Monday, 7 November 2011

Chapter 12

My first day of university starts today. I woke up around 5. Had a shower, got dressed, applied the simplest make-up, prayed, took my handbag and headed downstairs to have breakfast with my aunt and uncle.  Azibo took me to university and my first impression of the university is.. That’s it? It’s soo small compared to the ones in Dubai! I hated the feeling I had, it was like going to school for the first time but this was different, it scared me even more. I stepped out of the car and walked in, the campus was large; it just looked small from far. This going to be a long day...
My first class went on well. It was kind of boring but I met some new people, one I liked in particular; her name is Looloo, she’s sooooo sweet! She took me to my next class which is English- I honestly felt safe around her!
-          During English class, the teacher had started off with a small introduction about himself; then he took the register, then he'd asked us all to talk about ourselves (in alphabetical order).
First day wasn’t bad, at all! I dropped Looloo to her house, and then I had lunch with the family bas without A7mad. I had dinner extra early which was around 5 then slept at 7.

At around 5:12 A.M Mady woke up, she had had enough sleep. She checked her blackberry and found a few messages from her brothers; she replied then headed to the bathroom and had a hot bubble bath.
2 hours later she got out of the warm bubble bath, wrapped a towel around her body and walked towards the changing room. There was a strange noise coming from her room. She got out of her changing room to find out what it was. 

Madiyah.... Madiyah..... Open the door. It’s me Fahad.

What is it?

Can I talk to you for a second? Just open the door!

She stuck her head out while trying to cover her body behind the door.

Goodmorning Fahad, How may I help you? She asked sarcastically.

Goodmorning to you too.. Umm.. I was just wondering if you wanted to have breakfast with me. You know, go out somewhere together.

Yes, sure why not. But I have a class at 9. Give me 10 minutes ba’3ayer w banzl 3ndk.


She got dressed, blow dried her hair as fast as she could.

Madam, Pahad wai6ing por you in da qar.

The maid knocked on the door and got in to help

Ok! Thank you!!

She wore her shoes, she tied the scarf around her neck while running downstairs. She got in his car quickly and stared at her watch.

Aaaaah! Essalam 3laikm!

W3laaiikm essalam! Shfeech?

Fahad can we pleeeeeeeeeeease do this some other time! I’m already late!

No you’re not! It’s 8:21, you’ve got time.

No Fahad I don’t. I’m really sorry... I’ll go with Azibo instead.

She got out of his car. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her back in.

Close the door. I’m taking you to university.

But Azibo is here?

I know, I’ll take you instead.

Thank you.

Fahad was talking most of the time; he told her how happy he was having a girl in the family and the fact that she’s the only female from her father’s side. He dropped her off and drove to work.

Madiyah was late for English class. She entered and apologized to the professor for being late. Since it was the first week of university; he didn't want to be harsh on his students so Madiyah's 'punishment' was to go first and introduce herself for being late. She had explained why she came to Kuwait and where she was from. A little about her family and then went back to her seat. She was interested in what the students were saying. She saw a small piece of paper fly past her, then one on her desk. Someone was throwing papers at her. She tried ignoring whoever it was, but it started annoying her.

Is there a problem? She said staring at the group of “hooligans”.


She ignored him.

 SHIFT SHOO LABSA!! A5555 3aiiinyyy, ya rayal malabis’ha etbi6 el chabd!

Oh.. I’m sorry Versace. She said with her eyes wide open, she had a silly expression on her face. Your colour combination is just perfect, it describes you. Are you by any chance advertising for some company? Perhaps Pepsi...?  You know, your red shirt and blue jeans and oh no! Let’s not forget the white belt which says it all! Seriously? Gosh! That's the most disgusting range of colours put together which sums up your disgustingly gross outfit. And I never asked for your opinion but if it really makes you unhappy I’d be glad for you to shop for me. She looked at him concerned. Picking on girls isn’t a nice thing you know. She pouted like some little brat.


               The whole class was laughing at her comment. She smiled at him and turned around feeling good of what she had done. Unexpectedly the professor laughed along too. 10 minutes later the class was dismissed. Madiyah left the classroom and walked towards the main gate. She got out her phone and called Azibo. She waited for the car to arrive. Madiyah wasn’t ashamed of what she had done and felt like it was the right thing, she walked towards the car and was about to get in when she felt someone pulling her. She could see the anger in his eyes and the hatred. She ignored him and walked back to the car, got in and locked the door. She knew boys like him are nothing but show offs; snobs and liked to pick on others.
              She had told her aunt about what had happened earlier in university.
5alty 9adgeeny ana ma sawait shay!!! Hu tam yfr 3layh awrag.. Walla matwa8a3t fee nas chee.. It's only the second day of uni...
Eeee ya bnayty. Fee waydeen. Bas la tz3leen ya 3umry, roo7i foog ‘3ayri hdoomich w ana banadi 3ammich yt’3ada ma3ana.
Mady walked slowly upstairs, she got into her room, had a shower then. She wore a dress with white shorts under it. She walked downstairs while BBMing Fai about her day in uni.

She walked into the living room and sat down beside her aunt.

Yuma Mdeeyah, bacher 3ammich emsawy 3zeema bil chalet. Shoo rayich teen wiyana?

Inshallah 5alty.

She had known that the family gathering would be huge and hundreds of people are expected to be there. She was about to go to her room and pick out her clothes for university tomorrow and for the party. But something unexpected caught her eye…

Entay shoo etsaween ehnyy!?

Essalam 3laikm. With a huge smile plastered on her face.   

Yuma a7mad! 3AIB! May9eer chee etgool 7ag bnt 3amik!

Hathy bnt 3amy?!

Eee hathy Madiyah. Essmala 3laiha. Laish et3arfoon ba3a’9?

W kaif ma a3arfa, He’s the one that threw rolled up papers on me... Its ok I understand. You don’t have to apologize. Suprise suprise I’m Madiyah bnt 3ammik. You can call me Mady. Let’s start a new page.

His expression changed, and she noticed that he was ashamed.   
Listen, I’m sorry for what happened earlier. I didn’t mean to upset you. I think I miss judged you. And I’m sorry about everything. I didn’t expect you to be like that.
Apology accepted. She smiled.
She excused herself and went back to her room. Mady smiled at the fact that A7mad was her cousin. She wasn’t proud of having a rude one but there was something about him that made her smile! It showed that he wasn’t paying much attention during the registration.
She sat on her bed for a while thinking about what she’d achieved so far. And so far so good. She discovered new things in life, for example you shouldn’t judge a person by their actions sometimes they just get carried away by the people surrounding them and they don’t mean to do the things intentionally. And soon she’d take over the business in Kuwait, and take care of problems.

Hope you enjoyed this long post. Eid mubarak to you, your family and your loved ones. x


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