Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Traffic Lights {21}

This post is dedicated to the new and first commenter of the previous post  Fa6ma! Enjoy xo

The wedding invitation card arrived at my house on the day of the wedding. Funny, how they seem to “forget” about me all the time and wonder why I end up doing ‘strange’ and unacceptable things. I did not sit there hating the fact that I had to go to the wedding or simply ignore the invitation. No, I did what Rashed had advised me to do. I picked out a dress that would not take the eyes of the visitors away. It wasn’t a case of showing more skin, no, it was to look breathtaking in the simplest way.
So I picked a dress that reminded me of Yousef and how he liked things to look classy yet formal.

The makeup artist had come over and did the following makeup as directed; rich red lips, a bold classic eyeliner and pastel brown / nude eyeshadows. With a set of false lashes that were utterly gorgeous. I put on my mother’s diamond earrings, the one that Aibileen had told me about (My father bought to my mother as a present for their anniversary). I had my hair tied up into a braided up do. I wanted to be there on time and I was, my stepmother didn’t expect me to arrive. In your face!
I stood inline with the other women that greeted the guests, leaving a decent figure between my stepfamily and me. People barely recognized me, and if they did they would say ‘aren’t you the Fat Jawaher? Oh look at how you miraculously changed!’ Sb7anAllah.
There was an announcement that my stepsister -the bride- was about to come down and walk on the isle, so I went into the ballroom / hall and stood by her. As she walked on the isle I would help her now and then by fixing her dress so she wouldn’t fall, I was doing that because I honestly didn’t want any harm or whatsoever to happen to her especially since tonight is her night. She sat in her seat and I walked across the tables and made my way to the back, away from the people, and sat on a random table. I could clearly see the guests murmuring and eyeing me as I walked past their tables. Their words like bullets. It kills…
I smiled as I made my way through. Random girls would start dancing; others would take pictures with the bride. I felt someone’s cold fingers tap my bare shoulder and I slowly turned around.
You must be Jawaher AlFlani. That model from the front cover of magazines, right?
I know this may sound awkward, but can we sit by the isle? My mom doesn’t want me wandering around on my own. Plus I wanna ask you some questions just out of curiosity and I wanna take pictures with you. If you don’t mind.
Not at all. Let’s go.
She walked towards the isle and sat on a chair and patted the seat beside her for me to sit.
Ok, so, my name is 3alya (Alya) AlXZ. And my friends in school saw your pictures on a magazine and in a magazine, I mean wow you must be totally famous. And my mom who’s a family friend got this wedding invitation, when I read the family name I had like this inner feeling like I can’t describe it. Its like so tempting, like I had to come because I knew I would have the chance to see you, you know what I mean? You’re like some celebrity, right?
Really? I smiled, she kept on talking about her friends and school and I figured how socially interactive she was, just blurting out whatever came up in her mind. And then what struck me was the way her mother approached us after she took the picture with me. She seemed furious by the fact that she was talking to me; perhaps she thought I was trying to convince her to become someone like me? And it hurt.
Hey listen, it was really nice meeting you. I didn’t except you to be so open and welcoming, you are totally different than what I’ve heard about you. You keep on doing what you’re doing now, ok? Shine for the rest of us.
That’s so sweet for you 7abeebty! Nice to meet you too 3alya, I hope I bump into you sometime soon. That was the first decent conversation I had in this place- an unexpected one to be honest-, I remained seated. The men came in and joined us. I watched the family go up the isle and take group photos together as I sat in my seat, uninvited to take pictures with them. As the men walked down the isle, the hotel manager came to me and told me that my stepsister wanted to take a picture with me.
I was surprised, until I saw her staring at me smiling. I smiled then nodded and went up the isle.
Mabrook. (Congratulations)
Allah ybark fe 7ayatich. (God bless your life)
Are you sure you want this?
After all Jawaher, you are my youngest sister. Forget about mom, come sit beside me. She kindly introduced me to her husband, which I thought was so sweet of her. We spoke a little, and it didn’t feel so awkward. We took a couple of pictures together then I excused myself and walked down.
I walked towards the exit; I walked past my uncle ignoring his existence until I heard someone say something.
Excuse me? La7tha (one second).
I looked behind and saw Rashed.
Aren’t you Jawaher? He had this smirk on his face and kept on acting. I’m sure you don’t recognize me, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Rashed AlX. He waited for me to shake his hand. His father (my uncle) stood beside him, and I could feel the tension building up.
You wouldn’t want to shake hands with the devil, now would you? I smiled politely. I have to go now, but it is nice to meet you Rashed. I had to be somehow rude, you know that annoying little brat that everyone hated, yup that’s what I had to be. I had to play the exact role that Rashed was playing with introducing himself.
I got into the car and went back home. I removed my makeup, undid my hair then had a quick shower, got dressed into something comfortable and went to the airport with Aibileen. She had asked me about the wedding during the entire ride and I told her everything, not leaving a single detail left out.
I quickly texted Yousef informing him that I was on my way back to Tokyo, knowing he wouldn’t answer my phone call at that time.
I hope my appearance made a difference in the wedding, in both negative and positive ways. And I really do wish that my stepsister did mean every word she said because I forgive her, but I do not forgive my stepmother for what she did to me. You want to know why? I’ll tell you when I arrive; I’m too tired at the moment… I hope you’re ready, because what happened to me is inhuman. 


  1. I got so excited when I saw that you posted! This is amazing! I love how she played the role of the devil at the end of the wedding! This is a super awesome post <3! Please make the next post soon xx.

    1. Thank you so much darling! We hope the Devil she is becoming makes you even more interested in her, this is only the beginning. There is more yet to come ;)


  2. I am beyond flattered that you guys dedicated this post to me! Thank you very very much! I really appreciate it!
    Love this post! Can't wait to know what's the inhuman act her step-mother executed. Oh, and is Rashed, the same Rashed? The Lawyer?
    Thanks for posting, can't wait for the next post!

    1. Thank you very much for enjoying our story <3
      Yes, Rashed is the lawyer and her uncle's son!


  3. Yey you posted*-*
    Yes she did it!! I love her diamond earrings! Classy!
    I like the devil Jawaher<3
    Lol see? Just as Harvey Specter the smartass Rashed!
    I'm so excited for the next post*-*

    1. Ahahahahaahahahaha! We're glad you enjoyed the post, we do hope the next post interests you <3


  4. Awwwwww shoo galat 3alya is SOOO sweet :(<3 She's even loved by strangers, why is her stepmother so cruel? Is it because of the modelling or is this hatred there from a long time? I'm starting to dislike Rashed, like the way he behaves in front of his father, is he two faced or what?

    1. We love how you're picking up the smallest details in the story! Well done <3 Long story short, her stepmother hates her because of everything and mostly because of the fact that her husband (Jawaher's Dad) left her and married Jawaher's Mom.
      You'll get to know more of Rashed in the upcoming posts, its very interesting how you think Rashed's deceiving her, is he?


  5. wowooooooo!! Love love love love !!!!
    i literally fell in love with her outfit for the wedding... i may try to copy it once.. ;)

    i like how things are going now, i hope they get even better in the future.. :=)

    keep posting girls!!!

    check my last post and let me know about my birthday's outfit and gifts .

    kisses from Italy!!

    1. Yaaay! We're so happy you loved the outfit, we can't wait to see you mimicking something like this <3


  6. Very nice post.
    I love the earrings though
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    Have a great day!
    Ellaine, MuaHugs

    1. Thank you <3 we're glad you liked the post.
      Will do. Have a nice day!