding and perhaps a polo match with the boys if they were there, and drove off. She drove to Starbucks first and got her a cup of Caramel Macchiato then drove to 5waneej listening to a remix of Arabic and English music.
Back at Fai's
Fai ran to her closet, got her clothes then had a long hot shower. She took the lift to the ground floor and went to check on him.
She lightly knocked on the open door then entered. The maid tapped her twice on her back which made her jump.
He’s still sleeping Ma’am.
Oh ok.
She felt stupid for what she did; she went back to her room and called Madiyah.
Calling Mady
9aba7 el 5air!
9aba7 el noor...
What’s wrong?
3ala shoo?
For not waking up..?
HAHAHAHA! Babeeeee it’s alright! It’s not your fault if you couldn’t sleep. W I’m fl Mzra3a if you want to join, tawny da5la. I need to check if anyone is here... Ummmmm............. Yeah my brothers are here!
Oooooooooh 9a7... Listen, once I’m done with the horse riding and all that I’ll come over. What do you think?
Yeah sure!
Fai walked outside, got into her club car and started driving around the house, listening to her iPod, she drove to the beach and parked her caddy on the concrete pavement beside the beach. She sat on the sand staring at the beach, it was so relaxing. The view was breathtaking, everything was just so right; the weather was cold and the cold breeze made her shiver. She paused her iPod. She hugged her knees and closed her eyes and drifted away with the sound of the waves crashing.... She felt something warm cover her body, she slowly lifted her head.. He was there sitting beside her, he covered her with his jacket, sitting beside her. Hugging her.
What are you doing?! She was shocked by his behaviour. He was hugging her. She stood up, returned the jacket to its owner and ran towards her caddy.
Wait! I was trying to help! He ran towards her caddy, got in and sat beside her. What is wrong with you? Did I do something wrong?
Uhhh... umm... N.. No..
I won’t eat u I swear! I don’t bite!
She ignored him driving at full speed. They arrived at the front entrance in no time! She ran to her room and felt like changing her clothes for some kind of reason.  
Incoming Call Mady
Fai! Listen, I’m sending the driver NOW to pick him up... They’re going to give him a passport and I'm not sure if he should get  an international license, what do you think? 
No, there's no need.
His flight is on Sunday. That’s it. Give me 1 hour w bakoon 3ndich.
Inshallah. See you!
She headed downstairs to see him.
Let’s walk outside together; I need to talk to you.
He grabbed her hand and walked with her outside, she didn’t know how to react so she stayed quiet. It was like he was hypnotizing her, she couldn’t fight back instead she made him play with her more and more.
He stopped walking and faced her. Esmy.. 7amad AlX. He said; he sounded misplaced.
A familiar car entered the house.
Oh, I forgot to tell you. The driver is coming to pick you up... She faced the other direction and that’s how she broke the tension.
Why? Are you coming with me?
I’m sorry. But Madiyah called her driver to take you somewhere. They’re going to give you a passport... You have to go.. NOW. I don’t know how she did it, but you should thank her later.
They walked towards the car in silence. He got in and left. She entered the house. 
Madiyah was on her way to Fai's until she decided to drive to Wafi City and buy her friend a treat from Marks&Spencer’s goodies, she bought everything she wanted / needed and felt like buying. Then she walked towards Starbucks and got herself a drink and a drink for her friend and for him. She took the order and walked towards Wafi Gourmet; for Lebanese. After buying all the snacks she got into her car that was parked at the main entrance and whizzed to her mansion. She went in her room, had a shower, changed her clothes and drove to Fai's which was 10 minutes away.
Good evening Miss Madiyah. Can I help you?
One of the house workers greeted her. 
Yes, get the bags from my car, and here are the keys let the driver park my car please and get my keys and the bags to Fai’s room. That’s all thank you.
No problem.
She called Fai telling her that she was in her mansion and that she got her friend some snacks. They sat in the living room on the second floor.
Agool Mady... When will he come back?
Umm... Well it takes a long time, but I gave him the fast pass. He went to get himself a new passport, international license and a full medical check-up. I have no idea why he’s getting the license, I just felt like doing it?
Oh... Yeah I was wondering why he would need licenses. But anyway you did a great job *high5*
She high5’ed her back and they giggled remembering their teenage years when they used to do all sorts of naughty stuff. They spent most of the time playing Singstar together while ‘7amad’ was alone worried.



  1. What I really noticed is your taste in clothes! It's AMAZING!!! But I do love the story too , ur a good writter , keep it up

  2. Anonymous: glad you like it :D thank you! x