Saturday, 14 April 2012

Traffic Lights {1}

My alarm went off. I rolled to the other side of the bed and turned off the alarm. I covered my face with my pillow; I don’t feel like going to university. I got up and pulled the curtains. It’s cloudy. I got in my dressing room and picked out my outfit, then headed towards the bathroom. I showered then got dressed then dropped everything in my bag and zipped it; I quickly grabbed a toast and ran towards the elevators before Aibileen could see me. I wasn’t in the mood for listening to Aibileen’s lecture about having a proper breakfast. Aibileen is my nanny and my best friend she stood along by my side in good and bad times.

On my way to university, I could sense someone following me all along, someone staring at me and is somewhere close. I rushed through the traffic lights before they would turn red. I felt uncomfortable.

Good morning I said as I walked in the classroom, and the whole classroom replied back. Finals are coming up and so is the weekend- only hours away, I wasn’t sure if I should spend the weekend studying or hanging out with my friends. The teacher kept on explaining all of the calculations and formulas during maths and I would write down notes, I sat back once the teacher had settled on one of the difficult formulas; it’s easy to tackle once you’ve grasped the concept. I love this place. Although at first I was so out of place and I literally looked odd, I feel comfortable around these people now, I feel like we go along. You could see potential hope in their eyes, most of them love studying just like me.

After university I walked back to my penthouse. I studied for three hours straight then I needed a break, so I went to the gym. I didn’t take so long because I had to go back to studying.

I spent the rest of the weekend studying for my finals.


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