Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Traffic Lights {3}

I woke up the next morning with a severe headache from last night’s partying. I checked my phone to see if I had any new messages; 0 new messages. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I got up and freshened up with a quick shower and had breakfast with Aibileen.
I got dressed, and tied my hair up into a bun so that the tattooed stars behind my left ear would show. I applied some rouge allure velvet matte lipstick in L’exquise by Chanel, and then did my eyes in smokey black which made my green hazel eyes standout. My overall look was effortlessly chic, and then I made my way downstairs. I sat in the lobby waiting for that annoying message. I ordered a cup of chamomile tea and sat back and thought about it all, what does “Alfie” the British young man want from me? How does he know all of these things about me? How did he find me? Maybe we study at the same university and he lives somewhere next to the building I’m living in? Oh well. He will show up, he promised. I stared at the familiar faces that entered the building, I drank the last sip of my tea and placed the cup on the saucer then I placed it on the table. He has such a weird name. Alfie. Hah, it’s funny. Speaking of the devil, there he is! He walked in the building.

Ah there you are! Hello gorgeous. He said as he kissed my cheek. Thought I’d be late, it’s He said while checking his vintage watch 12PM on the dot. Alright darling, we better hurry up.

Why didn’t you text me?

Because I knew you’d wait for me in the lobby. Like you always wait for your friends when you’ll go to some place.

He was freaking me out, the more time I spend with this guy the more I wanted to know how he knows these things about me. It’s starting to piss me off.

We walked for 19 minutes non-stop; we reached an old building that had an underground stairs that takes you to a bar. We walked in the bar, then through a 'Do not enter room'; he swiped a card and we got in. I was amazed, I gasped at the mind blowing place. It was like a ballroom with a bar yet it’s a tailor workshop, very fascinating and the person that designed this must be intelligent and without a doubt creative. A huge chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, a bar on the right wing of the room, sewing machines scattered all over the room, sofas here and there, shelves filled with threads from all shades and all colours, a grand piano in the middle, a corner at the back with a huge plasma TV and all kinds of video games, another wall filled with book shelves and an old vintage jukebox beside the bar. This was only the beginning, I know there is more to this magical room that I need to discover.

Hello there! I’m Momoko. I gasped, she interrupted my thoughts. She giggled and hugged me tightly. She looks very young, 12 maybe. Her hair colour was fascinating; bright hot pink, she’s very petite; perhaps 154 centimetres, Japanese, her makeup really made her eyes bigger, her whole look made her look like a Barbie doll.  You must be Jawaher; Alfie couldn’t stop talking about you! Gosh you’re strikingly gorgeous... Hello baby. She turned around to Alfie and pecked his lips. Oh please sit down, and remove your coat. They’ll be here any minute. I did what I was told to do and sat down on one of the armchairs. My phone started ringing, it was Aibileen.

I’m sorry I have to take this. I put on my coat and left the room. The bar was half full, I was about to answer the phone when I accidently bumped someone, the papers went flying from his hand to all over the floor. I’m so sorry!!! I picked the papers from the floor and handed them to him.

It’s okay. I’m sorry I didn’t see you.

Uhh... No I- And my phone rang again. I’m sorry. I said, I smiled and answered the phone call.

The whole time while Aibileen was talking I couldn’t stop thinking of him; the guy I just bumped into. He had the most breathtaking, remarkable, inconceivable, oh god... I can’t find the right words to describe him or his eyes. The beating of my heart is still unsteady, my palms are sweating, why am I so nervous?

Aibileen I have to go now, I’m really busy. Have dinner without me tonight. Love you, bye!!! And I hung up. I need to go back and look for him. Before I entered the room I knocked on the door, not to be rude.

Don’t be so formal doll; just come in whenever you want to. He took off my coat and placed it on a coat hanger that was beside the door. Someone was playing the piano beautifully; Moonlight Sonata.

My my my... What a divine young lady. Well done Alfie! You got us a diamond. A lady in her mid-twenties walked out of the bar and eyed me. Her hair in the deepest shade of purple, dark red lips, she wore a very elegant black modern Victorian dress, it wasn’t puffy, and the effort put into the dress was handmade for sure. I’m Mia, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

The playing stopped and a tall figure came towards us. It was him. I couldn’t stop blushing.  He was dressed in a grey suit, his hair colour in powder blue, his eyes a mixture of midnight blue; azure and grey. I felt like it magically changed colours!

He reached out for my hand, and gently held it between his long cold fingers and kissed it. I think my cheeks were the same shade as my hair. I swallowed hard and cleared my throat.

I’m Vladimir. A Russian... Wow. Nice to meet you. He isn’t a pure Russian, his Arabian heritage were clear, but maybe I’m mistaken, which I probably think I’m not because there’s something in him, something deep down in me told me he’s khaleeji.  

Nice to meet you too.

So let’s get started. Momoko come take her measurements. Mia once Momoko’s done take her to the wardrobe; pick an outfit then let her try it on and Alfie get the camera ready.

Wait, what’s going on. Why am I here?

Vladimir I think what she’s wearing is fine, let us explain to her why she’s here then we’ll ask whether she wants to stay with us or not.

Mia!!!! I finally found the one and you’re wondering whether she wants to stay or not. If she didn’t want to then she wouldn’t have come here in the first place.

Enough! The whole room was quiet; Mia and Alfie had stopped arguing. Please have a seat; this isn’t the best way to introduce ourselves. Mia make some tea, Momoko get the desserts. I sat down on one of the sofas, Alfie and Vladimir sat on the arm chairs. Mia and Momoko sat beside me on the sofa.


Yes please.

Jawaher. The way he pronounced my name made me unsteady. I blushed and looked at him. Am I right?

Yes. May I ask how you got all of this information- about me?

Alfie will explain once I’m done. We’re looking for a model and we haven’t found the perfect model until Alfie had found you. We’re a group of designers; there will be a fashion show for the SS collection which we’re working on. We need to design 3 outfits or dresses or anything, it’s some sort of competition.

And you want me to model for all 3?

Yes. Will you be able to model for us?

They’re all depending on me. And I’m not sure if modelling is what I need right now.

I’ll think about it...

We need to know tomorrow whether you want to be our model or not. So we can start working on the outfits. Mia take her to the wardrobe.

I got up and followed her, I walked in the wardrobe. Oh... My... God...

Welcome to the wardrobe.

It’s like a never ending dream, everything was neatly put in place; by seasons with the accessories, shoes, handbags even the simplest accessory such as an umbrella was included. My heart ached for more. I looked at the labels, but it didn’t have any. Could it be? No way... I had meters of racks and shelves yet to discover and drawers!


This is our dreams. Our dreams that have been bottled up and locked away for so long, that no one ever saw or heard of. And now we are letting you our first customer and model to have a glimpse of our dreams.

I hugged her tightly.

Thank you...

She got out a black dress: v neck, open at the back, it had an x that came down from the neck to the lower breasts.

Try it on and keep your heels on.

But... I’m not sure if it’ll fit.

Trust me it will. Here’s the changing room. She showed me the way. The changing room itself was a dream, it had a chandelier in the middle, jazz music on and paintings and the list would go on and on.

I removed my dress, my stockings and my shoes and slowly got in the dress, I sat on the chair and wore my shoes again. I stared at my reflection, I have never ever felt more proud of what I’ve become in my life, and this moment just brought joy and tears. I felt like a model.

How is it? Mia called from outside. I was too shy to let her come in and look at my bare back.

I... I don’t know..  

Can I come in?

I unlocked the door and opened it. She gasped, her eyes widened. She walked in and looked around, inspecting me and my body from head to toe.

I’m speechless!!! Can I call them to come in and take a look?

Only Momoko... Or if you want me to try some other dress so the boys can come and see?

She smiled then nodded. I hope I wasn’t rude. I’m still new to this. She walked out and called Momoko and they both walked in.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiii!!!! She bounced. You look spectacular! I blushed. Please please please please be our model.. She pleaded, holding my hands and for a second my heart couldn’t resist saying no to such an adorable person.

Sure. Without knowing, I accidently blurted the word. I couldn’t take it back, Momoko didn’t give me time to even think about it, and she hugged me tightly.

Careful Momoko! Don’t ruin the dress.

You are the best!

She ran out and announced to the boys that I was officially their model. Mia followed Momoko, I unzipped the dress. Someone lightly knocked on the door.

Just a second.

Jawaher... Can I come in?

I quickly wore my dress and adjusted my hair; I opened the door then hung the dress on the hanger.

Where should I hang it?

It’s ok, I’ll take it. They’re all going out for dinner; would you like to join them?

Ummm.... I checked the time on my watch No, I need to go back.

Would you like me to take you back?

No it’s ok; I can call the driver if I want to but I’ll go back walking instead. I smiled. It feels so awkward to be in a room with him only. He hung the dress and then grabbed my hand and smiled, we walked together. Why do I feel so comfortable around him? I just met him...

So when do you want me to come back again?

Will you be able to come tomorrow?

I’m not sure. Alfie knows where my building is and my number and everything else, why don’t you send me a message or come over? 


Thank you for everything. I wore my coat and walked out.

Jawaher. He called me before I crossed the road. Wait, I forgot to give you this. He gave me a card. This card gives you access to the atelier.

Thank you. He kissed my cheeks and watched me until I disappeared.  

That night... I couldn’t stop thinking about the day I spent at the atelier; I couldn’t stop thinking about how I easily stitched a smile on their faces when I agreed on becoming their model. But does becoming a model for their brand mean I have to become a model for other companies as well? Oh well... Good night!!!


  1. FIRST!!! OMG!!! This is sooo cute :')<3 !! I used to be an anonymous but now I'm not \o/! I simply LOVE this story! Please post soon <3!


    1. YAY!!! Thank you <3 We're SO glad that you like it <3!!!!


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    1. You're most welcome <3 We hope you liked the post!


  3. GO JAWAHER!!! That's a very good choice. I'm with you guuurl :D

  4. I love the fact that ur including makeup brands n wat she's wearing and all. It really makes the reader imagine n gets easily hooked to the story! Amazing!!!! I absolutely lav laaaaav laaav ur story <3 MWAH

    1. Thank you <3 We really appreciate that! We try to include as many details as possible to make it easier for the reader's imagination to feel like they're in the story, to touch; to taste, to feel, to smell and to see.


  5. Wow, although this is just a small introduction like we're getting the main ideas an stuff u 2 are surprisingly good!
    Keep up the gud work

  6. Ooooh!! This is original, multicultural characters!! That's not something I read everyday!
    The array of colored hair reminded me of this Anime- Paradise Kiss.

    I loved the main character -Jawaher- beautiful yet modest, my kinda girl!

    Lots of love, like always.

    1. Thank you <3!!!
      Some parts of the story is actually inspired by the anime - we're trying to mix in a story based on real life events with the anime so it makes it more interesting.

      Love you!

  7. What inspires you to write like this?

    1. Tough question! Depends. But what mostly inspires us are the stories of courageous women that stood up to their lives and actually made a tremendous difference. And to stories that have been unsaid, kept away; in a sense deserted. Our purpose is for our readers to think about what the story is about (the moral/message), there are reasons why we wrote them & we hopefully want to influence others.


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    1. YAAAY!! WE LOVE YOU TOO :*<3!!
      Hahahaha, exactly! That just proves to the girls out there that anything is possible!

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  9. I love reading your responses to your readers. But mostly I love your stories ;D


    1. Thank you dear, that really means a lot to us <3!!

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