Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Traffic Lights {11}

I woke up from a tense dream. The usual. I got up and unlocked my door then opened it and the smell of fresh buttery pancakes filled my lungs as I inhaled deeply to the delicious smell. Today is going to be a good day, I know, I can feel it. I picked out an outfit that would clearly reflect my mood. My first class got cancelled so I just have a class today.

I showered and applied some makeup, extremely simple but with dark lips to exaggerate the look so I went for Tom Ford Black Orchid. I heard Aibileen laugh, so I hurried and tied my hair up into a high bun and walked out. – I was curious!
Bonjour Jawaher!
Bonjour beautiful! Now that’s more like it. Now I know why Aibileen was happy, because he was here.
Bonjour! He got up and kissed my cheeks. I blushed. Aibileen smiled, she knew I was falling in love with him.
We talked, and today out of all the days I loved him more than ever, I don’t know it’s just this fatal attraction… So soon? I’m lost, and he manages to sweep me off of my feet and carry me with him in the clouds.
Thank you Aibileen. See you two, I have a class to attend in 30 minutes. I got up and kissed Aibileen on her cheeks.
Jawaher wait. I’ll drop you off. Thank you Aibileen for making this deliciously mouthwatering food. He kissed her hand softly, and winked. Aibileen blushed.

We arrived in 15 minutes.
Thank you. I smiled. I was about to open the door and walk out but he held my wrist.
Wait. He looked at me. I didn’t want to leave; I wanted to stay with him, just the two of us, alone. I bit my lip, holding back my smile. I looked down. How long will I have to stay quiet? 
I have to go.
I love you. He smiled, that deep generous smile that wraps its fingers around your heart reassuring you, you belong to him. I smiled back, got out and walked into the building.

Once I entered the class he texted me saying he wanted to have dinner with me. I replied back minutes later.

Class was over, and I was on my way back to the apartment. Once I unlocked the door, the scent of vanilla and custard aroma was filled in the air. Aibileen was making crème brûlée, which she does during special occasions.
Ah, that explains. Yousef is here! I said hello and I went to my room and had a shower. When I walked in my closet, there was a black bag that hung on the rack but had a note on it. The note read:

To the most beautiful lady, this dress was hand made especially for you.
From Yousef AlX.

I couldn’t stop blushing. Tears of joy filled my eyes. It was a stunning short dress; black, one of my favorite colours. I put in on and admired the ladylike elegance, the way it exquisitely draped at the back revealing my back was utterly breathtaking. I put on my heels and tied my hair into a neat high bun. My makeup was subtle, with the eyeshadow barely showing, I had to exaggerate my lips by applying dark red lipstick. I wore a long diamond earring with a pearl at the end.
I opened the door and walked out.
He inhaled deeply as I walked closer. Wow… He smiled.
I kissed Aibileen and walked out of the apartment with Yousef holding my hand.

The car ride was the highlight of the month.
Listen, this song is what you do to me. He said and out of the blue the speakers blasted off playing Michael Jackson- The Way You Make Me Feel, and for a split second I got a tingle, a shiver. I laughed. He sang out loud as the music started and looked at me. My cheeks were about to melt!!!!

We arrived.  He booked a private table for two, outside with the spectacular view underneath us.
While we were waiting for the waiter to get him the receipt I got up and stood by the glass barrier. He got up and stood beside me. I watch the world move, below. Where was I all along? I’d never seen Tokyo this beautiful. I watched him as he watches me, while he takes a looooong drag out of his cigar. I walk closer towards him, and took the cigar away.  It’s either this or me. And I threw it on the floor, my heel killing it slowly. I did not take my eyes off of him and neither did he…
He moved and stood right behind me, pressing his body on mine. He placed his hand gently on top of mine and the other one was on my waist. He kissed my cheeks, then my neck softly, tenderly. Then I turned around and he smiled. I came closer to him and kissed his cheek, for the first time because I felt like he deserved it. I was lost in his eyes and lost in my own train of thoughts, he came closer, millimetres away. We were so close, until the waiter interrupted us then excusing himself for coming at the wrong time. I blushed. He paid and we left. 

I had a weird feeling, and he could sense it. Something was about to happen. I got up and adjusted my outfit. And we walked in, we got into the elevator and walked towards my apartment.Thank you for everything.. I smiled, about to unlock the door and enter. 
Jawaher. He grabbed my arm. A7ibik. Even the way he said it made my heart beat so hard and fast. His voice was insanely beautiful. I turned around and hugged him. I can no longer control myself nor my feelings. I love you with all my heart and soul. 


  1. omg omg omg it's so so so beautiful.. now i will have to spend the next day wondering for what cames next...

    what does A7ibik means? i am not arab but i was wondering..

    u girls are amzing writers.i check ur blog several times per day.. really..

    xoxo from Italy

    The chic and cheap blog

    1. A7ibik means I love you in slang Arabic- أحبك < that's how its spelt in Arabic.
      Thank you <3 We're so happy that you love our blog & we honestly love yours too <3


  2. BEST POST EVER!!!!!! "highlight of the month"! Damn that was intense and amazing absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha<3 Thank you!!!

      Stay tuned for more ;)

  3. aww cuuute *o* i want a guy like yousef :'|| thanks for the post :***

  4. thanks so much for posting, this post is the best so far!!

  5. YOUSEF!!!
    I want a guy to stitch a dress for me!
    I love your creativity and imagination.
    You guys are improving post by post + i'm getting hooked more and more!!!!!

    1. Inshallah we will try our best to do so :D
      Thank you, we're so grateful that you love our story <3


  6. I used to be an anonymous who commented on every post , until I made my own blog with my own stories. I love how this story is turning out I am extremely curious to how to continues. And if you don't mind please check out my own! <3

    1. We're SO happy that you're no longer an anonymous.
      Thank you <3


  7. Love.

  8. Please post soon :(

  9. when a new episode???

    - an anxious fan .... :)

    you girls are the best writers..

    1. Thank you <3
      We'll try our best to post sometime soon!
      Stay tuned