Saturday, 29 October 2011

Chapter 9

Weeks have passed, but there was no sign of Madiyah. Fai did not hear anything about her friend. It seemed more like a century Fai thus decides to call Madiyah once more.
Calling Mady
I’m sorry..
Come over babe, I’m free now.
She hung up and ran towards her closet, she knew that she was going to spend the night over at her BFF’s house, she threw her clothes and pjs into a large bag, slipped her feet inside a pair of ankle boots, got in a jumpsuit and wore an oversized cashmere poncho. She ran towards the lift; got in and pressed B heading to the garage, the doors opened, she ran towards her car. She drove towards Madiyah’s mansion which took her less than 10 minutes at 120 mph. The mansion’s gates opened to her leading her to a long path to the mansion which seemed like a kingdom. She got out of her car handing the keys to one of the men standing beside the entrance; she took her bag and entered the house. She went to Madiyah's part of the house, entered the living room and knocked on the door then entered.
She ran towards her friend hugging her, unexpectedly Madiyah hugged her back, welcoming her.
Don’t worry, I understand
She kept on stroking her hair, reassuring her that everything was under control and everything is going to be alright; after all 7amad is in G6ar. Fai felt her hot ashamed tears streaming down her face; she did not know how to thank her. Madiyah locked her room and walked towards her friend, handing her a bottle of water trying to calm her down.
Mady, walla ma3arf kaif agoolich.. I did not know what happened! I mean one second I was sitting in the living room in the apartment the next second he was over me kissing and touching. I did not know how to react! Walla...
We walked towards the apartment holding hands; people stared at us as if we were couples or newlyweds. He would stare at me every couple of minutes and smile then press on my hand a bit harder, making me feel more comfortable around him. We entered the apartment and I sat down on the sofa in the living room, he sat beside me and started talking about all kinds of things; from his childhood and family to university and hobbies. I felt like he was opening up to me but I didn’t know why. Then there was this moment of silence, I stared into his eyes, they were magical and attractively seducing. I couldn’t look into his eyes anymore; I felt my cheeks becoming hotter and turned my gaze towards the view of the sea. His warm fingertips reached for my chin and slowly turned my head towards his, my heart was pounding faster and faster, I was scared. He came closer and closer and I closed my eyes and tried moving my head towards the other side, but I failed. I felt his weight over my body; I was lying down helplessly on the couch. He slowly pressed his lips on mine, then it became more and more; he crushed his lips passionately to mine. I tried to breathe, I tried to escape but he forced me. I felt his breath brushing my neck sending shivers down my spine. Then suddenly...
Am I missing something?
He got up, and that is when I was slapped back to reality. She saved my life, my honour, my reputation. But what she didn’t save was our friendship, she left the place with her Starbucks all over the floor, I tried to explain but I couldn’t... I felt the world crashing down.
I’m *sob* really sorry... I didn’t know..
Shhhh... It’s ok. I’ll call Emily to make for us some hot chocolate and get us some food.
Madiyah felt guilty for leaving her friend behind. She called Emily and told her to get some hot chocolate, coffee and other beverages and snacks. Madiyah walked back to her BFF and hugged her, calming her down.
It was a loooooooooooong night, with mixed emotions... But does Madiyah know the truth? Or did she already find it out by herself...?
Back in G6ar.
7amad went back to his parents while the funeral was on, a funeral of an unburied body that is not yet found. He waited for everyone to leave so he could enter the house. At around 1 AM 7amad made a move, he entered the house, he missed the feeling of having his family around, and it has been more than a year now since he spent his time in London then the accident happened which made everything worse.
He walked towards her. She couldn’t believe what she was actually seeing. She kept on repeating some prayers while here tears were streaming down her face. He kissed her head.
 And by that one simple sentence she broke down in tears, hugging him and kissing him. She thanked God for getting her son back, she called the whole family telling them that her son was not dead, she knew that her feelings were telling her the truth but the people around her thought that that was the start of her becoming insane... He wiped his mothers tears.
Look at me, I’m here, nothing is wrong with me. Look I’m fine!
And that made her cry even more. The tears of joy, her beloved son is back. The whole family reunited celebrating the return of 7amad; the day showed a huge comparison of mixed emotions. He had been in the front headlines of various newspapers and labelled as “7amad; the miracle boy”
After months of keeping a secret, he felt the urge to go to his mother and tell her everything. He was sitting in the living room waiting for the whole family to have lunch at their house. He decided to call his mother and tell her that he wanted to talk to her about something very important. Minutes later she came downstairs and sat beside him on the sofa.
Ummy, I think it is time for me to move to the next step in life.
What do you mean son?
Mom.. Someone saved me... I was going to die if it wasn’t for these two.
Who are they...?
And by that he told her everything, from the start till the end but ignored the part of him being alone with Fai in the apartment. His mother was surprised by what she heard, it was unexpected for two young ladies to be able to take care of him. The most bizarre thing was the fact that a girl saved him! He did not mention their names; there was a reason behind it.


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