Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chapter 45

Mom… Should I go for nude lipstick or something vivid, like dark red or bright red?

Definitely nude.

Ok. I’m done.

My hair was tied up in a high Korean bun, I applied eyeliner and lipstick. I quickly wore my diamond chandelier earrings and left the broken hearted necklace where it was. We got into the car and drove off.

Surprisingly it was a mini party; just the ones that visited us during the polo match in London were the ones that attended, and some from familiar people from Kuwait. I sat with Lamya for a few minutes then walked by the men’s area to say hello to the rest.

Madiyah!! You look stunning darling. 3abdl3aziz came closer and kissed my cheeks. I blushed. He held my hand and we walked out together. I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with him being so close to me… But could it be? Is 3abdl3aziz… my husband? No… That’s impossible. But the way he treated me was somehow unusual.
And right there, he stood out amongst the crowd. His presence made my heart flutter, as I got closer to him I could feel my hands getting hotter and sweaty, 3abdl3aziz tightened his grip.

Essalam 3alaikm…

W3laikm essalam Madiyah, sh7alich?

I smiled. It was crystal clear that I was still attached to him. Words could no longer express the way I felt towards him, I couldn’t reply on a simple answer. I thank god that 3abdl3aziz felt how awkward it had got between the two, I just stood there....

Take me out. I whispered to his ears, I tightened his grip for support. We were on our way out to the garden until someone out of nowhere congratulated us.

Mabrook!!! Mabrook. Mashallah 3alaikm, etjaninoon ma3a ba3a’9!

It felt like a bullet just hit my heart and I’m still standing, I’m dying from the inside. My eyes widened, I could feel my tears rising making the whole view blurry. I looked down at that giant rock on my ring finger, I felt like throwing it away if I knew it was 3abdl3aziz. The women gathered up and kept on congratulating the two of us. I was suffocating; I could no longer handle all of the information that my brain was in taking.

I walked away, out of the blue, suddenly. 3abdl3aziz followed me.

Madiyah.. He called out, softly. Talk to me.

He stood behind me, waiting for me to open up to him, but somehow it felt so wrong.

Take me home… Please. I was still in shock, but I could feel the tears falling.

Mabrook. I looked at my hand, 3abdl3aziz was still holding it. I looked back and just stared at him, my facial expressions were numb, my tears had already fallen, and I closed my eyes and walked away.

3abdl3aziz got in the car and let the driver take us back to my house. My head was slowly spinning, my hands were trembling, why did I end up like this? My life is screwed up. I fell for the wrong guy, at the wrong time, but my heart yearns for him, it aches whenever I see him or whenever someone mentions his name. I have gotten over A7mad, quickly. I closed my eyes, everything was slowly breaking down, and everything seemed to make more sense. 3abl3aziz walked me in and waited for me to calm down. My body crashed down on the sofa and he sat beside me, he left a decent distance.

What is happening?

He stayed quiet, unsure if he’s supposed to answer my question or not.

3abd3aziz… My voice was filled with pain.


I cried. He hugged me. I cried even more. I can’t live a life with someone who loves me but I don’t love him back, 3abdl3aziz is like a brother and no more than that. He cupped my face and wiped my tears, he looked into my eyes.

Do you want this to continue?

I couldn’t reply. He kissed my forehead and walked towards the door about to leave. I was too scared. I didn’t want him to leave. I want to clear things up.

Wait.. He stopped. I’m sorry. He turned around and smiled, then left me… all alone.

Where did I go wrong? What have I done?


To the most amazing readers out there- followers and silent readers-, would you like to read the good news or the bad news first? We prefer the bad one first....
So this story is coming to an end < that's our surprise & bad news BUT the good news is our new story is already dressed up and polished and is ready to walk out the door and show the world what it's made of.


  1. Oh unexpected...
    Cant wait for the next story...
    and please happy endings


  2. its things that come via surprise are the ones that make us happy :')

    I LOVED IT!!!

    Princess R - ana eli afdaaach ya galbi! if it wasnt for your support and reading my stories thruout these years i wouldnt of came back with a new story. your love, support and appreciation wa9el min zman wherever you are. im blessed to have such loyal loving fans. xoxox.

    Lady M - the way your words flow t5ali l wa7id y7is ena ma3a el characters hiding behind a curtain/pillar watching the events <3 i loved how you twisted the tale and gave the readers an unexpected turn :D great job and i loved it !

    hugs, love, and kisses to both of you :*:*

    1. We're SO glad you love it <3!!!
      Princess R: "I will always be and forever be ur fan. I hope you start publishing books soon. And plz don't ever stop writing coz ur truly talented"
      Thank you!! That's SOOOO sweet of you <3

      Lots of kisses from us both <3

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NO NO NOOOOOO:((((((((((( J* Is NOT happy <//////3 I wanted 5leefh to marry her.... The most unexpected post ever.. . . . .. . . .. 3abdl3aziz go find someone else. Madiyah was made for 5leefh.


    1. Ahahahahaha!! We love your reaction! That last sentence just proves how annoyed you are :P

  4. Amaaaazing stooory!! Pls post ASAP!! I love your style of writing, it's different (a good different).

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  5. Thank you so much darling <3!!

  6. Please post soon =(
    I'm in love with your story & can't wait to find whats happening next <3
    Post Soon Plz ;*