Saturday, 28 January 2012

Chapter 34

She screamed out for help.
That’s when she realized it was all a dream. All a dream; correction nightmare. She switched on the lights. It’s 2:41 AM. She got up and washed her face. It has been a week now and things are getting worse. She walked down like every day and now it has become a habit.  She sat on the bed, the bed that he slept in, the bed that was bewitched by his scent; she stared at the white sheets that were welcoming her and the contrast of the mahogany wood frame of the bed. She slowly got under the cover and covered herself inhaling deeply his smell that was burning her lungs from the overdose intake of air of her inhalation; she didn’t want to let go of that smell. Her tears falling, she bit her lower lip repeating the phrase in her head “He was here…” brushing her hand over the blanket. She closed her wet eyes and slowly fell asleep, remembering him…
She woke up, confused; she had forgotten what made her sleep in his room, but then she remembered, trying her best not to cry. She got out of bed, walked to her bedroom and went back to mourning and being depressed.

The next day she woke up and did the same thing. But this time she walked towards her music room, the room her grandfather had specially built for her for her supreme talents in music and sat down on the stool which bought back memories of which when she was young and when she attended the top private school in Britain, when she had afternoon classes with her piano teacher. The teacher would always smile at how talented Little Mady was and gave her gifts every time she passed her piano exams. But what really remained in her memories was when she told her to… “Always express your feelings, you don’t always have to play so softly. Sometimes let it all out, everything. All of it; whether it’s anger, fear, joy, love.” And played examples of how the artists felt while playing one of their masterpieces. And now she sat there doing what her teacher had told her years ago, to let it all out. She played as though there was no tomorrow, pressing the keys with anger and craze yet her feelings spoke more and the sound that the piano had made, indeed she let it all out, but she remembered him the reason why she’s doing this and a rush of tears fell on the keys as she played. She stopped. She placed her head on the piano and let it all out…
 From the moment it all happened, she knew how lifeless she was without him. He was her life support; the one that offers her his love and passion and care in times of need. He was the only one that understood her well from Day 1. She knew that he was different, different than A7mad and different to any other guy in her life and perhaps in this world and it showed. She stood there helpless, half of her not knowing what to do and the other half wanting to run and find him.


  1. what happened????????????? where is he and why is this so heart breaking please post soon

  2. im confused! what happened?:(:(:(:( where is the guy?:(:( post soon please:D

  3. Im confused too! Who died? What happened? Why is she hopeless?
    Please post soon

  4. its really confusing:(? is she married? who died? why was she in the hospital? or was it a dream?
    but i still love you and your blog keep posting! xx

  5. Omg.. Laykoon 5leefh died :)...
    POST SOON!!!! :''''''''''''''(


  6. Thank you all for your comments. The upcoming posts are going to end the confusion and hopefully let you all understand what has happened.