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Chapter 23

The week had passed on as fast as a blink, Madiyah had gotten closer and closer to 5leefh; she was so attached to him that she had forgiven A7mad for what has happened but not completely, she did it because 5leefh had asked her to but she wasn’t convinced in what she was doing. As the days passed by and soon it was time for her departure to go to Milan with her mother. It was cloudy and gloomy, just the way Madiyah had felt for leaving 5leefh, a person now so dear to her heart. She made her way down towards the elevators as she tied her hair into a high messy bun; she pressed on the cold shiny button and waited for the elevators to arrive. It welcomed her, the doors slowly opening, so empty. She got in and slowly the doors closed. She waited for her mother to make the phone call. She waited in the car, she looked at her watch: 6:00 AM. Her mother got in the car and they made their way to Milan. The plan was simple and easy to handle, her mother wanted to go to Milan and spend 3 to 4 nights - intensive shopping and then they would make their way back here for a night, calm down and relax then take a train to Paris shop some more.  From Paris they were going to fly to London and from there they'd attend the family and friends polo match that was going to take place at her grandparent’s house. She agreed on what was going to happen.

In London
She woke up, not knowing how she got here or where she was exactly. It took her a couple of minutes to recognise the familiar painted ceiling and the fluffy white blanket. She looked around and noticed Luisella opening the curtains for her, she approached her and asked if she wanted to have breakfast in her room or downstairs with everyone; she had curiously asked her who everyone is and she named them all, the cousins were here you know A7mad & Co, she had told her that they were all asleep right now. She stared at her clock that read 5:30 AM. She didn’t bother going back to sleep so she rolled on her bed for a couple of minutes for no reason, she got up and walked towards her dressing room. After a fast cold shower she made her way downstairs and went for her daily morning exercise. After exercising on her own she made her way to her room and had a shower. She didn’t know what to wear for breakfast; it’s her first day in London after the shopping spree with her Mother so she should dress up a bit unless she just ditches them all and goes horse riding.
She told herself. No maybe that’s not a good idea, I don’t want to cause any trouble. Why is this taking me so long, I don’t want to ‘dress to impress’ and after all I am at home so I should wear something comfortable. Should I wear shorts? Or should I go for tracksuit?
Her phone suddenly blasts she quickly makes her way to her bedroom and stares at the flashing screen. Incoming call: Unknown number she stared at the screen unsure of whether she should reply or just reject the phone call. But something in her wanted to press the button and answer the phone call, and she did.
Hey! How are you?
Umm... I’m fine and you?
I know I know...
The girls took a long time talking about everything that they both have missed in the past events and the upcoming ones. Due to what has happened to Madiyah she had missed so many things that she had to catch up with. Madiyah realised that there was something unusual with her friend, she was hiding something.
Fai, feech shay? Is everything alright?
Yes... why?
I feel like you’re hiding something from me.
I am, and I am about to tell you. So listen, open your ears and absorb what I am about to tell you. Are you ready?
Stop scaring me! What is it?
On my ring finger, you know the one on my left hand, there’s a beautiful round fat diamond with two baguette diamonds surrounding it. What do you think?
A single tear rolled from her eye. YOU’RE ENGAGED!!! KULLULULULUULOOOOOSH
Yes, I AM. But Mady... Mady mady, you’ve got to listen to the biggest shock ever.
So who’s the lucky guy?
7amad who?
What?! HOW? Where’d he find you?
Right after you had the accident I was there; I flew to Geneva and stayed there. But your recovery took so long, and I took a sick-leave holiday thing from university and explained what has happened and they accepted, but I had a short period for around 3 weeks. During the second week of my stay with you, my mother called me to update me about what has been going on and that someone flew all the way from some place to ask for my hand. And I sat there so curious wanting to know who he is! My mother kept on saying all of these good things about him and explaining to me where he works and about his family and all that stuff. After all that she told me 7amad Al X. I was literally paralyzed; I didn’t know what to say or how to react. So, she was like he wants to propose to you and all that stuff and I didn’t know what do to. I simply.... accepted. I went back to Dubai w el mlcha estuwat fe baitna and his mother wanted another one in G6ar so we had one. I didn’t know what happened to me. When I asked him how he found out about me, he said "there were many sleepless nights and days that I was suffering from your absence, I needed you to be here beside me. So I asked everyone about you and made phone calls all the way to Dubai to ask about you, I described you, where you live, your name to the people I knew and finally I found you. I didn’t know how to react, I knew I wanted you, I needed you and you were the one for me."
I know...
That’s so romantic. Awww.... So MABROOK. Elmhm entee mstansa!
I am! Very, you may not believe this but I’m glad he found me.
Aww, my girl is growing!
Gooly inshallah.
Yeah okay bssmlaah.... Inshallah inshallah!
The conversation continued for a good one hour of the latest gossips, updates and everything. Madiyah realised that Fai was invited for the polo match today and for the dinner afterwards at her house with 7amad. Shortly after their talk about the match, Fai ended the talk because she needed to go - last minute shopping for tonight.
Madiyah placed her phone on the table smiling, she was happy for her friend. She made her way towards her closet. She was thinking about how odd it was for 7amad to find Fai and Fai to accept his request. Her thoughts were interrupted by the loud knocking on her door.
Come in!
Laish ma salamty 3alayh.. Ana knt wa3y mn el 9b7 3ashanich.
Aww.. 7abeeby I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you; no one told me you were awake. She carried him and hugged him tightly.
Ok, basami7ch 3ala shar6. L2annah 7amdan ba3ada fe Dubai w Marwan hnee, shoo rayich bas ni7na enseer bara3.
Did you ask Marwan if he wants to go out?
I don’t mind, but you have to go and ask him first then come and tell me, itha gal la2 3ady we’ll go just me and you.
Hmm… Ana baseer w bafakir. If Marwan says no then you should do something special for me.
She let go of him and watched him make his way towards Marwan’s room. She closed the door and got back to her dressing room. She wasn’t bothered to dress up, so she just got out whatever was in front of her and went in to have a shower. She got out and tied her hair into a messy bun then went down the stairs and sat in the living room. Soon Man9oor and Marwan came in both dressed up together, Marwan carrying Man9oor. She got up and welcomed them both and then they went in the car.
They went to Hamleys and Harrods to get Man9oor some toys then had brunch at the Pizzeria in Harrods. They had to go back to practice for the big game tonight at their house, Madiyah did not see any of the guests so far but to what it sounds like excitement filled the air.
Back at home, Man9oor was sitting in Madiyah’s room playing with her with his brand new toys.
Madiyah, does it hurt?
Does what hurt baby?
These… Can I touch them? As he slowly put his finger on her eyebrow feeling the scar.
I never thought about it… No it doesn’t hurt. Why?  
You’re very brave and strong. When you left me I was all alone at home, nobody played with me. And then nobody told me what happened, and I soon realized you had an accident in Kuwait and then Mama and Papa had to take you to Switzerland and everyone was there so I had to stay with Umaya. After I finished school I was able to visit. Do you remember when I came? You were still asleep, you slept a lot. More than me.
Yes, I’m sorry…
Deep within her, her heart burnt. Not because of the painful memories, but for not being there for her youngest brother and leaving him all alone, from preventing him from his happiness, his family the ones that loved him the most. She did not want to shed a tear in front of him. She did not want to break down in front of him, so she just placed him on her lap and hugged him. He hugged her back firmly not wanting to lose his grip.
Don’t ever leave me alone in this world. You are my only sister and I love you so much.
He cried. She stroked his hair hugging him, rocking her back backward and forwards slowly, she silently cried.
Don’t say that, I won’t leave you alone ever. Sometimes things happen as a coincidence, you never know but you have to accept it.  I love you the most 7abeeby, bas 5ala9 stop crying.
Marwan knocked on the door and then got in.
What’s wrong?
Shhh… she whispered to him, lip talking. He’s crying, he’s going to be fine.
Should I go out? 
She stared into his tearful eyes, filled with pain and sadness and smiled. She wiped his tears then planted a soft kiss on his forehead. She carried him to the toilet and washed his face. Without a word he did what she had asked him to do, he obeyed her.
Yalla Madiyah we have to go and warm up for the big game. Man9oor come with me, I have a surprise for you!
They left her all alone, she closed the door and locked it and cried. She realised that she doesn’t have much time because the match was sometime soon, although it was hours away she had to warm up. She got out a white polo shirt with her name written across and a black polo pant. She called Luisella to come and do her hair into a neat tight french braid.
*Knock knock*
Come in
The door knob slowly tilted and the door was opened. She looked up to see who it was while she was adjusting her boots and there she stopped... the beauty stunned her. Thick rich chocolate brown wavy curls dropped right under his earlobes. The whiteness of the shirt with the crisp collar neatly iron with a few buttons undone she was amazed.
Hey, are you busy? He said with a low hushed voice.
No, I was just waiting for Luisella to come and do my hair.
Should I go out?
No, please stay. Have a seat. She motioned for him to sit on the chair facing her
Luisella made her way in and opened Madiyah’s ponytail and brushed her hair slowly. The sunlight shone in her room indicating that the time was around 3; he watched her hair fall down to the end of her back. He simply couldn’t take his eyes of her, the way she buckled her boots and the way her hair danced around her when she kneeled down.  Luisella quickly managed to do her hair. Once she was done she stood up ready to head downstairs towards the stables. 5leefh stood up with his hands behind his back, he waited for her to pass in front of him but she didn’t. She grabbed his hands and walked beside him, their arms interlocked with each other just like bride and groom, she flashed him one of her smiles.
Don’t act so formal. And she winked at him
He laughed at her and they walked down the stairs together.
Do you want to walk or take the club car?
Let’s walk.
They served lunch 3 hours ago, did you eat?  
No, I’m not hungry. Are you?
Are you ready? I’m really excited.
Yeah? I don’t know... she stared at the grass.
As they entered Mady started whistling.
And her horse automatically responded to her. It neighed loudly, and made noises with its feet.
Hello baby! She kissed her horse’s face. Look, look this is 5leefh. She smiled as she stroked her horse’s hair.
Hello ma’am.
Hey Harold! How are you?
I’m great; it’s been a long time. How are you?
I’m good, this is my friend 5leefh.
Nice to meet you sir.
Nice to meet you too. He said as he shook his hand.
Any good news about the horses?
Yes, you’re father got a new horse. He said as he made his way towards it, he patted her hard on the back. This is Spark. She’s very fast; I’d recommend her for you sir.
She’s all yours. Test her.
She watched him as he got his things ready; Harold helped him with some things. His muscles contracted with the heavy things and she was amazed by it. His back was broad and manly. He got on top and made his way out.
He’s a gentleman and a definite keeper. Harold winked at her.
Mady laughed at him and got on her horse and paced her way to 5leefh. They galloped and warmed up ready for the match.
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