Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Chapter 40

Essalam 3alaikm Mamaty.
W3laikm essalam. Sh7alich?
B5air, wnty?
El7emdellah b5air. Fai looked stunning yesterday and 7amad was so happy. Allah y5aleehm w yhaneehm.
Madiyah remained silent. She did not want to say anything; breakfast was all about the wedding and who they met and the arrangements the way things were set up and so on. Her mother had told her she already got some phone calls from G6ar asking about Madiyah but her mother said that she was taken.
Taken?! But mom I’m still single… She chocked on her hot chocolate
Your father and I arranged your engagement party which will take place here.
But mother I don’t know who he is or anything about him!!! You can’t just go and accept any random person assuming that I might accept. I told you I don’t want to get married.
Are you just going to run away like always? You think it’s a game? Fine do what you want, as you like but I’m not happy with your behavior and your decisions.
I am not getting married. I will not repeat myself!
Don’t wait for prince charming to come, he’s getting married.
Ouch. That was painful although her mother did not mention any names she knew exactly what she had meant that 5leefh was getting married- indirectly. She stared at her mother furiously; she pushed her breakfast away, and stomped back to her room. She locked the door and headed towards her living room and locked that door as well. She lied down on her sofa thinking about him. Was it all a lie? The things he had told her when she left the restaurant back in London on that dim cold snowy day? It couldn’t be! He promised her. A classic rude, fake, liar, but what about the necklace? Why the broken heart? Did it symbolize something? She knew she needed time but time for what? She was alone, lost and scared, sucked in the depth of her thoughts.


  1. AWWW...
    27is ba9ee7 7aram why the r apart...

    thnx for posting
    love ya


  2. Good morning!!
    That was an unpredicted post.. :/ I honestly don't like the fact that Madiyah is changing, I want 5leefh to come back to her life :(