Saturday, 24 December 2011

Chapter 28

Madiyah! Madiyah wainich?
From the sound of her name being called their thoughts were interrupted. She looked at 5leefh; she knew that they’d think of it wrong.
Go! She hissed Go! Before they find us here! Quick
 He left her all alone, he made his way downstairs without anyone noticing. He sat on the same place he left earlier. 7amdan made his way to the balcony staring at Madiyah. Luckily they weren’t caught this time even though they didn’t do anything wrong.
He looked around inspecting the place.
Why are you all alone?
I needed some fresh air. So I came up here.
Is everything alright?
He grabbed her hand and smiled. They made their way downstairs and sat together in the living room with everyone. Some of the guests left but the ones that remained are the close ones. The winners had been announced when Madiyah was in the balcony with 5leefh. She stood up and sat next to Fai and 7amad.
Halla walla
From there the conversation turned into laughter and other talks. Madiyah could see from the way 7amad treated Fai that he was madly and deeply in love with her. Every once in a while she would catch 5leefh stealing a glimpse of her and she would shyly smile whilst he looked away timidly.
I forgot to mention. Thank you for the invitation and Madiyah without a doubt I’m sorry for what had happened in Dubai. Your naughty friend can easily cast a seductive spell on me; she can take control of me by just clicking her fingers. He winked at Fai; she sheepishly pushed his shoulder and Mady laughed at their behavior. She accepted the apology and that this is a new start.
After all the talking Madiyah realized that 7amad is one of 5leefh’s closest buddies including her brothers 7amdan and Marwan. 7amad, 5leefh and Marwan all study in the same university here in London! 7amad was surprised when he had found out that Madiyah was 7amdan and Marwan’s sister. Their graduation is this upcoming winter.
Can I please have your attention?

Today was the first challenge set for our youngsters. As I mentioned Team A has won today congratulations. However, tomorrow your challenge is different; every member of every team gets points so we the fathers and I decided that we should set forth a new challenge. Cooking, now I know some of you will cook for the first time so we have prepared for you the large kitchen outside with 4 different tables and all the equipments for each team. Every team has 2 chefs with them. You must all be able to prepare a starter course, main course and dessert and if you have time you can prepare a drink. Now part of the points are; decorations, sauces, time management, team work and lastly how clean your table is once you’re done. The following members are in each team:-

Team A:

Team B:

Team C:

Team D:
Um Hamdan
Um Fahad
Um Hamad
Um Khalifa
Um Fai

The following people are the judges:
Abu Hamdan, Abu Fahad, Abu Hamad, Abu Khalifa, Abu Fai and the grandparents!
The cook books are set on the tables with every team’s name. Everyone should be in the kitchen at 12 sharp. Whoever isn’t the doors are closed, everyone is responsible for themselves if you are late; points will be deducted from your account. Good luck and enjoy!
Everyone headed towards their tables. The tables were neatly presented with all kinds of delicious food set out as an example or to take inspiration from. It took them all hours to just sit there and think of ways to come up with how to decorate or what to cook. The mothers were the first to leave the library followed by team A. Team C and B left together at 2 in the morning.


  1. Laish khalifa w Madiya are in different teams :( Bas I think ra7 ekoon fe action ib the newer posts :D w thank you for ur post =))

  2. Oooooooooh, I wonder what happens next <3!!