Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Traffic Lights {9}

I was calling out for them. I screamed my lungs out, I yelled until my voice disappeared.
Jawaher wake up…
I felt strong nudges, and heard soft whispers calling my name. I opened my eyes, slowly adjusting to what’s happening.
Wake up, princesse. She said, emphasizing on the French.
I opened my eyes, this time I was wide-awake.
I need water… Aibileen walked by the table and poured me a glass of water. What time is it?
2:31 PM. Shit!
What?! I sat up straight and looked around me.. How did I get in bed? I looked at myself. Then I looked around. Shit. Where’s Yousef? I hope he’s fine…
Why are you blushing? Ma petite fille?
Am I? It must be because of the thick layers on top of me. I lied. I got up and walked straight to the bathroom. I had a shower then wrapped a towel around my body and walked into my closet. I picked out something appropriate for the cold weather since it was still raining lightly. I wore my clothes then wore a trench coat on top.. I French-braid my hair and applied a bit of nude lipstick.
Aibileen, I’ll be back in a few hours, I wont take so long. I’ll be back for dinner.
I got an apple- avoiding Aibileen's "lecture"- and kissed her cheek and left. I tossed the apple in my bag and got out my umbrella once I walked out of the building.
I called Mia for directions. Once I arrived I realised that his building was only a few blocks away.
I went up to his floor, and then walked down the marble floored hallway with beautiful Japanese paintings on the wall. A large black door, with golden embroidery had the initials VY on it. I pressed on the shiny golden button that had a small bell carved through the button, waiting impatiently for him to open the door.  
The door opened, a beautiful blonde woman stood in between blocking the entrance in her long lace trimmed silk satin robe that barely covered her satin bra and briefs holding a nearly empty glass in one hand and a large dark green bottle in the other. Her blue eyes were beautiful, but she looked extremely tired with puffed red eyes and smudged eyeliner.
Yes? Her smell of strong cigarettes was spreading around.
Is this Vladimir’s apartment?
What do you want? Are you one of his girlfriends? He’s not here. She could barely speak and her eyelids were slowly shutting, she was out of balance. I wasn’t sure if she was being rude or whether she was drunk? She was about to close the door when he showed up, my heart raced. What was I thinking, I just made the wrong move and came all the way here, I should’ve just called. He’s most probably busy…
I’m sorry I did not mean to show up at this time of the day by your doorstep. I… Umm… I ran out of words, it was hard for me to speak. I wasn’t sure why I was on the verge of crying. But he said a few Russian words and took the beautiful blonde woman and interrupted me.
Come in. Please. He felt sympathetic, his eyes filled with guilt. I felt the dryness in my throat slowly climb up to my eyes.
He carried her all the way to one of the rooms and left it slightly opened. He placed the cup on the sink and washed it, and threw the bottle in the bin.
I did not expect you to come here.
I’m sorry, but I was so worried about you… About last night. How are you?
I’m fine thank you. And I’m sorry about last night; I didn’t mean to scare you or anything…
No! Not at all. My place is your place; you’re welcome any time. I smiled.
The silence was slowly taking over. I wanted to get out, the scene a few minutes ago kept on playing and I was so curious I wanted to know who she was! Was all what he said last night a lie? Telling me he loved me and now I catch him with some woman who was somehow naked! 
Well, I should be going it’s late and I promised Aibileen I was going to have dinner with her. Can you join us?
I’m sorry I can’t. I was waiting for an explanation but he did not continue his sentence. I was waiting for him to tell me who that lady was, but he did not speak. I got up and walked towards the door. He walked in front then looked at me.
He cupped my face with his cold hands.
Your cheeks are so warm. His eyes dazed out. My heartbeats rising, my breathing became unsteady. He kissed my forehead sucking away all my confidence. His kiss stung my heart, poisoning it with the venom of love. What have I done? I love you. I blushed. He held my hand and squeezed it gently then smiled. 


  1. Omg!! Can't wait for the next one thanks so much for posting!!

  2. Omg!! Cant wait for the next one!! Thanks so much for posting I love your stories!!

  3. Wait.. Why's them in bold, who are they? That is such an annoying cliffhanger, I'm lyke stuck between whether I should hate or love Yousef. You're making my life so difficult because I love Yousef so much and I'm unsure if I just took the wrong decision.

    1. Well, let's hope the next post clears your decision. And thats a very smart question; we'll introduce {them} in the upcoming posts ;)
      Stay tuned!


  4. -typing this through my phone- agreeing with the comment on top, you two are truly an inspiration with the way you write! "Shakesperean romance" love love LOVEEEEEEEE your stories & I'm not emphasizing. I love your stories, makes me imagine you two in it, as if you're writing events that happened to you.

    1. Aww <3! Thank you :*
      We're so happy that we inspire you, some of them are events that happened to us - unfortunately! Ahahaha - Loving the comparison- "Shakespearean romance"


  5. Cute bag,nice blog

  6. Yousif Vladmire or what ever his name is I'm sure he's a player plss don't let her fall in love with him and post soon beautiful <3

    1. Interesting! We like the way you're thinking. Too bad sometimes you can't control love.
      Inshallah <3


  7. I feel like I need a blue haired arab/russian in my life now! looll

    1. Hahahaha! If only he existed :( We want one too!