Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Chapter 7

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Mady! He’s still not here.
I know! You told me you didn’t want him to live in your house so I took him to the apartment in JBR. And don’t worry he's safe there.  
Awaih.. goolyy walla.
Walla.. Laish is there something wrong?
No.. Disappointed by the news.
You can visit him whenever you want! I took good care of the situation.
Hmmm... I’ll go to him tomorrow.
Why was Fai disappointed? Could it be? Isn't it too soon... The day had come to an end, Madiyah had spent the day & night over at Fai's.
The next morning Madiyah woke up a 6, drove back to her house, did her daily exercise. At 12PM sharp she was at Fai's.
^^ Madiyah                                       Fai>>
They arrived at JBR, Madiyah stared at her reflection one more time reassuring everything was in the right place, she then stepped out of her car handing her car key to a Pilipino man and giving him extra credit for being fast. They entered the apartment and found him asleep, so they decided to wait for him till he wakes up and have brunch with him. Madiyah tiptoed to his changing room and got his neatly ironed clothes out.
At 3 PM he woke up, he was still half-asleep. He got out of his bed and headed to the bathroom, shaved then had a shower, went to the changing room and found his clothes prepared. He walked towards his living room and found the two Ladies sitting beside each other, they were talking.
Good morning Ladies. Interrupting their conversation
It’s 3.
Oh. Sorry to keep you waiting. What time did you come?
Umm.. We were here at 12.
We’re having brunch together.
Perfect timing, I’m SO hungry!
They walked downstairs together and headed to one of the restaurants. They enjoyed the meal together, laughing and fooling around. Until ‘7amad’ spoke.
Look... I told Fai earlier that my name is 7amad AlX, and I’m from G6ar as you both know. The day before I arrived here... I mean... The day the accident happened was...
I came back from London and drove to my parent’s house. They weren’t there. I asked the maids if they knew where they went and their answer was... “Mama baba fee rooh dakil bahar... Aa, hada big boat.” So I ran upstairs to my room, got out a bag and put in clothes enough for a week. I ran downstairs extremely excited to see them and got into my car. I drove to the marina, parked my car and took the sport fishing boat, wore my lifejacket, I called my mother; asked her if she was at home or out and she told me that she was with the whole family in the yacht. They told me that it’s too late and that they’re coming back – she didn’t know that I was back- but I didn’t want to interrupt their happiness so instead I drove to them, I couldn’t see them. I drove for hours trying to find a Yacht, but I couldn’t, there was no signal / no coverage so I couldn’t call. And it was getting darker, I thought I saw a yacht and sped there, the waves were forceful, and it started raining. I was heading back, then something happened, I was pushed by a strong wave, I felt something hard on my head, and I was being sucked slowly, deeper and deeper and deeper, I tried to reach the surface, but the pressure was high and the weather was horrible.
And that is how I’m here. I don’t really like Dubai because... Several years ago, like 2 or 3, I was heading to London- to study there. And I asked my mother if I can get married, she was very happy, she started celebrating and was looking for the ‘perfect girl’. And she found one, her parents are G6ries living in Dubai, I proposed... She asked if she could see me, you know elna’9ra el shar3eeyh thing, and I accepted. I travelled from London to Dubai to ‘see’ her. She turned out to be a snob, “Waaa3, ana a5ith wa7d sharatik?” was what she told me, for some kind of reason, maybe she wanted an Emirati?.. and well... She made me hate people from Dubai because I thought they were like her... Snobs... Until I met you two charming young ladies.
He held their hands smiling, Madiyah quickly pulled her hand away and stood up.
Well.. I’m paying today. And umm... Why don’t you two walk back to the apartment while I go and get you guys a drink.
La walla? I’m paying.
Fai, go.. I’m paying
Please! I’m paying. Sounding manly yet stupid.
No seriously.. I’m paying. Now go.
Fai and 7amad walked together towards the apartment which was 30 minutes away. 7amad grabbed Fai’s hand and walked closer to her, he didn’t notice that, while Fai’s heart rate increases causing more blood to be pumped which made her cheeks turn red, she was scared to hurt his feeling for he had had enough in the past. They got in the apartment and sat quietly in the living room. He was sitting beside her leaving a small gap between them.
Madiyah walked along with her driver, she entered Starbucks which was crowded as usual. She stood in the queue which seemed like another 20 minutes of waiting to order. After waiting, Madiyah took her order and handed her driver the bag and sipped her warm perfectly made Caramel Macchiato, once she stepped outside heading to the apartment a stunning dress caught her eyes. She entered the shop immediately and asked the assistant to get her one of the dress on the mannequin; she tried it on and was amazed by the results on her. She bought it, and walked towards the apartment listening to her iPod and sipping her Starbucks. She entered the apartment with the most shocking, absolutely unexpected thing to happen... Her Starbucks that was once upon a time tickling her lip was now on the floor, all over the place.

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