Monday, 23 January 2012

Chapter 33

 Mdeeyh, Mdeeyh, wake up. That’s all I heard. I would open my eyes every now and then and I would be in different places. What’s happening? Why am I here? My eyelids felt like they weighed a ton, my whole body ached; as if someone had put the weight of the world on my shoulders, my bones ached and I’m not sure whether I’m freezing or is it the numbness taking over. I would hear whispers every now and then. Feel random aches in my body every now and then. It’s cold. It’s dark. I am alone. Again…

I’m shivering.
My body aches.
It’s dark, I am alone.
I want to open my eyes but they don’t open.
My body is not responding.
I hear a whisper.
More pain.
I try to scream. But nobody listens.
I open my eyes. They are covered with tears.
I am alone.
Where’s everyone?
I am alone…
I open my eyes. My corpse covered with red stains, blood? Everyone’s surrounding me, staring at me. I can feel the injections as they are inserted in me. The sudden stab as my blood squirts all over the white room, the white tiles and the stained white blanket are no longer white but red.. The doctor holds his scalpel and presses hard on my tummy. The blood makes its way from all sides, gushes and runs from all direction.
One. Deep. Long. Line. Red.
I scream, but nobody hears me.
Another one on my left chest. This time deeper. The process being harder and longer. I try to sit up as the blood gushes from my mouth, hot and sticky. He reaches within me and it hits me, he’s reaching for my heart. A big clamp goes in with his hand, he grabs it tightly. I grasp for air. The surgical instruments lay there in front of me covered with blood.
My heart.
My heart…. I see him reaching out and pulling it. The doctor gets the scalpel and cuts it.............


  1. . . . . . . .

    What's going on...? My heart literally stopped in the end


  2. This is sad :(

    I'm assuming she's dreaming...but I think its basically a metaphor for a heartbreak.

    1. We love how innovative you are and how you concluded the post!

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