Monday, 13 February 2012

Chapter 37

Hours later she woke up. She felt her body stiffen as she moved, it ached badly. She got up, switched off the TV and had a shower.
Madam, your mother wants in you in the living room - here upstairs.
Thank you for letting me know; I’ll go now.
She entered the living room and saw her mother sitting beside her father on the long sofa. She lied down and rested her head on her mother’s lap just like when she was a child. Some parts of her hair were wet, her mother played with her hair.
You look tired, did you sleep?
Just a bit…
You did an amazing job yesterday I’m very proud of you!
Thank you.
Madiyah I want to talk to you about something important, me and your father think it is best for you to know now than later. 
What is it? She sat up straight.
7abeebty, fe kammin wa7da et9latly elyoum yboonich. – y56boonich.
Masra3! Ma kamalna esboo3... No wait ma kamalna youm!! And mom honestly I want you to stop it right there. I don’t want you to continue.
Madiyah mayistuwy! You do realize that over 15 men wanted you and you reject and this is without the ones that contacted your grandparents and uncle in Kuwait!? You can’t reject now, you’re at the perfect age. Fdait roo7ich, la tsta3ylain at least know who they are.
Mom I don’t want to. She cried, her heart banging hard in her chest. I am not getting married. End of discussion. She kissed her mother’s head. I’m sorry mom but I can’t.
She went to her room and locked the door. She sat down and digested the day or the days, what had happened so far. Why the things that happened, happened. And to her greatest conclusion crying to sleep was the only solution holding her small broken hearted diamond necklace....

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  1. sho she's not virgin!!! ana shway confused bas still love what i understood, 27is inty trmiseen 27yan bil 2l'3az :p

    love ya