Monday, 26 March 2012

Chapter 46: Finale

And finally Madiyah graduated. After the graduation party, Madiyah went back home and got dressed. Her parents threw a surprise party at their yacht. Before she got out of the car she checked her make up one more time, she stared at her dark red lips and smiled, hoping that today she would steal someone’s heart.

She had planned everything out and once the surprise was over and everyone came to congratulate her, she stood there waiting for that particular person. But he didn’t show up. She had asked about him, but they all didn’t know where he was. Although she noticed how 3abdl3aziz was getting a little attached to her now that they were spending a lot of time together, she couldn’t stop thinking of him. She could imagine every second with him. Before the yacht set off to take them on a tour around, he walked in. She noticed how her classmates were slowly turning their necks towards him, some of them were bulging- their eyes were literally about to pop out-. He walked in with a girl, a girl who wore a short dress and had her hair down. It was tremendously unexpected. He walked towards her; 3abdl3aziz wrapped his arm around her waist and whispered in her ears Are you ready?

She knew she had to act along, so she smiled and whispered back which made him laugh out loud. He stared at the way 3abdl3aziz was so close to her, and how she looked at him. He smiled, jealous.

Madiyah, mabrook. He came closer and kissed her cheek. I would like you to meet this dazzling young lady Moza.


Thank you, it’s nice to meet you.

She smiled; she looked young, no more than 17. She was pretty.

The yacht took off and everything was perfect. They stopped to some spot in the middle of the sea, staring at JBR at night, the view was breathtaking, and the music was romantic. She walked towards 3abdl3aziz coming closer and closer leaving a small gap between them. She slowly wrapped her arms behind his neck locking the position, their nose touched. They swayed together. The lights were dimmed. She watched him in the corner of her eyes, the way he watched her move.

You’re beautiful. She bit her lower lip and shyly and stared at the floor. He whispered in her ear, which made her blush. He sat there, staring at how they were together. Cursing the day he travelled back and left her.

The fireworks blew up in the dark clear sky, the colors shining reflecting on the waves. 5leefh stood beside her and stared at her and she watched the fireworks blow up. She tilted her head just a bit, looked at his astounding beauty and smiled.  3abdl3aziz held her hand and kissed her cheek. She stood in the middle of two who loved her so much, but one won the challenge and got her and the other one won her heart, it was an ongoing battle.

Once the fireworks were over everyone had dinner then Madiyah cut her cake.  5leefh went up to her and asked her if she could dance with him. She agreed.

Madiyah… he whispered, and looked right into her eyes, confessing.

I’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done to me. She smiled, and placed her head on his chest. She heard his heart beat faster.

I’m so glad you accepted.

Accepted what?

Don’t act like I never told you.

Don’t be ridiculous, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

When I look at you I see the love of my life, the one that I know and always knew that one day I’ll call you my wife. I am in love with a beautiful girl who stole my heart and trust me I can’t tell you how I felt when I first realized that there is hope, hope in which she could be mine. And that beautiful girl is you.

 I’m what…….. She stopped dancing and stood still, he held her hands.

You’re my wife. You Madiyah AlX is the wife of 5leefh AlX. As simple as that. I knew you’d never open the envelope, I knew you’d never let go of the heartbroken necklace that’s hanging on your neck right now. He got out the other heart and stuck them together. I know that forever and ever you will always be mine and I will be yours. Couldn’t you see? Everyone was confusing you but you stood strong and still and made your own decision, 3abdl3aziz was confusing you and convincing you that he was your husband all along. The instant I set foot on the airplane I told my parents that I want you, and they agreed. Your mother all along was confusing you too; she said you were taken and you are, you’re mine and I am yours. Nothing can break us apart.
I’m confused. So you’re telling me that 3abdl3aziz was acting like my husband for the past week? And everyone knew the plan except me?
That’s right.
She couldn’t believe what’s happening. She pinched herself wishing it was all a dream, but it wasn’t.
What about Lamya's party? Why were they congratulating me? And why did you act so cold? And who’s Moza?
Because one of the ladies at the party thought that 3abdl3aziz was me and you left, you didn't give me a chance to tell you and explain to you what was going on. Right after you walked out my mother and your mother said that I was your husband and not 3abdl3aziz. Moza is my cousin. She wanted to see you since she never got the chance to meet you in the engagement party.
He kneeled down on one knee and got out a box, and opened it. It was a wedding band set with brilliant-cut diamonds. I love you. She placed her hand on her heart, astonished! He placed the ring on her ring finger and the rings looked like a united set.
I love you too. She hugged him tightly. 

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chapter 45

Mom… Should I go for nude lipstick or something vivid, like dark red or bright red?

Definitely nude.

Ok. I’m done.

My hair was tied up in a high Korean bun, I applied eyeliner and lipstick. I quickly wore my diamond chandelier earrings and left the broken hearted necklace where it was. We got into the car and drove off.

Surprisingly it was a mini party; just the ones that visited us during the polo match in London were the ones that attended, and some from familiar people from Kuwait. I sat with Lamya for a few minutes then walked by the men’s area to say hello to the rest.

Madiyah!! You look stunning darling. 3abdl3aziz came closer and kissed my cheeks. I blushed. He held my hand and we walked out together. I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with him being so close to me… But could it be? Is 3abdl3aziz… my husband? No… That’s impossible. But the way he treated me was somehow unusual.
And right there, he stood out amongst the crowd. His presence made my heart flutter, as I got closer to him I could feel my hands getting hotter and sweaty, 3abdl3aziz tightened his grip.

Essalam 3alaikm…

W3laikm essalam Madiyah, sh7alich?

I smiled. It was crystal clear that I was still attached to him. Words could no longer express the way I felt towards him, I couldn’t reply on a simple answer. I thank god that 3abdl3aziz felt how awkward it had got between the two, I just stood there....

Take me out. I whispered to his ears, I tightened his grip for support. We were on our way out to the garden until someone out of nowhere congratulated us.

Mabrook!!! Mabrook. Mashallah 3alaikm, etjaninoon ma3a ba3a’9!

It felt like a bullet just hit my heart and I’m still standing, I’m dying from the inside. My eyes widened, I could feel my tears rising making the whole view blurry. I looked down at that giant rock on my ring finger, I felt like throwing it away if I knew it was 3abdl3aziz. The women gathered up and kept on congratulating the two of us. I was suffocating; I could no longer handle all of the information that my brain was in taking.

I walked away, out of the blue, suddenly. 3abdl3aziz followed me.

Madiyah.. He called out, softly. Talk to me.

He stood behind me, waiting for me to open up to him, but somehow it felt so wrong.

Take me home… Please. I was still in shock, but I could feel the tears falling.

Mabrook. I looked at my hand, 3abdl3aziz was still holding it. I looked back and just stared at him, my facial expressions were numb, my tears had already fallen, and I closed my eyes and walked away.

3abdl3aziz got in the car and let the driver take us back to my house. My head was slowly spinning, my hands were trembling, why did I end up like this? My life is screwed up. I fell for the wrong guy, at the wrong time, but my heart yearns for him, it aches whenever I see him or whenever someone mentions his name. I have gotten over A7mad, quickly. I closed my eyes, everything was slowly breaking down, and everything seemed to make more sense. 3abl3aziz walked me in and waited for me to calm down. My body crashed down on the sofa and he sat beside me, he left a decent distance.

What is happening?

He stayed quiet, unsure if he’s supposed to answer my question or not.

3abd3aziz… My voice was filled with pain.


I cried. He hugged me. I cried even more. I can’t live a life with someone who loves me but I don’t love him back, 3abdl3aziz is like a brother and no more than that. He cupped my face and wiped my tears, he looked into my eyes.

Do you want this to continue?

I couldn’t reply. He kissed my forehead and walked towards the door about to leave. I was too scared. I didn’t want him to leave. I want to clear things up.

Wait.. He stopped. I’m sorry. He turned around and smiled, then left me… all alone.

Where did I go wrong? What have I done?


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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Chapter 44


I got out of my bed, and walked straight towards my closet, got out the first dress and had a shower. For some kind of reason I couldn’t stop laughing at my lame plan. I stared at the ring… Who are you? Why did my parents accept?

I got out of the room and walked in the living room, my hair wet.

Madiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyah! Man9oor hugged me tightly. That explains all the weird noises and Elmo. I had breakfast with him. I walked back to my room and blow dried my hair.

So tell me Madiyah, are you happy that you are finally getting married?

To a stranger? I laughed. He gave me a weird look.

Mady are you sure you’re fine?

Yes darling, I am perfectly fine.

Ohh… I see, you don’t know who you’re getting married to. You caused a lot of trouble last night. So as a punishment I won’t tell you who you’re getting married to.

I smiled. I spent the rest of the day with Man9oor and my mother whom I saw later on during the afternoon. I was informed that Lamya was having a party tomorrow at her house and I was invited with the rest of my siblings and parents.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Chapter 43


I had signed the book and my tears made their way down the paper blurring out some of the handwritten things. I wasn’t bothered to read who my husband was but his father’s name was just like my uncles and it was the only thing that caught my attention. Who could it possibly be? One thing I know for sure is: it is impossible that I am getting married to either 3abdl3aziz or Fahad. It is possible, a slight chance that my parents would accept… and a slow wave washed my mind filled with thoughts. My makeup artist had finished in no time and I was about to get down, I never wanted this day to come and I had “unintentionally” planned something out; the most ridiculous thing but I did it for the fun of it; nothing has entered my mouth since yesterday morning, and I only had a  small bottle of water this morning then I drove to the farmhouse just to free myself from the stress (went horse riding), and came back home; had my hair done, nails done, make up and wore my dress.

The journey from my room to the stairs was hell, my head spinning slowly, my knees shaking and I struggled to walk in my heels, my whole body shivering, my heartbeat was slow and loud, the background music would fade in then fade out and I could feel the strong beats crashing my chest and then hitting my heart. I couldn’t breathe much. I went down the stairs once; twice and I nearly fell. My mother and aunts had helped me, before I reached the bottom of the stairs I failed miserably to hold myself; I was about to crash down in tears. I was shaking in fear. They tried to calm me down, the maids rushed in with a tray of beverages, water and food. My mother cried, seeing me in this terrible situation.

After drinking the bottle of water, I felt fresher than before and a bit stronger. I inhaled deeply and made my way towards the car which was to take me to the beach (in my house) where my engagement party was to take place.

My parents had arranged a dream, not an engagement party. They had built a gazebo that was floating on the water in the sea. I walked the long path that had roses hanging on the arches; the arches were beautiful; the hard Italian work showed clearly through the marble and carvings. There were candles on the side that led the way towards the chair where I was to sit with my ‘husband’. My body could no longer stand the cold wind or my weight, before I reached the gazebo the last thing I heard was a scream. And that was when my plan had worked: I fainted.