Saturday, 31 December 2011

Chapter 29

Next morning
Mady woke up at 7 from Man9oor's constant nagging. They had breakfast together and Mady spoke about the next challenge set for each team and that Man9oor was with her. He was too excited so he got up and started jumping on his chair.
Mady laughed at his reaction and hugged him tightly.
Shoo rayik we jump in the pool? Chee at around 10?
La al7eenh!
Bas 7abeeby its 9... Don’t you think it’s abit too early?
Enzain lain ma enseer fog, w ntjahaz w entee tlbseen shay 7lo. Fakry how long will that take? 30 minutes? And then we’ll come down and 7amdan and Marwan will see us and they’ll want to join us but we are going to leave them and you are going to drive us by the club car to the pool. See I am organized.
Mashallah 3alaik. 9a7 kalamik.

Enzain ana ab’3y abadil 3ndich 3ady wila la2? Entee e5taray el shorts.
Yalla let’s go. She winked
She carried Man9oor on her back and headed upstairs. They headed to his room and got him a pair of colorful shorts and they ran to her room. She got herself a swimsuit, and a white oversized shirt then an over the knee shorts. They got dressed and walked downstairs and it all happened exactly how Man9oor had calculated, they walked downstairs with their towels in their hands only to find Marwan and 7amdan sitting together in the living room.
3ala wain?
Ana w Madiyah 8ararna ntsaba7 fl pool ele bara3.
I’m coming wait for me.
Yes me too!
Told you, now all we have to do is runaway before they come. He smiled.
Mady nodded and they headed outside, got in a club car that was parked outside in the entrance area and drove off towards to pool. They made it in no time, Mady helped Man9oor with the safety shoulder pads and just in case she blew one of the safety tubes. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm no more than 26 degrees and the pool welcomed them. Mady removed her shirt and shorts because it was just her and her brothers that were here.
I’m going to count to three and then we cannonball jump. Ok?
They had all jumped in, each and every one of them together. Marwan and 7amdan had asked one of the workers to come at 11 and remind them that they should leave and get ready for the cooking competition.
Isn’t it rude the fact that we left the guests and came here all alone?
Should I call someone and tell them to come here?
No akeed someone knows and they’ll tell them don’t worry.
What 7amdan said made sense, and after them swimming for 3 minutes Fahad and his brothers joined without A7mad. Madiyah’s naturally bronze tanned skin looked ultra gorgeous with the dark swimsuit, especially with the shorts on, it made her long thin legs look sexily model like. 3abdallah couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The way her bun was messily tied up with her bangs on the side and her fringe lazily not brushed sat on her forehead made her look overall sexy. However when you look at it on the other side all of the boys were topless. It was like a model show, where you’d compare and contrast which body was the best but here there was no best, the bodies all heavily toned and sexy some naturally tanned and some like 3abdallah who weren’t so tanned. Time flew by as they played around and splashed water and did crazy things together. The hours were washed away, it was soon 11 and the driver had come to remind them that it is time for them to change and get dressed. Madiyah got out of the pool with Man9oor and she wrapped him tightly with his towel, she wiped her body and put her towel on her hair. She drove back to the house and asked one of the maids to take Man9oor upstairs for a bath. Mady had a bath and got dressed and headed downstairs to meet with the others.

At 12
The challenge began successfully. All of the team members were present and they were all in their places. None of the teams were disorganized. The equipments and food were all set on the tables and the fridges were full.

Our beloved readers, we want to wish you all a lovely end to 2011 and an amazing beginning to 2012 - happy new year; filled with happiness and love! 
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  1. 7abeeby man9oor! I love the swimsuit; very hot. I enjoyed the post thank you very much, and Happy new year to you too.


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