Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Traffic Lights {4}

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It has been a week now, and things are progressing rapidly. I was working out when I received a message from Momoko-

Good morning Jawaher,
I called several modelling agencies last night and one of them had kindly asked me to come over today at 2 to their office. They also asked me if they could interview you. I’ll be at the lobby at 12, we can grab some lunch on the way.”

I had a quick shower then got dressed. I stared at my watch, it was 11:38, I told Aibileen that I might be late and I might not be back until 9pm or so. I walked down to the lobby, Momoko was already there waiting for me. We exit the building and grabbed some drinks from Starbucks, heading towards the modelling agency. I had no idea what was about to happen. I have no idea what they’re expecting from me. We entered the building, it wasn’t so busy, and we took the elevator to the 6th floor. Momoko held my hand.

Momoko! It’s been a long time!!

Lilly-Ann!!  They hugged each other. I just stood there waiting for Momoko to introduce me; they chatted for a bit then Momoko shifted to the side and moved her hand gesturing for me to come forward and did this weird hand movement... It somehow made me feel like a product being examined.  I was finally introduced.

Darling! We’ve been looking for someone just like you! Where have you been hiding in the past years?

Told you she’s a treasure, you can’t imagine how happy we are for finding her!

Well well... You’ve got an exquisite taste in clothing. Welcome abroad to our modelling agency. From now on you are part of the team.

We walked in her large office. It was so modern and edgy, with a touch of Japanese furniture. Although she was European, it clearly showed that Japan was a place she would call home. She explained everything to me, the rules and the timings. She said that if one of the brands needed a model they’ll either contact me or Momoko.

Don’t expect Christian Dior to call all of a sudden and want you to model for them. She laughed. It’s not that easy, that ladder’s steps are hard to reach. But trust me, a fine lady like you will reach the top in no time. She winked.

I blushed.

She gave me a small booklet.
Since you are 19 and still not 21, this booklet is like a permission form, you have to give it to your parents and let them sign for you and you need to bring it back here as soon as possible.

But I... Never mind. When does your office close?

Well I leave at 9 PM. But some of my colleagues stay here until 12AM.


It’s a pleasure meeting such a wonderful lady like you Jawaher.

Thank you.

We walked out of the building.

So… What now?

To the Atelier!

We spent the rest of the day at the atelier. Vladimir wasn’t there. Alfie and Mia were working on a dress and Momoko was cutting the fabrics, getting it all ready to create a new outfit. I sat there inspecting the place, its cosy; it feels like a place I’d call home.

Where’s Vladimir?

Oh, V had to finish off some work. He said he’s going to come sometime soon, he should be here in no time.

Can I help?

They all stopped working and stared at each other then at me.

No darling, it’s alright.

I wore my coat, I was about to leave.

Where to?


So soon? He looked at his watch. It’s only 5:42. Come sit with me, let’s have tea.

I obeyed. I removed my coat and sat down on one of the sofas. He removed his coat and sat beside me. They all stopped working and joined us. Momoko got the tea and macaroons. They started discussing about their work and whether they’re progressing and if the pace that they’re working on was good. The talk went on, and I just awkwardly sat there staring at them. I looked down at my tea and wondered to myself whether I fit in this group of people or not, I looked around the place inhaling deeply.  I was awakened from my deep gaze by his concerned voice.

What’s wrong dear? I looked at him, blushing.

Nothing. I said it shyly, it sounded like a weird whisper.

They continued talking and every now and then he would look at me, making sure I was fine. Aibileen called me, she was wondering if I was going to have dinner with her. I excused myself and wore my coat, this time I was going back home.

Jawaher. He purred my name with his Russian accent.

Yes? I stopped and faced him.

Do you want me to drop you off?

No thank you, I can walk back home.

But it’s late.

It’s alright; if I needed someone to drive me back home I would’ve called the driver. Don’t worry about me. I smiled, I continued walking.

I went back to the building, and as expected Aibileen was waiting for me. She looked at me concerned; there she was sitting on the stool behind the marble table. On her left there was a bowl of fruits, dinner was set as usual on the dinning table.

Jawaher darling. What’s going on?

NothingI lied. I walked closer, I dropped my handbag on the leather chair then walked towards her as I pulled out a stool from underneath the table and sat on top. I picked up an apple from the bowl. She looked at how calm I was, how my eyes hid something, she wanted to know more and she knew I wasn’t going to hide it, but I needed some time to tell her everything from A-Z.

So… How was your day?

Nothing new. Can you please explain what is going on? Who are your new friends Jawaher?

Oh.. Umm…

Whenever you feel like telling me what’s going on I’m always here for you, and you know that. But I don’t ever expect you to hide things behind my back, because I never hid anything behind yours.

Aibileen… I don’t know how to start or what to say.

You know I’m here for you. She slid her hands on top of mine, comforting me. She knew exactly what to do, how to let me open up to her. And I instantly let the strings loose, I told her everything but I did not tell her about the modelling. I had misrepresented what the whole concept behind my “new friends” was; instead I just told her that they were new friends I had met at Ai’s party. She wasn’t fully convinced; she let it pass this time.

Oh, and Aibileen before I go to sleep can you quickly sign these papers? I’m trying to apply for a job and I need a parent or guardian signature as permission since I’m not 21 yet.

She signed the papers; I kissed her head and picked my bag. I went back to my room and had a shower then wore my pyjamas. I had spent the whole night researching. Do you want to know why? Maybe it’s best if you find out for yourself what happens in the forthcoming days. 

We're very sorry for the delay, due to the stress and pressure with uni. work. We'll try to make it up for you.
Enjoy! xxx


  1. Looooooooooooovee it & loooooooooooooooove u !!!
    Loveed the post a lot
    I have a question where is her parents?? Do theyy ask aabout her? And when is she going back to heer country? Is she eger going back to heer country or is she gonna stay there her whole life??
    Sorry for all of these questions but I'm so corious
    Plz post soon..o lat6awleen wayed :**
    & again love u and love ur post ;******

    1. We're going to introduce you to her parents in the upcoming posts, which plays a HUGE role in her life. Your questions are AMAZING!!! Please don't be shy to ask us more <3 We love the direction you're heading towards. Of course she'll go back to her country, but when the time is right- since she actually somehow ran away from all the drama back in Dubai.

      Lots of Love <3

  2. Damn! A Beginning of a new adventure! I wonder what Aibileen will do when she discovers that she has been modeling all along, or even worse what will her parents do to Aibileen and to her - especially since she's an arab :X
    Seriously damn damn damn, you two are so effin good :]<3
    LOVE this story & love you two

    1. Ahahahaha!!! Perfect word to start with as a comment! It doesn't really matter whether you're an Arab or not, it depends on your parents, culture and tradition. The background where you come from is really important in some societies.

      Thank you so much darling <3

      Lots of Love

  3. Delay is gud, because it makes u write something extremely unexpected. Like this post.

  4. Loved the post *.* I keep on wondering what are her parents are going to say and do about all this modeling !!!
    Can't wait for the next post , please don't take long. Xoxo


    1. You're going to know soon ;)
      Thank you <3

      Lots of Love

  5. Ok, but why would she do such a thing behind her parents back? Thats really bad.

    1. Yes, it is really bad. But compared to what other people do behind their parents back this is not as bad as what it seems. Once you get to know a person, once you get to know their story the whole thing is revealed, you get to know their true identity; which we still didn't fully introduce you to. It is really bad, but you'll know why in the next couple of posts.

      Ps. We love your question ;)<3


  6. I don't think modeling is something bad and besides, her parents let her go and they sort of abandoned her I dont know what they think of her but they have all the right to get mad at her and not at the same time.. Aaaand i think she should go ahead and model to her hearts content dont let anyone stop her!
    P.S : Valdimir is a mouthful name x) I like it but i feel it is so dramatic and i always imagine a vampire when I hear it, i cant seem to take him seriously .. xD but still just saying so dont get mad or anything.. <3

    1. Well depends on the circumstances and the upcoming obstacles that Jawaher is going to face, modeling might be the ideal career or it might crash her down to the ground and she would blow her chance of staying in Tokyo and being free by living on her own with Aibileen.

      We would never ever get mad on such things! We actually found it really funny. We have a little surprise for you ;) Stay tuned!

      Lots of Love

  7. im beyond speechless !!!

    you didnt have too girls!! :')

    loving the twist on the story <3 very new, fresh and creative! well done :**

    once again thank you so much for the special dedication and you guys have left me speechless with your gesture.

    hugs, love, and kisses


    1. You deserve much more!! Your comments make us either tear up from happiness or shout out loud from our excitement, we love them! Thank you so much for your support, it really means the world to us.

      Lots of Love

    2. you two are the cutest things !

      love you girls

  8. You two are very sweet with your comments, I love reading every single thing in this blog. It is so inspiring. I love her outfits too. I love everything.

    1. Thank you SO much darling, we love people that are like you. You have no idea how much this means to us <3 We love you too!!!

      Lots of Love

  9. Agree with eli foogii !! *-*

    1. Mwah<3! Thank you SO much :')<3

      Lots of Love

  10. We are lost for words... You're all the fuel that keeps us going, pushing us into trying our best; thriving towards success. We are tongue-tied and SUPER happy & excited to reveal our talents that were thrown-away years ago, but have finally come back to life thanks to you. We thank Allah day and night for having such AMAZING supporters like each and everyone of you, you mean so much to us <3 Yes, you who is reading this comment.

    Lots & Lots & Lots of Love (Never-ending love to all of you<3)