Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chapter 35

Madiyah flew back to Dubai after 3eed, just in time to attend Lamya’s wedding. She had spent her time in London alone. Her parents knew it was best for her to have some time alone after what has happened. The shocking truth was that 5leefh’s parents had realized what happened; the relationship between him and Madiyah that he broke their trust although their relationship had boundaries and nothing physical. It was the way his parents had treated him that made everyone lose their respect to him and Madiyah. Madiyah had explained everything and that there was nothing going on between them yet they denied and knew it was best for them to be apart.
Her mother cried once she saw her only daughter exit the airplane. She had warmly welcomed her daughter; she hugged her tightly and stared at her. Madiyah had lost so much weight, and is now perhaps on the verge of anorexia. They got in the car and the driver took off. Her mother couldn’t stop crying, which made Mady cry.
Mom I’m sorry… I’m sorry for what has happened…
Her mother knew that her daughter wouldn’t exceed the limits and that she didn’t do anything wrong. But the whole idea of her loving 5leefh made her realize that was she too busy taking care of herself and careless to see what was happening to her daughter? Surely not.
As they arrived to their house her father and brothers were waiting for her outside on the main door entrance. The car had stopped and they waited for her to get out. She walked out and they were all utterly surprised from her transformation... Mady was losing herself, anorexia was surely taking over.
She had to have dinner with her family; her full plate was barely touched. Man9oor was so concerned over his only sister’s health at how skinny she has become. Her parents had told her that she will no longer need to go to Kuwait to study; they had transferred her papers to a university in Dubai.


  1. LOVELY post it is soooo sad ;( i almost cried plz post soon, and make 5aleefah go bk to madiyah's life </3 thnx for posting

  2. Mamma Mia! That wasn't our intention....

    Stay tuned to know what happens next ;)

  3. you write from Dubai??? I like this post!!! cam to visit my blog and if you like we can follow each other? (also on facebook !) Keep in touch with fashion have a wonderful day… keep in touch…

  4. Wow... So her parents somehow figured out she loved A7mad? That poor girl... she has been through a lot.


    1. Her parents didn't really work out the fact that she was in love with A7mad, but they thought that maybe it's best if she stayed away from all the drama and focused on her studies instead.

  5. i dont understand? What happened to 5leefah? Or ahmed? what happened to her?

    Please continue

    1. Nothing happened to Madiyah, it's just that her parents found out that she was in love with 5leefh and a little incident happened when Madiyah went to 5leefh's room (the kiss).
      Sorry for the confusion! We will try making it much clearer next time x

  6. Can you make things clearer, and please post ASAP, I love ur Story its one of my fav.

    happy endings plz. :*


    1. We're sorry for the confusion, we will make things clearer in our upcoming posts. Thank you dear, it means so much to us x

  7. I am back!!!!!
    garait alll your posts in what day
    in the beginning I was so happy about 5leefha bas now I miss the happy Mady!!
    may9eer chithi they belong together :'(
    I've missed you and missed your blog!!!
    plz post soon
    your number one fan from kuwait <3

    1. We're glad you're back darling x
      We miss you too!!! Hope you like the upcoming posts ;)