Saturday, 17 December 2011

Chapter 26

Just as I walked out of the stables it started raining. Harold called one of the men to come and pick me up, I thanked him for that.
You were excellent today Ma’am, you haven’t trained in ages so well done you! And that Khalifa too he seems to be a professional player.
Yes I noticed. Today was a tough match, tougher than the ones I used to play with my brothers. Perhaps everyone was so into it.
Oh! Here they come. You take good care of yourself.
Thank you for everything Harold. You too!
Luisella got me an umbrella and we ran towards the club car in the heavy rain. We arrived fast and I made my way towards my room. I picked out a dress and made my way towards the hot bubble bath. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

-         hours later –
I was awaken from the loud knocking on the door.
Madiyah! Madiyah! Madiyah! WAKE UP! MADIYAAAH!!
I rubbed my eyes and looked around me. I realized I’m still in the bubble bath.
I had a quick shower, got off all the bubbles that was on my body and scrubbed myself nicely. I wrapped a towel around my body and got out.
TAW EL NAS! They had to delay dinner and delay the announcement because of you!
I forgot! I was exhausted. If you were in my place you would’ve done the same.
Really? Hmmm.. Ok. Do you want me to take you downstairs or do you want to go all alone.
No wait for me baby. I’ll get dressed quickly and come.
Ok. I’ll be watching TV in your living room.
10 minutes and I’ll be ready.
He walked out and I locked the door. I got dressed quickly. It took me a while to get my hair dry. I decided on curling it and placing it to the side. I looked at myself in the mirror. I look pale and tired. I’ll keep it simple; I got out a pair of diamond earrings and put them on. I applied mascara and a stroke of eye liner on top. I walked towards my living room and saw Man9oor sitting patiently watching TV.
Yalla 7abeeby, let’s go.
He smiled at me and I carried him.


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