Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Chapter 31

They walked together side by side; she leaded the way towards a gazebo that floated on the lake like pond. The place was mesmerizing more like a fairytale; they sat down quietly just staring at each other, and although it was dark Madiyah’s beauty glowed.
Sometimes she said, playing with her fingers. Sometimes I... I struggle to find the words to describe my feelings... I mean the words are all there but once I see your face they disappear leaving my mind black, only thinking about you.
His facial expression had changed completely. He dug his hand in his pocket and presented her a small box. She slowly unwrapped the box and found a small broken heart necklace brushed with diamonds, she gasped. Even at how dark it was, the diamonds did not hesitate to dance in the dark. Slowly tears started to form, she did not know what to say or what to do so her emotions spoke out for her; happiness, love, passion and fear. She feared that this relation might end up being just like the other one, but her heart said everything. She immediately wore it; he helped her with it and made sure it was locked properly so that it never falls. He came closer to her wiping her tears.
A7ibich, no matter what happens I’m going to love you forever and always, I promise. Till death do us apart. He kissed her forehead and held her hands and kissed them. A7ibich...


  1. Awww that is so sweet! Romance by the beach in a gazebo. Perfect!

  2. A555555!!! Majmal hal kalaaaam!! 7adaaa ekyooot <3
    I can actually imagine every.single.thing!! Your writing is perfect mashallah!!!


  3. khleeeeeeeefa i love youuuu so muchh (L)(L),,

    7aram 3alaich very shorttt =(
    waiting for the new post ;)


  4. To keep you guys wanting more! ;)

    Thanks Xoxo