Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chapter 42

Today’s the day I officially become this “someone’s” wife. My mother picked out the dress; she said I looked like a queen. My hair is tied into a beautiful updo which I find hard to describe but overall it’s perfect. My makeup artist was amazed by the results once she was done and I too was amazed. I was ready to walk down, I am nervous but I knew that it didn’t matter. I wore my earrings and stared at my reflection. My mother told me to remove my necklace but I rejected, I just couldn’t… I couldn’t possibly allow myself to let go of what I had built, what we built back then.

I heard random noises coming out of my room, more like Elmo talking or whoever it was it was distracting then someone laughing. Whenever I opened my eyes everything seemed so foggy and my eyelids were heavy, my whole body ached; my bones ache and I can’t stop shivering. I covered my whole body and suddenly I’m taken away by my dreams.

I woke up again, maybe hours later and I realized that I woke up from a nightmare. I struggled to go back to sleep so instead I woke up, sitting still registering my surroundings. I stared at the ring on my finger; my wedding ring. The ring that bonds two together, and hopefully they live happily ever after. Who could it possibly be? How did I end up on my bed?

Oh….. Right. Now that explains it all.


  1. SUCH A CLIFFHANGER!!!! What happens :(


  2. I love ur story I just read it and i really want to know wats doing to happen nxt <3
    plz read our story:

  3. Soon soon our beloved readers

    Thank you all xxx