Sunday, 11 December 2011

Chapter 25

We arrived at the arena and the place was crowded. I looked around to find someone I knew other than my parent’s friends. I stared at a familiar figure waving at me, I trotted towards her and realised it was Fai! I got off Alexander and hugged her tightly.
Madiyah: You look absolutely stunning!
Fai: Thank you!
Madiyah: Show me your dress.
She did a twirl and I was amazed.
Madiyah: Wow. I love! Wayed m7lawa ;)
Fai: Hahaha shfty, yalla en5a6bay bser3a.
Madiyah: Here we go again.
Fai: Omg.... Who is he? My god, he’s stunning... Mashallah.
Madiyah: Oh that’s 5leefh. A7mad’s wife-to-be’s brother / A7mad’s brother in law.
Fai: Mashallah 3alaih… T9adgeen he suits you?!
Madiyah: Shut up! Wain 3aysheen he suits me. I blushed, I could feel the heat of my cheeks.
Then Harold announced that the match was about to start so I excused myself and got on Alexander and went towards where everyone was. Harold was announcing the names on each team. Suddenly the aura changed to excitement and I felt intense yet nervous. I can do this.
Harold: The following people are in team A:

Team B:

Can each one of you please come inside the field.
7amad’s here! And he's on my team. Urgh. I made my way inside and waited for the rest to arrive. And they all did. This scared me. I’m the only girl between them all and I’m not with my brothers. I looked around and saw my baby boy Man9oor dressed in a white tuxedo waving at me, I waved back and he gave me a flying kiss, I went towards him.
Man9oor: Good luck Madiyah. Bad3eelich etfoozeen, especially 3ala 7amdan w Marwan.
Madiyah: 7abeeby! Inshallah bafooz 3ashanik. I have to go now ok? I love you.
Man9oor: I love you too! 
The match started. The wooden ball was dropped in and my team – team A – everyone was dressed in white polo shirts with their names across. I looked at my mallet; this is going to help me win the match today. At every goal scored we had to change the direction of the goalpost according to the rules. The game was very energetic and so was the crowd, you could hear the boos and the cheers at every score made and the cheers directed to the players. They rolled the ball right across me and A7mad started chasing it, I galloped across and hit the ball the opposite direction and 5leefh was at the back, he helped as he knocked the ball across the goalpost and WE SCORED!!! I high5’ed 5leefh for the excellent coordination and help. We were ahead by a few points; we didn’t have much time left so we came up with a plan on scoring more points.
It started again, and 7amad tossed the ball towards Fahad, and from there he made his way towards the goalpost, but the ball was taken by 7amdan. He flung his mallet and hit the ball hard and passed the ball to A7mad but right before the ball reached A7mad I cut through and made my way towards our goal post the crowd behind me cheered for me and as I was about to hit the wooden ball A7mad came furiously back attacking me, he pushed me and Alexander which caught 5leefh’s attention, he knew it was some sort of revenge so he helped me again and managed to scoop the ball from the ground to the goalpost and get the ball out of A7mad’s control and scored.
5leefh: It’s just a game A7mad, a39abik 3ala el bnt. Chill….
I stared at them as they argued.
Madiyah: Time’s running out! C’mon let’s just finish the match we can discuss things later!
I spoke to A7mad and 5leefh. A7mad gave me this look.. What did I do!? I couldn’t take this anymore, every time I did something whether it’s good or bad he had to ruin my day and he had to be the cause of making me feel miserable! Why?!
The game ended, and the hard work was lifted off my shoulders. Each player shook hands. The boys left their horses for the men to take back to the stables but I didn’t, I want to give Alexander a shower and massage it. As I was about to shake A7mad’s hand he just stared at me.
What’s wrong A7mad? What did I do this time? It’s always my fault isn’t it?
Of course it is!
Didn’t you get enough? Look at what you’ve done to me! Isn’t this enough?! I said pointing at my scars. If only he knew how much it burnt me deep down from the inside. He didn’t deserve me all along, but I was foolishly blinded by his love. I was about to jump down and slap him. That filthy bastard! But I didn’t. I made my way towards the stables. This time a7mad I’m the one who walks out of your life and it isn’t the other way round. I’ve had enough of this stupid fighting that isn’t going anywhere. I walked Alexander to his area and got out the spray and washed his body. I massaged his body, my poor baby he must be exhausted.
Just as I walked out of the stables it started raining. Harold called one of the men to come and get me with the club car and I thanked him for that.
Harold: You were excellent today Ma’am, you haven’t trained in ages so well done you! And that Khalifa too he seems to be a professional player.
Madiyah: Yes I noticed. Today was a tough match, tougher than the ones I used to play with my brothers. Perhaps everyone was so into it.
Harold: Yes. Oh! Here they come. You take good care of yourself.
Madiyah: Thank you for everything Harold. You too!
Luisella got me an umbrella and we ran towards the club car in this heavy rain. We arrived fast and I made my way towards my room. I picked out a dress and made my way towards the hot bubble bath. I closed my eyes and relaxed.


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