Friday, 4 November 2011

Chapter 11

My flight was at 12:15AM. Right now I am on my way to Kuwait. This is going to be one hell of an exciting journey. I sat beside Azibo; one of the very few people my father trusts. He’s my driver and bodyguard. He’s the one that took care of the "7amad"'s stuff ;). 
After an hour and 35 minutes the plane landed in Kuwait, I was the first to get out of the plane, and was welcomed by my maids and drivers. I got in the car and headed to the nearest hotel.
What time do yo wan me to com?
Around 9? I guess??
Alright! Goodnight Miss
Thank you Azibo
I got in my suite and wasn’t bothered to change, I threw my shoes and was suddenly engulfed by the crisp white sheets, the bed had a weird bewitched spell.
I woke up from the strangest dream ever and from the annoying vibrations of my phone, I check to see who it was and discovered that I had 8 messages from Fai and 4 missed calls from Azibo... I noticed the time and it was 12 already! I ran towards the bathroom, had a shower and wrapped a towel around my body. Urgh! I hate it when I forget my clothes!! I opened the door, then ran towards my suitcases and got myself whatever was appropriate. At 2 I made a move and called Fai. It took me 20 minutes to arrive. The black-gates opened. And Azibo slowly drove towards the main entrance. I felt excited, nervous and scared because it has been such a long time since I last saw my uncle. Azibo parked the car beside the main door. I saw a group of boys driving their club cars, I smiled. I waited for someone to greet me or at least tell me where to go. Minutes later a maid welcomed me. I entered the house, walked towards the Majlis I guess and found everyone there.
السلام عليكم
I said.. I think I was a bit too loud? Salamt 3ala kl w7deh w 7abait 3amy 3ala rasseh and I sat down beside 5alty, and EVERYONE was staring at me which made me nervous..  et3araft 3laihm klhm, I think they were about 50 people or more.. w 3amy 3arafnyy 3ala his sons but one of them wasn’t there I have no idea why. After lunch some of the guests left and some stayed till after dinner. So one of my uncle’s son decided to show me around the house then he took me to my room.
Um... You’re Fahad right?
Gosh! How can you forget.
Sorry, I’m trying my best. Thank you so much for everything, you didn’t have to do all of this
Are you serious? You’re part of the family and we have to do this, family comes first.
Thank you again, Sweet dreams.
Sweet dreams to you too.
Ok, so let me introduce you to my wonderful cousins
1.       Fahad: 29 years old, tall umm.. He's soo sweet! He made me feel like I was a long lost sister.
2.       3abdl3azeez: 26. Surprisingly he’s taller than Fahad, he’s like 200 cms Mashallah and umm he seems okay, I didn’t spend much time with him.
3.       A7mad: He’s the guy that I didn’t see but his mother told me that he’s 22
4.       3abdallah: He’s sooo mysterious, he’s 17 – and is younger than me by a few months. He’s sort-of and tall thin. His hair is the best thing I have ever seen in Kuwait so far! Just like that > This guy is H i l a r i o u s. I spent most of he time with him and somehow I wasn't nervous anymore around my cousins especially 3abdallah

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