Monday, 20 February 2012

Chapter 39

The days have passed, and Madiyah had started a new life in her new university.
One day, as she got home getting ready for Fai’s wedding- yes so soon because 7amad couldn’t wait any longer without her-  she went to her room only to find a small box right in the middle of her bed with rose petals scattered around it and a small envelope behind it. She ignored it and walked in her closet, she picked out her dress; had a bath then headed straight to the hotel.
The girls were ready to walk out and head to the stage. Madiyah helped Fai with her dress and veil and so did Lamya. They entered the halls as Fai made her way to her stage everyone seemed happy. 7amad’s family all wanted to have the wedding in Qatar instead of the other way round -which is Dubai. Once Fai sat down, the girls danced all night. And of course many women couldn’t help but ask who the dazzling two girls were that were dancing on the stage. They then knew that Lamya was married so they shifted their attention towards Madiyah. The wedding was coming to an end, and 7amad couldn’t resist not looking at Fai; so beautiful, so mesmerizing it was truly pure love.

Madiyah drove back home just in time to catch up for Fajr prayer and go back to sleep, and she did. She had a shower, wore her pjs and slept. However the mystery of the ring remained, Madiyah dropped the petals on the floor and carried the ring and envelope and placed them on the side bed table.


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  2. Where can I find this dress?

    1. Here's the link to the dress

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