Thursday, 5 January 2012

Chapter 30

Team A:
Man9oor was responsible for the sauces and the drinks, such as Caesar dressing, mushroom sauce, mustard sauce, fruit dip and some kind of special spicy thai sauce with the help of the chef. The drinks were watermelon and passion fruit, orange and carrot juice, Shirley temple, lemonade and pineapple and apricot lime punch.
7amdan did the salads; Caesar salad, pasta salad, Greek salad, rocket salad and mozzarella and tomato salad. Then the soup came; cream of mushroom and broccoli soup.
Marwan: grilled some steak with the help of the chef then decided to make some pasta on his own with chicken, mushroom and sun-dried tomato quiche.
Madiyah: Once 7amdan was done, the chef and 7amdan and her worked on the desserts, white chocolate cream cups, mini baked cheesecakes, rich chocolate brownies and berry parfaits.
Team B:
Fahad and 3abdallah on the desserts and decoration and 3abdl3aziz and 5leefh on the main course and starters.
Main course: grilled chicken with corn and mashed potato on the side, seafood pasta and club sandwiches. 
Dessert: soft chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate mousse and truffle with layers of brownies, chocolate pudding and whipped topping. Some special mix of weird things 5leefh decided to do.
Drinks: Milk shake. 
Team C:
The girls did oreo shake and oreo truffles, with fudge and nutella cake. Berries with frozen yogurt, strawberry cheesecake, cupcakes and crème brûlée.
The boys were in charge of the main course; chicken, feta cheese and sun-dried tomato wraps, risotto with shrimps, Caesar salad, grilled chicken.
Team D:
The mothers went for the traditional Arabic food.
3aish wiya diyay, machboos, 9aloonat 3ooma wiya 3aish abya’9 w for dessert umm ali, lgaimat and kunafa with cheese.

Fai >>
After 5 hours of hard work, and 30 minutes of clearing up the kitchen was spotless. Everyone headed out for a shower and came back. Instead of having late lunch they decided on early dinner at 6.
It was time for the judges to try the food. They were amazed by the amount of effort put in with all the dishes. Team A won the best time management and team work they had made the most out of it! After the waiting for the results everyone was able to try the food made. Madiyah was astonished by how much Man9oor was able to achieve in 4 hours, he was glad that he discovered a new talent that he had hidden within him for so long- p.s.  He’s only 4.
Mady <<
Madiyah got a plate and tried out the different desserts on the table.
5leefh: Try this, I made it
Madiyah: Inshallah, you too try what I made
They all sat down together on the table. 5leefh faced Madiyah. She took a bite of the deliciously suspicious looking dessert that he made and felt for a moment the world had stopped, the perfectly crushed biscuit base with the berry and jam and custard burst in her mouth leaving an exquisite explosion bursting of yummy sweet and sour tastes, she closed her eyes enjoying every bit and every bite of this amazing tart. She opened her eyes and saw him laughing at her, she then noticed that a bit of custard was left beside her lip, she got her finger, scooped it then licked every last bit of it enjoying that moment. He smiled and thanked god for having someone like her in his life.
This is absolutely, over the top remarkably marvelous!
Thank you! I have something for you after dinner, mind if you join me for a walk?
The room was filled with laughter. After dinner Man9oor was too tired to sit with them in the living room and wanted to rest instead, he excused himself and left. Madiyah walked out of the room and headed outside, the rain had stopped and the tiles were wet, it was calm with the smell of the flowers and the soil invading the place, all very earth.  
What happens next? Stay tuned for the next posts!!! xo


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    El7emdellah ana mo 9ayim! The way you described that desert makes me want to try every berry and custard desert available here!!
    I hope 5leefh proposes to her <3 SUPER ROMANTIC!!


  2. Oops!
    Spelling mistakes in the previous comment- *Dessert


  3. I'm just curious... is 5leefh a real person but you changed his name in the story- is he inspired from a real person? Because honestly I believe that out there, there are men (=gentlemen) that are just like him.

    I just started reading your story, and I'm hooked. Mashallah you two are very talented! Extremely proud of you :*


  4. Amazing post
    I can't wait for the next one .. You got me all excited =P
    We want a looooong post please XD
    Keep up the great work <3


  5. Anonymous: let's just say we have a wide imagination ;) we hope we always keep you hooked <3 thank you so very much xx

    3alia: longer than this?

  6. I concur! that was some delicious writing right there! Makes me wonder if the writer is a Chef herself!!

    Keep them coming! You sure made a follower out of me ;)

  7. I also think the writer is a chef but she doesn't agree, primadonna

    Thanks sweetheart xx