Sunday, 11 March 2012

Chapter 44


I got out of my bed, and walked straight towards my closet, got out the first dress and had a shower. For some kind of reason I couldn’t stop laughing at my lame plan. I stared at the ring… Who are you? Why did my parents accept?

I got out of the room and walked in the living room, my hair wet.

Madiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyah! Man9oor hugged me tightly. That explains all the weird noises and Elmo. I had breakfast with him. I walked back to my room and blow dried my hair.

So tell me Madiyah, are you happy that you are finally getting married?

To a stranger? I laughed. He gave me a weird look.

Mady are you sure you’re fine?

Yes darling, I am perfectly fine.

Ohh… I see, you don’t know who you’re getting married to. You caused a lot of trouble last night. So as a punishment I won’t tell you who you’re getting married to.

I smiled. I spent the rest of the day with Man9oor and my mother whom I saw later on during the afternoon. I was informed that Lamya was having a party tomorrow at her house and I was invited with the rest of my siblings and parents.

Our beloved readers, we have some news- to be informed in our upcoming posts!
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  1. FIRST..
    what a short post :(
    we are waiting for the next post ..
    post asap..
    keep it up.

  2. Very short post
    And cant wait but im a little bit confused

  3. Ms and Hs: Yes there's a reason why the post is very short. We're sorry for making you sad :(, but the upcoming post will be long x

    -H: We're sorry for the confusion, can you specify the exact point so we can explain it to you?

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!! 7ABEEBY MAN9OOR, msawy jaw <3


  5. losing my patience i want to know who is she getting married to

  6. I just read through all your story..all 44 posts in 4 hours!

    mashallah you two are very talented and you have an imagination that shines through every word transferring the reader to the events of the story line. A job well done girls but you should write longer posts :p lakin in general very well written :*:*