Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chapter 36

A month has passed and it is now time for Madiyah to get ready for Lamya’s wedding which will take place here in Dubai, she had gained back most of the weight she had lost. Secretly Lamya was overwhelmed when she knew her brother had finally fell in love with the right lady and that is Madiyah, and so she had become so close to Madiyah when she had come back.
She drove to the hotel and went straight up to her suite, where her makeup artist and hairstylist were waiting for her and where she was going to meet Fai. They began with Lamya who was getting ready in her room and Madiyah who was in the other room, the hairstylist began; Madiyah wanted a braid so the hairstylist went for a side french braid, then did a bun. Once the hairstylist was done the makeup artist began with her magic; she did not want to cover Mady’s beauty and the richness of her natural tanned tone. She made her makeup natural and simple, nothing too much but her fully prosperous lips were painted a rich blood red shade. She got her earrings out and wore them. Next it was Fai; her new cut hairstyle from short at the back to long at the front was straightened. And eyes were a smoky shade and her lips were red. She had gone for the full set of diamonds instead of just earrings.
^^ Mady                                                                                                      ^^ Fai
The girls waited for Lamya to get ready. It was soon time for Lamya to go down; as her room door gradually opened the girls were amazed by her beauty, the way she had changed. Her makeup so simple and so little and her hair was just perfect with the veil, it was opened and it fell loosely around her.
The girls walked behind carrying her veil and adjusting her dress, they made their way downstairs. Madiyah’s heart pounded just thinking of being in Lamya’s position right now was scary yet the joy of finally being a wife. There she was; Lamya walking down the aisle; it was her night. A night to remember. She got up on her stage walking slowly then she made her way towards her chair.
After Lamya was seated, woman began forming into groups and going up on stage to congratulate her, and for Madiyah and Fai they danced all night long. As Madiyah made her way down the aisle a woman called out for her and asked who she was; from there many women asked about her. She then felt uncomfortable by how they all stared at her. The girls she met in Kuwait were all there; she sat down with them then soon she had to go up to Lamya and make sure everything was alright. Soon the DJ had announced that the men are coming and the women covered up. Madiyah put on her translucent wedding abaya and sat down waiting for them to make their way in. The song began and A7mad made his way in; he looked sharp with a shy excited smile. The train of men that followed A7mad were his brothers and father, 5leefh and Mady’s father and brothers. Her eyes followed 5leefh as he made his way; he was handsomer than ever, a sudden jolt injected her; of fear, shame, yet she craved him more than ever oh-so-much. She wanted to exit the building but Om 5leefh has asked her if she could take a picture with them all.
Insay ele estuwa, ta3aly 5aleena nt9awar. This is a new start. Ta3aly 7abeebty. She gently grabbed her hand, smiled at her and walked with her towards them. Madiyah shyly made her way up. Salimat 3alaihm klhm, awalhm ubooha.
Essalam 3alaikm. She said as she got closer to 5leefh she was staring at the floor.
W3laikm essalam…
A thousand knives stabbed him as he watched her kiss her cousins and not him. She congratulated A7mad. 5leefh couldn’t take his eyes off of her and his mother tried occupying him but she failed. They took a couple of pictures together and then Madiyah left the stage. She made her way out and towards the toilet. She felt as if she was about to suffocate from the pressure and the way people watching her- every move she makes to seeing the love of her life; 5leefh. She pushed the door open and walked in. She needed some fresh air, but once the men will leave she’ll make her way out. She heard someone come in and acted as if she was adjusting her hair and lipstick. The woman's eyes scanned her from head to toe then asked her ‘the daughter of whom?’ as if she was investigating her. The way the woman stared at her was quirky and the way she asked was in a way... desperate? Madiyah excused herself and rushed towards the hall. The men had left and the women were about to finish having dinner. The couple cut the cake and soon the ladies served it to everyone.
After hours the hall was empty and it was nearly time for the Fajr prayer. Madiyah and Om 5leefh were the only ones left and somehow it was awkward.
Thank you for everything Madiyah.
It was nothing; Lamya is a sister she deserves more than that.  She felt tongue-tied and unable to say anything. She knew she soon had to leave and she did, she kissed her aunt goodbye and walked towards her car. She got in and made her way back home. At 6 AM Madiyah arrived home and Man9oor just woke up. Madiyah was forced to have breakfast with him because he doesn’t take no for an answer and that was the first meal she had since yesterday. She took the lift and arrived upstairs; she entered her changing room and got out of her dress. She made a bubble bath and got in then switched on the TV, flipping aimlessly through the channels; she kept it on Oprah Winfrey then realized the episode was about to end so she flipped to a romance movie. Her head rested peacefully on the end of her tub and she closed her eyes.


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