Thursday, 27 October 2011

Chapter 8

Am I missing something?
Fai pushed him away. Madiyah walked closer to them; she slapped him hard.
What were you thinking? I TRUSTED you! And this is what you DO behind MY BACK IN MY APARTMENT? E7TRAMNAK, W SAWAINALIK..  I respected you and made you my guest of honour and this what you do? MA9ADAGT 3ALA ALLAH?! 9dg innik w95 w jleel el 7ya! I was such a fool to save a bastard that’s like you. Your flight is tomorrow morning. You better start packing.
Madiyah threw 7amad’s passport at him and stormed out of the room and dragged Fai with her
Let me explain. PLEASE!!
Fai now is not the right time to explain things. I have nothing to do with you. You’re old enough to take care of your own responsibilities; I’m not taking care of this.. Do you have ANY idea what you just did?!! How on earth did you possibly think that this was going to be alright! FAI wake up!
Madiyah got into her car and left the mess behind. She called the driver to pick Fai up and take her back to her house. She knew in the end she couldn’t leave her friend no matter what, but it was best to leave her alone for a bit to know that what she has done is wrong.
My Bestfriend.. How could she have possibly done that to ME! I was fooled by an asshole... I stand strong, this is just the beginning. Fai is the last person in this world who could possibly do that! Maybe he forced her... Maybe that is why she wanted to explain what happened. But I don't want her to explain now; not today...
She needed a break; from her life, from this world perhaps.
She called the maids to prepare her a hot bubble bath and drove back to her mansion, ran into her room, locked the door behind her and stared at her reflection... She free-ed her long jet black ponytail, removed her clothes and opened the tap.. She washed her face removing the liquid eyeliner she applied earlier; she walked towards the tub, slowly getting in the hot water. She switched on the music to classic. She felt relaxed... It all came back to her; what happened today.
I entered the apartment; I walked to the living room and saw them. 7amad was on the sofa over Fai, kissing her... I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was too shocked to speak; my Starbucks that was placed beside my lips was all over the floor. I felt my legs shaking; I walked towards them gaining my strength, I was about to explode... I  slapped him for being an asshole, a jerk and for me to trust him all along. It had only been three days and this is what has happened. I stared at them; making Fai feel ashamed of what she has committed; yes it is a crime. And him, making him feel what he did was wrong. A sin.
Fai was more than ashamed of what she has done; she knew that it wasn’t her fault. She called Madiyah several times waiting for her to pick up or at least answer her messages but there was no hope...


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